05-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mothers day poem nothing rhymes wine educate kid
break out 26 piece camping fire case beer
signs ruin plans swimming toilet riding rhinoceros
dont have to drink have good time youre drive i do
dog cat google translate bark
ymca prisoners kind hate song
found meme wont offend anyone blank
mcdonalds parking lot not for drug sales
california ban co2 emissions cars trucks humans
tucker carlson fox news smear campaign blows up own face
mothers day card birthing persons day woke shop
joe biden ai shake hands someone not there
men long time ago mandalorian 1973 bikers 2023
can we all agree biden more for ukraine than usa 50 years

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet homemade coupons mothers day husband whiskers -1 sex
tweet hate ranting boyfriend logical reasonable need overdramatic
tweet billion dollar grocery donate coupons you end world hunger

Message of the Day

message fallen tree grew 4 dont quit

Quote of the Day

quote learn who rules find not allowed to criticize voltaire

Men & Women – The Hot/Crazy Matrix

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pInk1rV2VEg

Random Thoughts of the Day

Every time I hear discussion of even the slightest proposed restriction on abortion, liberals change into their Handmaiden’s Tale garb and mourn the dystopian world they now live in. Regardless how I or anyone else feels on the abortion issue, I have ZERO patience to listen to whining about rights from the same people who sat passively the past 3 years as every Amendment in the Bill of Rights has been ruthlessly trampled on. In fact, most liberals not only ignored this, they actively cheered it on! The ACLU, an organization whose sole purpose is supposed to be to protect civil rights, openly advocated for EVERY SINGLE COVID RESTRICTION, including the censorship! The Left finally found a right they care about?…one which happens to not specifically be mentioned a single time in the Constitution? If you explain the Covid hypocrisy to the Left, they say, “That’s different because other lives were involved!” I won’t get into the ineffectiveness of the masks, vaccines, lockdowns, etc.; nor will I get into all the negative side effects of censorship, constant masking, forced medical procedures, and so on. My response to the “other lives” argument is, “Really, you can’t put 2-and-2 together and see how another life might at least play a small factor in abortion policy? 🙄

liberal cant comment abortion youre a man can you define

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02-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat cake become ungovernable
phone autocorrect ducking failure taste demon box
veterinarian drive like animal proctologists road bumper sticker
entire country want saturday superbowl plate throw sunny philadelphia
celebrities superbowl schools in california facemasks
mr potato head responded to cancel culture mob mooning
beijing worst olympics ever stones tibetians uyhurs taiwan
terrorists hide strange places tsa woman
homer bart simpson worst inflation ever so far
babylon bee indisputable unchanging science changing again fauci walensky
homeschooled kids not properly socialized masks dividers
gary busey when youre the reason for hr sensitivity training

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet vibrator die masturbating sex with guy
tweet sneezed head fridge snack emergency contact
tweet no girl picture man fish want to have sex
tweet crossword toddler vampire sucks life doesnt sleep

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve heard many in the media say most Canadians and Americans favor mask & vax mandates. First of all, I don’t believe this for a second. It’s shockingly easy to manipulate and distort polls, and we all know the media will latch onto any poll that favors their narrative while ignoring and burying any that go against it. Several polls missing by 10-20 points in recent elections should’ve convinced you of this. But even if the polls are right, that doesn’t make what is going on OK. A pure democracy can be every bit as oppressive as a dictatorship. If 50.1% want to steal the property, remove all civil rights, or legally murder the 49.9%, in a pure democracy they could legally do so.

That’s why most western democracies, including the ones in Canada and the United States, aren’t pure democracies but instead constitutional republics. That means the majority does make the rules, but controls are in place such as the Bill of Rights to ensure the civil rights of the minorities aren’t trampled on. We shouldn’t have to constantly point this out, as the lessons from history are clear. Totalitarian regimes with majority support have carried out endless atrocities. Obviously, in America, the rights of blacks were trampled on for two hundred years. Constitutional amendments and other foundations of the republic have corrected these wrongs. Now so-called “liberals” want to rewind the clock and redo all the same oppression of a different minority group–the vilified unvaccinated and the people who don’t want to wear an obedience diaper on their faces the rest of their lives.

As I mentioned though, I don’t believe for a second the majority wants mask and vax mandates. Polling outfits nowadays are all part of the same mass media control structure. Use your common sense. How many people that you interact with daily, including Democrats, voluntarily wear masks if given a choice? And of the people who’ve been vaccinated, how many of those you know really give a shit if people they’re around are unvaccinated? Sure, on both questions, there are some, but throw a big party. Go to a wedding. Attend the Superbowl. What do you observe there?

BTW, the hypocrisy layers run deep whenever I hear leftists say, “…but these trucker protesters are breaking THE LAW!” They obviously don’t care about those who break immigration laws. They didn’t care when worldwide BLM and anti-Trump protests resulted in burned buildings, massive looting, and death. They don’t follow their own mandates on masks. And of course, almost every Covid dictate of the past two years has been passed by execute order, “emergency” power, or unelected bureaucrat mandate with no constitutional backing. If leaders don’t want to follow the law, why should the citizens?

new cdc mask mandate prevent criticism government tape
watch time mass noncompliance
keep on truckin tshirt back in style
how trudeau thinks he looks how he really darth vader dark helmet spaceballs

Trudeau to Invoke Emergencies Act

Canadian Media Uncovers Vicious New Hate Speech

cbc news why freedom useful rallying cry for protesters

Quote of the Day

quote malone soon hundreds officials your choice no one made you take it

Message of the Day

message weirdest belief secret government agencies

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11-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

coronavirus turned us into dogs roam house looking for food get excited about rides and walks
what listening headphones broken why wear so people wont talk to me
simpsons i was there election war of 2020 front lines furiously posting memes
puppet show pinnochio itll only take 15 days to slow the spread
rock were isolated and locked down for our own safety so was jeffrey epstein
remember time almost caught rona but you made your house by 959 pm
joe biden kamala harris payback time antifa blm aoc omar bernie sanders socialists
banana republic usa biden pelosi schumer nadler
fox news building falling ingraham tucker carlson sean hannity holding up

Some Plandemic Numbers

amazon walmart target microsoft google facebook profit small businesses

Tweet/Parley of the Day

tweet patriot j remember when sick just stay home not shut down entire economy

Random Thoughts of the Day

It feels pretty good when the party you support wins the presidency, especially when the same party controls Congress. You can hire/fire people in the cabinet, CIA/FBI/NSA, and administrative agencies. You can use executive orders to make new rules you can’t get passed by the legislature. You can start or end wars, make/end international agreements, set trade policies, spend trillions more than we take in as revenue, and do so many other things. Sure, a lot of that power isn’t in the Constitution nor was ever intended to be in the hands of the President, but hey, it’s all for what we support, right? As for voting, we can change rules such as registration requirements, mail-in ballot procedures, and redistricting (i.e. gerrymandering) to keep our party in power. It may be highly unethical, but it helps keep us in power, so the ends justify the means! Now that Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and possibly Chuck Schumer get set to take the leadership reins in 2021, do you see the problem?

Yes, whenever you give more power to the federal government or ignore the unconstitutional taking of more power, eventually you’re going to find yourself in a situation where incompetent or corrupt leaders from another party will be in charge. The same powers you gave your own party can be used to instantly undo everything your president did, and now the new leaders can do far more damage than should be possible. It’s the reason our Founding Fathers put in a system of checks and balances with very specific enumerated powers. I became a libertarian because in the last 20 years, EVERY presidential term I’ve witnessed, the party in power has taken unconstitutional actions, causing the party out of power to loudly complain, then the two would switch roles, with unbelievable face-palm hypocrisy on both sides.

The best way to change the thinking of a socialist is to ask, whenever they propose a new government power or program, “How would you feel if Donald Trump was in control of this?” On the flip side, when the Republicans want some new power, ask “How would you feel if Nancy Pelosi or Kamala Harris controlled this?” It doesn’t matter what new power you want to create. Eventually, the other party or a person you strongly dislike will be charge of it. The same concepts apply to the state level where fascist governors like Cuomo, Newsom, and Whitmer are using Covid to assume dictator-like power. Don’t expect that power to be relinquished once the precedent is allowed.

message if you cant trust people with freedom how can you trust people with power
quote ronald reagen concentrated power has always been enemy of liberty
governments when pandemic is over emergency powers why shouldnt i keep it
how to solve all problems disney crocs communism people disagreeing give more power to government
quote government loves pandemics same reason as war impose controls on population otherise wouldnt rfk jr

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Quote of the Day

quote gandhi no uttered in deepest conviction better than yes to avoid trouble or please

Message of the Day

message antifa fighting old woman for flag while cult members dress black garb think what side youre on

War on Free Speech – MeWe CEO

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UZyaKAQ6-0

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