05-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mothers day poem nothing rhymes wine educate kid
break out 26 piece camping fire case beer
signs ruin plans swimming toilet riding rhinoceros
dont have to drink have good time youre drive i do
dog cat google translate bark
ymca prisoners kind hate song
found meme wont offend anyone blank
mcdonalds parking lot not for drug sales
california ban co2 emissions cars trucks humans
tucker carlson fox news smear campaign blows up own face
mothers day card birthing persons day woke shop
joe biden ai shake hands someone not there
men long time ago mandalorian 1973 bikers 2023
can we all agree biden more for ukraine than usa 50 years

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet homemade coupons mothers day husband whiskers -1 sex
tweet hate ranting boyfriend logical reasonable need overdramatic
tweet billion dollar grocery donate coupons you end world hunger

Message of the Day

message fallen tree grew 4 dont quit

Quote of the Day

quote learn who rules find not allowed to criticize voltaire

Men & Women – The Hot/Crazy Matrix

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pInk1rV2VEg

Random Thoughts of the Day

Every time I hear discussion of even the slightest proposed restriction on abortion, liberals change into their Handmaiden’s Tale garb and mourn the dystopian world they now live in. Regardless how I or anyone else feels on the abortion issue, I have ZERO patience to listen to whining about rights from the same people who sat passively the past 3 years as every Amendment in the Bill of Rights has been ruthlessly trampled on. In fact, most liberals not only ignored this, they actively cheered it on! The ACLU, an organization whose sole purpose is supposed to be to protect civil rights, openly advocated for EVERY SINGLE COVID RESTRICTION, including the censorship! The Left finally found a right they care about?…one which happens to not specifically be mentioned a single time in the Constitution? If you explain the Covid hypocrisy to the Left, they say, “That’s different because other lives were involved!” I won’t get into the ineffectiveness of the masks, vaccines, lockdowns, etc.; nor will I get into all the negative side effects of censorship, constant masking, forced medical procedures, and so on. My response to the “other lives” argument is, “Really, you can’t put 2-and-2 together and see how another life might at least play a small factor in abortion policy? 🙄

liberal cant comment abortion youre a man can you define

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08-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

people who work in customer service should be allowed to fight one customer per day
if 1200 stimulus changes your life imagine what job could do toy story
doctor dont throw that hydroxychloroquine why not not november 4th life saver boat
biden dogs riots cancel culture media democrats sure wont turn on us
defund nfl nba mlb mls nhl nascar
lisa simpson its just as easy to buy scientists as it is to buy politicians
obama soros socialism sign we buy sell poverty
for sale white privilege card hasnt done damn thing
ny state of delusion protect new yorkers by releasing criminals defunding police abolishing nra

Tweets on Our Fair, Impartial Tech Overlords

tweet andrew miller facebook independent fact checkers 18 of 20 board soros organizations
tweet james woods kamala harris press secretary censoring trump twitter

Quote of the Day

quote reagan keep voting democrat one day restrict freedoms history in name of professional victims

Messages of the Day

message covid revealed 2 types of people human body flawed or self healing
quote heres deal for covid already had or 99.5 percent survival let rest of us live our lives

Random Thoughts of the Day

The Coronavirus plandemic has led to some of the biggest civil rights violations in America of the past 60 years–people not allowed to go out of their houses, gather in groups, go to church, host parties, protest government actions, attend sports, and so on. So you would THINK this, more than anything, would be a call to action of the biggest and richest civil rights organization in the country, one with “civil rights” in their name–the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)! However, can you remember hearing a peep from them at all in 2020? In fact, if you go to their website, try to find ONE article that takes on the lockdowns, mask mandates, or any other government-imposed deprivation of your rights. That is, other than a few scattered articles defending BLM/Antifa “protesters” and prisoners’ covid rights. There should be no delusion–the ACLU has nothing to do with civil rights. It’s simply another anti-American arm of the Democrat party and billionaire agitators like George Soros.

man arrested social distancing park with daugher skeleton waiting for aclu response
communist founders of aclu baldwin frankfurter muste foster

Question of the Day

did you know japanese schools dont hire janitors education system respect responsibility

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04-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

blind mouse the metoo believe all women crowd with joe biden
before after coffee face chalkboard
sponge bob be productive sleep slack during quarantine wont have this much free time again
coronavirus vaccine eliminate covid 19 just like flu did
journalism class destroy gop trump report facts when convenient
perfect quarantine furniture sit and sip refillable winebag chair
bernie sanders suspending my campaign hillary clinton 2016 quitter trump stole presidency
nightly on mainstream media odd couple cnn losers trump fauci
ralphie oh boy my biden wtf are you saying decoder ring
notmyvirus hashtag that should do the trick
nancy pelosi best to fight chinese virus eat ice cream all racists stop funding orange man bad
babylon bee michigan governer whitmen revolting against tyrannical government unamerican

Random Thought of the Day

Ok, so re-opening depends on 1) a possible vaccine, which is estimated to be 12-18 months away and likely to be as effective as the flu vaccine, and 2) sufficient tests for everyone. We have 328 million people in the U.S., so how long will it take to mass produce that many tests of which didn’t even exist when all this started…and package, distribute, and administer? And is one test good enough, since someone may contract Covid-19 subsequent to testing negative? But hey, we got $1200, so it’s ok to continue destroying the economy and shredding civil liberties. We should just trust our government and media–they know what is best for us stupid peasants.

american small businesses in flames democrats smiling

Tweets of the Day

tweet fast way trump begin opening to announce wants closure rest of year
tweet bernie bro poses as protestor msnbc washington post retweet
tweet matt walsh new rul criticizing lockdown protesters preface whether have income or not

Quote of the Day

quote fear does not stop death stops life take away todays peace

Let’s Review

summarize democrat response to emergency corona covid 19
flu killed 34000 in us last year you werent afraid because media didnt tell you to be

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