05-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

seinfeld 10 500 1500 as teenager adult
sign will trade toilet paper for gas
multi year deal with huge signing bonus position waiter dennys
porta potty goes for 40000 over asking price
democrats going to change america for the better right workers
peaceful protests violent insurrection burning selfies fascist coup
dangerous believe science blindly settled racist legos

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bacon milkshake brings boys to yard
tweet jordan every time use self checkout
tweet gonegirl15 watch serial killer documentaries for educational benefits

Quote of the Day

quote irish toast when we drink heaven no sins

Message of the Day

message what left feels more black white coming together loving their country

America’s Dr. Mengele

dr fauci china puppet covid coronavirus pinochio
trump china lab fauci investigation media racist conspiracy theorist

Dr. Fauci’s story on the Wuhan funding & Covid origination ties has changed almost as often as his coronavirus recommendations. This POS deserves to be behind bars the rest of his life, or at least at a minimum be fired and mocked relentlessly, yet the media and leftist politicians still worship this guy like he is some kind of all-seeing, all-knowing, incorruptible God. Jim Jones and David Koresh would be jealous of the cultish devotion Fauci still receives. But let’s remember the true source of this devotion — Fauci is anti-Trump and has disagreed with many of Trump’s statements about Covid, many of which have turned out to be 100% accurate. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real illness that needs to be added to the DSM guide to Psych Disorders. We’ve seen the symptoms of unhinged behavior and splits from reality, but as their cultish worship of Fauci illustrates, TDS also leads to excuse ANY kind of behavior, dishonesty, incompetence, and corruption…even from a true enemy of humanity like Anthony Fauci.

door have you accepted dr fauci as your lord and savior

Bombshell: Fauci Said Risk of Manipulating Bat Viruses Was Worth a Potential Pandemic
The Question That Left Fauci Speechless for Once At Yesterday’s Senate Hearing
Facebook’s Ministry of Truth Forced to Reverse Censorship Policy on Covid Origins
Dr. Anthony Fauci Meme Gallery

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05-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friend relationship lady in street home depot aisle sheets
001 chance of rain nobody using umbrella
joe biden crashing usa plane no more mean tweets
joe biden gas prices escalated quickly 2021
martin luther king had dream woke just stfu
wake up call election fixed southern border open epstein
joe biden political blindfold mask change subject inflation labor shortage
reading writing rioting change minnesota teacher
don lemon cnn tonight who cnn ratings plummet

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet pros bons bri dating me both my mouth

Quote of the Day

quote mckern its easy to believe in freedom of speech for those with whom we agree

China and Fauci – Enemies of the World

lesson gain of function experimentation biological weapon development
rand paul wuhan research covid fauci no more questions.jp

The Party of “Science”

Keep Fear Alive: NY Refuses to ‘Follow the Science’ on Masks

Politician Suspended by Twitter for Saying ‘Men Cannot Get Pregnant’

tweet candace owens restaurants airplanes mask rules

Message of the Day

message most people dont want truth just reassurance what believe is truth

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05-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hate it healthy me shopping fat me needs a snack
if someone nice before coffee not me
name 2d shapes teacher ill allow it
snowflake college campus racist ranting
john kerry once a traitor always vietnam iran
joe biden presidential vote history 2020 sure most in history
bird cage come back in so they will set us free
fbi ignoring clintons bidens looking at rudy
queen sign dont enter mask on face big disgrace spreading fear
fbi johnkerry leak iranians raid rufy guliani

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet us customs lumber hid in cocaine
tweet kidversations have pms husband asked

Shooting for #1 Worst Governor In America

Mi Governor Whitmer Sets 70 Percent Vaccination Rate as Condition for Restriction Removal

Contending with Newsom, Cuomo, Walz, Evers, and others, Michigan Governor Whitmer will not be denied in her quest for the title! She revels in every anti-freedom, business-crushing dictate she makes. And now 70 percent vax rate is the standard? Polls show 20-25 percent say they’ll never get a Covid vaccine, with another 20 percent undecided. Add in people who’ve already had Covid and therefore have the antibodies and no reason to get a vaccine. Do the math and you see 70 percent is a near-impossible number. And what if the 70 percent number is somehow reached, but case counts are still high, or enough time has passed that calls for booster shots start coming from Deep Staters like Dr. Fauci? Think the goal posts won’t get moved again? For all the liberals using their condescending “follow the science” bullshit, why do all the most restrictive states like Michigan all seem to have the highest case rates? Shouldn’t these science-worshiping fascists have eradicated Covid in their states? Just a reminder, Whitmer was a leading candidate for VP on the Biden ticket. Removal of freedom now defines the Democratic Party.

whitmer stalin book just until we find a cure blue state governor
our constitution was written because of people like this whitmer cuomo newsom
mi governor whitmer plan close businesses schools ban guns raise taxes call people racist sexist coronavirus
babylon bee governor whitmer deploys fleet probe driods to catch people violating lockdown
michigan governor whitmer says protests lead to extension of stay at home orders beating continue morale improves

Quote of the Day

quote harry truman america was not built on fear determination imagination

Question of the Day

question why need 4 trillion dollar jobs plan already had lowest unemployment

Message of the Day

message lebron james white hate this is racist boycott nba

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