02-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

drama comments instagram fb we post memes here family guy
mcdonalds crispy chicken sundays chickfila ice cream machine
ask therapist how lack of progress make you feel
visual representation facebook poke bear
joe biden book fiction section promises to keep
joe biden dont work for pipe fitters pipe hitters
mostly peaceful protest trucker freedom convoy right wing violent insurrection
stacy abrams hypocrite kids masked blindfold
hunter biden build crack bear joe smartest guy i know
european watching americans crack pipes du fuq
pfizer loyalty booster card free crack pipe

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet first date idea costco shame return carts wine hot dogs
tweet retweet dont scream lungs prove point to dog
tweet diamond silk biden illegals 450k black people crack pipe

Quote of the Day

quote tom cotton not voting rights no voter id ballot harvesting

Message of the Day

message once told me every man should know what he would die for

Good Ole Emergency Power

tweet dictator doug emergency powers prosters year in jail adds dissendents fines

If you haven’t figured it out after two years of dictatorial Covid rules, “emergency power” is a cornerstone tool of totalitarians throughout world history. Once enacted, they never go away, and they allow the fascists in power to pass arbitrary rules without checks’n’balances, or at least none that can be overturned in the short-term.

As far as I’m concerned, any law or rule passed without a full Constitutional process in Congress or Parliament is not a real law, and citizens should be under ZERO obligation to follow it. Police officers are obligated to NOT enforce it.

government emergency power cookies

You Can’t Just Flick a Switch to Undo a Cult

Not All Liberals Are Getting Behind the Efforts to Acknowledge What We Already Knew About Masks

Big Surprise: Teachers Union President Insists on Masking Kids…Forever

tweet sexton abuse children travel masks 10 years rather admit trump voters right

‘We Are Not There Yet’: As States Drop Mask Rules, CDC Stands Firm

Things in politics rarely happen by accident. A bunch of blue-state governors & media propagandists simultaneously changing their tunes on masks was clearly a coordinated effort. Why? Not because of principles or changing opinions. They simply got focus group & poll confirmation that the vast majority of people, including Democrats, are sick of the Covid tyranny. They’ve of course hedged their bets with half measures since they can’t tick off their base, which has fell hook, line, and sinker into the Covid fear hysteria.

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but there are plenty of free thinkers who lean left, and they’re the ones who’ve opened their minds and let their common sense take over. As for the rest, you can’t just flick a switch and turn off two years of non-stop fear programming. A very real human weakness, both on the Left and Right, is confirmation bias. We all tend to seek out information and interpret it according to our existing beliefs, and we avoid or discount information that goes against it. In other words, we become polarized because we generally don’t seek out the other side of stories.

But there’s a big difference between Left and Right in one way, and that is exposure. You simply CANNOT avoid hearing the liberal side of issues. Movies, TV, Netflix, 95 percent of news media, sports, public schools, socialist college professors, social media, woke corporate training & advertising, and on and on. The leftist propaganda is nonstop IN YOUR FACE! However, to get the conservative/libertarian side of issues? You have to actively seek it out. If you never read or hear from Fox News, Epoch Times, Townhall.com, OAN, or some other right-leaning sources, you may live your entire life not being exposed to an alternative point of view. You simply live in a parallel universe. Plus, in solid blue states and almost all public schools, you’re surrounded by people who think and speak exactly the way you do–liberal echo chambers. Conservatives in the same circles have been conditioned to keep quiet, causing even more sureness of the liberals’ beliefs.

So it’s not surprising that school boards and far-left liberals are being dragged kicking and screaming away from their cherished Covid power and virtue signaling. And as long as Fauci, Walensky, Biden, and the rest of the Branch Covidian leaders refuse to admit they were wrong, nothing is going to change with their deepest cult followers.

theater masks political theater covid facemasks
science has changed polls falling
class cartman lying propagandists science change biden fauci pelosi

Victory: Virginia Senate Passes Bill Mandating Parental Choice on School Masking, and That’s Not All!

California Republicans Wore the Perfect Masks as They Called for End to Newsom’s State of Emergency

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Live Stream 😂

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=294ff0owrQI

Punish Them Anyway You Can

walkaway fcebook day 2022

Facebook is reeling…stock down 40 percent, facing antitrust legislation, threats of removal of services in Europe, polling as one of the most hated companies in America. Whatever you can do to kick the fascist bastards some more, go for it!

zuckerberg perhaps made mistake half customers jail

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11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2016 maga first woman president 2020 please let it be over signs
annie tomorrow commercials are over tomorrow
when apple launches first car frame tires only some parts not included
be sure to vote only biden starter pack kamala harris im speaking snl pelosi npr msnbc
wanted poster patriots willing to speak up to save america
joe biden basement am i president yet
sign you can vote without posting a sticker
early voting carrie election day bucket blood
barack obama i weaponized irs cia fbi doj isis trump the american people
joe biden since 1972 vote for me ill fix it 47 years why we need term limits
sad day when scared of what democrats will do if elected or not elected
vote ballot trump vs democrat cnn abc cbs nbc nyt twitter facebook fbi
joe biden thanking one of mail in voters walking dead
media pulling biden sleeping in bed november 3rd
us france germany italy rest of world cant stop virus joe biden has plan
lisa simpson joe biden doom gloom not winning campaign strategy
chelsea handler had remind black person back of bus cant eat there cant vote trump
joe biden statue liberty sling shot
babylon bee business owners boarding up in case party of tolerance protests riots looting

Tweets of the Day

tweet glenn greewalk resign intercept censorship joe biden
tweet donald trump jr want gay married couples able to protect marijuana plants with guns
tweet richard grenell wolf blitzer fanned flames of hate shocked now

Quotes of the Day

quote every election determined by people show up larry sabato
quote people shouldnt be afraid of government they should be afraid of people vote alan moore

Message of the Day

message make america great again girl soviet woman choose wisely
trump hugging us flag joe biden chinese flag

Honest Democrat Ad

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UvavR4AhLk&feature=youtu.be

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m guessing if you ask people in the U.S. who will win the presidential election, 90 percent would name the candidate they themselves voted for. Why? It’s due to the common human weakness of confirmation bias. That is, the tendency to seek out and interpret information favorable to your existing views, and discount or ignore information that counters your views; specifically, in regards to polls and campaign enthusiasm. Those that stick to mainstream media sources are believing “all adults” and “registered voters” polls that show Biden in big leads. Trump supporters tend to believe Rasmussen and Trafalger polls of “likely voters,” while putting a lot of weight on rally crowd size and “shy Trump voters.” That is why you see predictions all over the place from Biden landslide to Trump landslide. I have no idea what will happen. I suspect it will be a close election that comes down to a few states like Pennsylvania & Wisconsin, but I don’t have a lot of confidence because it’s impossible to predict the impact of voter fraud. There is no way in hell the election was ever going to be by a 10-point margin, but I suspect the media has been hyping polls with that margin so fewer questions are asked when voting corruption is discovered, which will quickly be thrown in the “Russian disinformation” or “conspiracy theory” categories.

I’ve always believed in a philosophy of “hope the best, but plan for the worst.” Accept in your mind that Biden will win, and plan what you will do then. I’ve always believed that things have to get worse before they gets better in this country, as too many people haven’t learned the hard lessons yet of how our freedoms are being eroded. Biden is by no means leading some kind of ideological revolution, so I suspect that even if he wins, his incompetence and unpopularity will lead to a libertarian/freedom-seeking revolution in 2022 and 2024. So keep your chin up regardless of what happens. America will win, one way or the other!

american eagle wrestling flag from nazis soviets toppling statues

Let the Games Begin

2016 electoral map trump clinton states

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