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Critical Thinking Doesn’t Make You a Conspiracy Theorist

So out of thousands of Trump rallies and millions of attendees spread over three years, Michael Moore just happens to stumble upon a photo of fake Dem bomber Cesar Sayoc. What an amazing photographic memory Moore must have to see Sayoc’s face and immediately be able to place him from a rally a year and a half prior. So just by coincidence, two weeks before an election, 14 “bombs” are simultaneously sent to Trump’s biggest liberal critics, none of which go off; they don’t contain postmarks, most appearing to be hand-delivered; and the FBI finds a fanatical Trump supporter in a few days, complete with a van of Trump-supporting stickers and a video of Sayoc to run 24/7 on repeat at CNN and MSNBC?


To quote Lee Harvey Oswald, “I’m just a patsy!”

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I finally was able to view a few videos from the now tech-banned Alex Jones on the Infowars website. His language is a bit strong, but I don’t hear him advocating violence. He claims the media has taken his words out of context, and he came right out and said he doesn’t advocate violence towards the media, and he doesn’t deny the Sandy Hook shootings took place. Yet, EVERY story I’ve seen the last month in the mainstream media has claimed he believed Sandy Hook never took place, and I’ve seen MSNBC & CNN stories today saying Jones told his listeners to “use their rifles on the media”. This seems similar to claims the media makes about Trump that he won’t condemn racism or David Duke, even though I’ve heard him do so in over a hundred sound clips. Regardless of what Alex Jones has said, wouldn’t it make sense to hold an interview with him to clarify his positions? CNN, MSNBC, and other news networks can’t carve out time for a 10-minute interview in their 24/7/365 broadcasts? The media have no problem interviewing Osama bin Laden, Vladamir Putin, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un, the Castro’s, Iranian mullahs, and other nutcases, who do nothing but spew propaganda. But Alex Jones crosses the line, eh? Maybe Jones is lying through his teeth and will lie again, but the media has no problem devoting half their airtime to serial liar, Omarosa Newman. Some conspiracy theories no longer seem that far-fetched. Journalism is dead.

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