07-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

usa 4th of july memes europeans
male guide washing pans hot soapy water needs to soak
cant snapchat tik tok but cursive tell time math without calculator
art lying around the house blowup doll
yogi realize truth is facebook extremist content
covid delta variant code for too many arent scared anymore
government shouldnt violate rights facebook office that is extreme
facebook extremist content come and take it
babylon bee bill gates also going to space after updates done installing

The Left’s Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card on Everything

chicago lightfoot 99 percent criticisms racism sexist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet nadeau like straws environment paper do neither
tweet taborek extremism trillion debt lockdowns arrests wars bailouts force compliance
tweet me65 give democrats inch take mile steal ruler

Random Thoughts of the Day By a Crazy Conspiracy Theorist

congratulations class 2021 wuhan no masks social distancing

Many “conspiracy theories” sound crazy and improbable. The questions are often asked are, “Why is there little or no proof?” and “How could people really do that?” Of all the evils we’ve witnessed and read about in history, is there really anything too far-fetched that humans will do when they get into “ends justify the means” thinking? And how can proof ever be a true measure when the people suspected of the conspiracy are in charge of handling the evidence?! Especially when the perpetrators can hide any piece of evidence indefinitely under the ironclad coverup protection of “classified for national security.”

Sometimes you just have to use your logic and common sense. For example, maybe Lee Harvey Oswald did assassinate JFK, but if so, why are there thousands of well-documented anomalies, holes, and coincidences in the official story? For example, is it really just a coincidence/luck thing that Jack Ruby, a Texas mobster, just happens to be able to assassinate a heavily-protected prisoner yelling “I’m just a patsy” to every camera he comes cross, before any investigation or interviews can take place?! Maybe any one of these types of observations aren’t proof of conspiracy, but you start adding them up and making connections, and the answer appears obvious.

Think back to January 2020. America was kicking ass in every way…the economy was roaring, no new wars were being started, and patriotic/libertarian views were starting to prevail. Trump was a cinch for re-election, especially after the Democrats Hail Mary of the Russian Impeachment Hoax failed. And the foreign country Trump most targeted, China, was starting to suffer from a more level playing field on trade deals. American intelligence agencies, Big Tech, and the media had all proven themselves rabidly anti-Trump. So you have all these shared enemies facing a Trump re-election and possible long-term realignment of American political power….in an election year…immediately after the Impeachment Hoax failed to removed him from office. And a new virus just happened then to come out of Wuhan that spread to the world, allowing Trump enemies justification to attack him on all fronts, change voting systems, and convince most of the world to voluntarily surrender their freedoms? Then magically, several vaccines, which often take decades to develop if they’re found at all, suddenly are released immediately after the election?

Would China really intentionally launch a virus that killed 3+ million people just to get rid of Trump? Keep in mind this is a regime ruling 1.4 billion people that once enforced a brutal 1-child policy to control their population. Human life simply doesn’t have the same value in China. And I won’t go so far as to say American intelligence agencies cooperated or let it happen, but who knows? Some in power may have decided that another Trump term would cause more damage to national security than the “collateral damage” of lives lost through Covid. A lot of things seem far-fetched on Covid. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were investigations, or if people could compile & share information on the web?! Enter Big Tech, who censor and ban any discussion, just as they have with anyone questioning the 2020 election results. Enter the complicit Mainstream Media, who not only spread fear but have remained monumentally incurious about finding the root causes of Covid-19.

The Ends justify the Means. They got Trump out of power and have been able to get prominent people sharing his ideology erased from the Web. Now it’s all about establishing permanent power for the Ruling Class and DC Swamp. As with previous “conspiracy theories,” they just need to stall until the public loses interest, and introduce enough disinformation until most people throw up their hands and say, “I don’t know what to believe. We’ll never know anything for sure. I’ll definitely keep quiet though rather than be branded one of those crazy ‘conspiracy theorists.'”

looking for more conspiracy theories since ours all turning out to be true

Quote of the Day

quote remember not a lie if you believe it costanza media cnn nyt wapo nbc

Message of the Day

message dont be afraid outnumbered lion walks alone sheep flock together

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05-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

seinfeld 10 500 1500 as teenager adult
sign will trade toilet paper for gas
multi year deal with huge signing bonus position waiter dennys
porta potty goes for 40000 over asking price
democrats going to change america for the better right workers
peaceful protests violent insurrection burning selfies fascist coup
dangerous believe science blindly settled racist legos

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet bacon milkshake brings boys to yard
tweet jordan every time use self checkout
tweet gonegirl15 watch serial killer documentaries for educational benefits

Quote of the Day

quote irish toast when we drink heaven no sins

Message of the Day

message what left feels more black white coming together loving their country

America’s Dr. Mengele

dr fauci china puppet covid coronavirus pinochio
trump china lab fauci investigation media racist conspiracy theorist

Dr. Fauci’s story on the Wuhan funding & Covid origination ties has changed almost as often as his coronavirus recommendations. This POS deserves to be behind bars the rest of his life, or at least at a minimum be fired and mocked relentlessly, yet the media and leftist politicians still worship this guy like he is some kind of all-seeing, all-knowing, incorruptible God. Jim Jones and David Koresh would be jealous of the cultish devotion Fauci still receives. But let’s remember the true source of this devotion — Fauci is anti-Trump and has disagreed with many of Trump’s statements about Covid, many of which have turned out to be 100% accurate. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very real illness that needs to be added to the DSM guide to Psych Disorders. We’ve seen the symptoms of unhinged behavior and splits from reality, but as their cultish worship of Fauci illustrates, TDS also leads to excuse ANY kind of behavior, dishonesty, incompetence, and corruption…even from a true enemy of humanity like Anthony Fauci.

door have you accepted dr fauci as your lord and savior

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05-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friend relationship lady in street home depot aisle sheets
001 chance of rain nobody using umbrella
joe biden crashing usa plane no more mean tweets
joe biden gas prices escalated quickly 2021
martin luther king had dream woke just stfu
wake up call election fixed southern border open epstein
joe biden political blindfold mask change subject inflation labor shortage
reading writing rioting change minnesota teacher
don lemon cnn tonight who cnn ratings plummet

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet pros bons bri dating me both my mouth

Quote of the Day

quote mckern its easy to believe in freedom of speech for those with whom we agree

China and Fauci – Enemies of the World

lesson gain of function experimentation biological weapon development
rand paul wuhan research covid fauci no more questions.jp

The Party of “Science”

Keep Fear Alive: NY Refuses to ‘Follow the Science’ on Masks

Politician Suspended by Twitter for Saying ‘Men Cannot Get Pregnant’

tweet candace owens restaurants airplanes mask rules

Message of the Day

message most people dont want truth just reassurance what believe is truth

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