11-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

happy retirement words about time company swear jar
liberals remove the thinker statue offensive their way of life
instead 10 million pakistan gender studies million liberals degrees
things need government permission build house drive car fishing married drugs i am free usa
sound of music wished death on you not complying still here 3 years later
guy girl wht put up with sht remind her pants
wife dont make a scene police trumpet
irish police if girl stabbed angry far right mcgregor
bud light joker clown it absolut vodka woke broke

Dipshit Ass Clown with Zero Understanding of Economics

cnbc biden price gouging corporations

A commonality of EVERY communist dictator is the redirecting of anger at their failed policies to other convenient targets.

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cardona education secretary misquoting reagan knowing history
x see ipad cash register about to tip something never tipped before
x weird meeting people havent broken matrix lost ancient tribe
x media dont hate enough shame kc fan kid wearing blackface

Message of the Day

message whether or not climate change real global totalitarianism not solution

Never Held Accountable

The stock market as a whole is up lately, but if you drill into it a little, almost all the gains can be traced to a few large stocks such as Nvidia, Amazon, and Microsoft. The vast majority of individual companies are down for the year, especially ones that sell fundamental necessities like food and gas. This disparity is partially driven by higher costs and a shaky economy, but also with the all too common practice on financial channels of “pump’n’dump.” This is where advisors & commentators oversell stocks they own, driving the price up (pump), then sell for a large profit, starting a spiral down of prices (dump). Financial personalities like Jim Cramer are never held accountable for wrong stock picks, and his success rate is obscured by short-term gains he himself brings on with pump’n’dump techniques. As long as you jump on the bandwagon at the right time, you might be alright in the short run, but look out if you’re at the other end of it. If you watch some advisors regularly, it’s almost comical how they switch their allegiances on certain stocks from quarter to quarter.

The latest pump’n’dump craze is Artificial Intelligence, which is why you see AI-heavy companies like Nvidia and Microsoft soaring, Anyone who’s worked in AI can tell you these financial commentators really don’t have a clue how the technology actually works, and however amazing certain technology is, there often isn’t a clear way to turn it into actual profits. Ask IBM how much they’ve made from Watson, an AI technology that’s been around for decades. I expect a crash of certain stocks when this reality sets in, but don’t worry, your favorite financial TV personalities will be fine, as they will have dumped their positions well before the downward slide, and they’ll be on to the next great pump phase.

jim cramer like svb silicon valley bank still cheap
dilbert financial market advice lost stocks only works people give it
say economy is great jim cramer msnbc
jim cramer cnbc titanic ship unsinkable

Quote of the Day

quote markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent keynes

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11-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kangaroo delivery pouch soda can
dig no complaints barking after horns kids
husband not in there wife find hit you with it
apple text contact nothing sketchy not my drug dealer
cat fish bowl piranha pet shop wood legs
welcome back class substitute speaker house johnson
kid 5 minute recess 9 hour school brain numbing pills telling gay pyle
biden promises americans die wwiii dont repay student loans
biden 50 years politics smudge crime spree
democrats no debates dean phillips kill democracy to save it
joe biden business hunter just middle man office whiteboard
rocky horror picture show used to be halloween after midnight now biden cabinet
babylon bee ufc partnership nud light shed gay image

We Peasants Are Doing Just Fine! Only the Wealthy Are Suffering from Bidenomics. 👌

From the same financial network that told you printing trillions wouldn’t cause inflation…

headline cnbc recession began only for rich

Social Media Posts of the Day

x summer winter clothing morning afternoon
x nervous flying metal temperatures speed
x just get trump out open border inflation arresting political opponents wwiii
x james woods zelensky ukraine 223 million per day biden
x what happened september 12th nikki haley

Reminder to Those Who Still Use This Lame Line

reminder trust the science coercion censorship faked data cherry picking fear

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell people talk about change dogmatically set in ways other people

Message of the Day

message social media big brother is here and we invited him

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08-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog grab keys sunglasses where going
self service tip jar continental breakfast
first boy scout badge recreational gynecologist
ever stop posting memes government sucks dont think i will
enthusiasm polls kamala harris biden tooth decay telemarketers
aliens not shocked housing situation on your planet
whats stopping achieving goals feds
trying figure out federal state taxes worked 5 hours shift
32 trillion debt mountain free stuff downgrade our credit rating
ny new york city tshirt lover migrants somewhere else
7th grade us government checks balances dictatorship now fcking lie
gavin newsome presidential aspirations running over biden money
jack smith crime question election results unless democrats

Suddenly CNBC Acts Like Wannabe Journalists? 🙄

companies organized retail crime cnbc

Do you remember how Target and Bud Light employees were supposedly having their lives threatened during the Woke backlash? Do you remember hearing the word “alleged” or ONE SINGLE reporter trying to verify the claims? Now, CNBC is suddenly pretending they’re journalists and expressing doubt of organized retail theft. This despite CPA-verified income statement losses in these categories as well as seemingly endless daily drops of videos showing stores being robbed by organized mobs. Is there ANYTHING in mainstream media anymore that focuses on informing the public rather than defending the latest propaganda narrative they’ve been assigned?

mainstream media real news covered 0 percent interest
white bronco me escaping mainstream media bias anonymous staged lies propaganda
mainstream media biden corruption see hear speak no evil

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet physics openheimer inspired bigger bomb
tweet watching cable son commercials pay for
x bill gates private jet climate change not part of problem
tweet assange not journalist released info establishment wanted hidden

Quote of the Day

quote browne government impose morality most powerful

Never Forget

message people not bothered by no mask youre disobedient shines light on their weakness

Message of the Day

message everything in liberal agenda covid climate change trojan horse communist state

Establishment vs Non-Establishment Justice

bush clinton hillary bill biden compared trump document storage

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