12-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Whether or not you support America spending $5 billion to build a southern border wall, there have not been any more eye-rolling statements this year than those made than by Schumer and Pelosi, saying the wall is a waste of money. Since when does Congress care in the least about wasting money we don’t have? Let’s put this in perspective, $5 billion is less than 0.125% of theĀ $4+ trillion annual budget by the federal government alone. It’s 0.02% of our current $22 trillion dollar national debt that is growing $1+ trillion per year. They’ve spent over $5 trillion fighting a war in Iraq but can’t spend $5 billion to secure the U.S. border? Then, you have to love the statement that walls don’t work. Can you think of a single secure structure or location in the world that doesn’t have a wall or fence around it?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump hello my government not doing what supposed to have you tried turning off and on
dear santa brains for democrats balls for republicans
trump singing snowflakes melting on an open fire
bernie sanders were going to destroy establishment i lost money goes to them vote for establishment democrats
floor is alcohol and bad decisions fox pouncing through
hitler failed liberal arts student blamed failures on ethnicity deemed privilege america has come around
we live in a world where peope use an 800 dollar phone to check food stamp balance
congratulations to congress elitists spend 4 trillion but so incompetent americans crowdsourcing wall
ultimate guide to government shutdown are you still getting taxes taken it isnt shutdown
james cowmey those damn republicans and fox news making our coup attempt political

Quotes of the Day

obama trump comparison quotes on energy drill price of gasoline plummets

Tweet of the Day

tweet schumer americans will not get secure border be we will send kids to middle east wars

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08-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

So much of media nowadays is fake, distorted, scripted by political parties, and downright ridiculous that people have forgotten about their best judges of good information — logic and common sense. Take for example, the push by the left against voter ID laws. All the arguments defy remedial logic and basic common sense. The ONLY real reason to fight voter ID laws is to reserve the right to cheat!

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