09-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Thoughts on Nike Kaepernick Ad “Success”

Most Americans disliked the choice by Nike for the 30-year ad spokesman of Colin Kaepernick, who has gained notoriety for no other reason than his public display of hatred for his country. Predictably, there’s been a huge backlash with millions vowing to never buy from them again. So it’s fair to wonder why Nike online sales have spiked and the stock just hit an all-time high? There are three reasons for this.

  1. A large segment of the country, especially minority athletes, support his actions. Whenever a corporation gets political, it can torpedo sales for half the country but increase sales for the like-minded. As with Starbucks and Disney, Nike has given the middle finger to over half the country and is gambling the increase in sales from America-haters will more than make up for the loss.
  2. Foreign governments and rich liberals like George Soros are likely bidding the stock up to sow discord. Nike market cap is only around $130 billion, so a few billion to spike the stock is a drop in the bucket for enemies like Russia and China who want to sow division in America. Kaepernick is perhaps the most divisive athlete in modern history, so keeping him prominent is a potent weapon to keep Americans hating each other. The same goes for anti-American liberals like George Soros, who thrive by national instability.
  3. The U.S. economy and stock market are the best they’ve ever been. The Dow and S&P are at record highs. Unemployment rates are close to record lows. GDP is exploding. Interest rates & inflation are still very low. Naturally, Nike stock & sales have a strong correlation.

The liberal-dominated media likes to play up polls and any other indicators that normal Americans agree with them, so every new Nike stock high will bring a new story portraying it as some victory or vindication of liberal beliefs. It’s designed to dishearten conservatives & patriotic Americans. It’s designed to make you believe your beliefs are in the minority and wrong. Don’t fall for it! Continue your lifetime boycott of Nike products. Eventually, this slap in the face by Nike will catch up to them in tangible ways.

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05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

There is perhaps no corporation in America that demonstrates liberal fascism and media double standards than Disney Corporation. ESPN hosts will fiercely stand up for the First Amendment rights of Colin Kaepernick and any players disrespecting the country (well, except for Trent Dilfer, but he was fired wasn’t he?). They will allow Jemele Hill, Skip Bayless, Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, Steven Smith, and countless others spew whatever hate they like, but if anyone dare stray from the allowed liberal ideology, and they’re history. Roseanne told a bad joke, which I’m sure she didn’t intend to be racist. She immediately deleted the tweet and apologized. It didn’t matter. Disney was looking for ANY reason to fire her since she came out in favor of Trump. Compare her tweets to the ESPN hire, Keith Olbermann. Tim Allen’s show was cancelled after he supported Trump. Curt Schilling fired. Britt McHenry fired. Trent Dilfer fired. Disney has destroyed the once-great franchises of ESPN, Star Wars, and ABC with hyper-political correctness and liberal fascism. They deserve to wither into irrelevancy. It’s time for all of us to sell our Disney stock (if you still own any) and boycott any of their movies, networks, and parks until their management realizes we live in a democracy where all viewpoints are tolerated.

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04-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought

I see the Seahawks cancelled a visit with quarterback Colin Kaepernick after he refused to stop his flag protests next season, and the sports media is screaming it’s more evidence of owner collusion, as they absolutely can’t understand why teams would care about that. Let me spell it out for you clueless people in the media. There are two main reasons: 1) Teams don’t want distractions nor individuals that make the story about themselves rather than the team, especially when it’s the quarterback, who’s supposed to be a leader; 2) Ticket, merchandise, and TV revenue all depend on fan support. Football fans are overwhelmingly patriotic, and anytime their country is insulted by a bunch of spoiled, brainwashed millionaires, they tend to get angry–angry enough that they stop watching and stop buying tickets & merchandise. Therefore, Protests = Less Cohesive Team + Less Money. Do you get it now, sports media people?

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Quote of the Day

Facebook came to office in the days following election recruiting and were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn’t have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side. — Carol Davidsen, Ex-Director of Obama for America Integration & Media Analytics.