07-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

prayers needed baby yoda lotto quit job
ikea guillotine assembled wrong
12th ubereats order week obese ticket
kermit dont judge facebook posts in person no community standards
free internet healthcare housing taxpayers hole government
big government bidenomics running over snail pace economy
liberal npc gun control europe french protesters machine guns
dog dressed as chicken liberals conservative
guy with 30 fake bot accounts support biden
meet energy expert earned 20 million dad vp crack
zuckerberg no free speech twitter free data threads
ben jerrys wacko woke nut bud light
fbi id protest facial recognition coke whitehouse cameras
babylon bee russia ukraine soliders arrive nuclear plant blow up blame each other

Engineered from the Start

cnn year in review coup attempt trump before speaking

As with the CNN-filmed Roger Stone FBI raid, the media knew what was going down from the start and performed their roles like Oscar-worthy actors in a modern-day 1984 adaptation. It was all designed not only to take out Trump but to provide cover for a coordinated mass censorship campaign of anyone asking questions about a stolen election.

believe most heavily armed citizens unarmed insurrection
same people say epstein killed himself when cameras failed joe biden 80 million votes dont need audit
this is what 81 million votes joe biden looks like covering vote count

The Magic of Bidenomics

comparison 2021 interest rates 2023 toal paid mortgage loan
mortgage comparison interest rates payment

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet biden admin appealing big tech censor court decision
tweet another staged greta thunberg arrest
tweet 80 year old indiana jones inspiration working 80s
tweet lone mermaid red meat surf n turf

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Quote of the Day

quote isaac newton tact art of making point without making enemy

Message of the Day

message no long democrat vs republican control vs freedom

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09-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Sorry, I had better things to do than watch a 7-hour climate change marathon on CNN this weekend. However, for the tens of people in the country that watched the majority of it, can anyone tell me if, in 7 hours of coverage, CNN found a few seconds to tell the other side of the story from the climate change skeptics and thousands of scientists brave enough to challenge this hoax? I calculate the odds of any alternative points of view on this marathon at 0.0000000%. CNN just provided perhaps the most clear example of communist propaganda to date, which is saying a lot given the last few years of anti-freedom, anti-Trump coverage in the “news” media.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

learn california law good plastic drug needles straws criminal
bernie sanders should use abortion to stop climate change if that doesnt work snap fingers eliminate upper 50 percent
internet used to come in through phone made terrible noise like robots screaming take your pills grandpa
my dogs dancing sees same meal 1376th time
only fool gives up weapon to government cant even stop telemarketers
ending of every marvel movie we saved the city burning
women have rights to control own body if you controlled them wouldnt need abortions
chicken little we need radical non market based climate policies with unintended consequences
free college speech is violence will there be

Quote of the Day

quote candace owns left hypocrisy why trump elected

Tweet of the Day

democrats will you ban yes havent finished question

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07-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jim-acosta-cage cnn

Quote of the Day


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