10-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i dont know if i can go back to world cant mute people
if 2020 were halloween display puking skeleton
anchorman on positive not no one died of old age since march
black lives matter nba viewers deflated
i see dead people and theyre voting democrat
joe biden we cant tell you what we plan because you wont vote for us kamala harris
social media fact checkers choking facts

Random Thought of the Day

The impact of “court packing”, or adding more justices until you can control the court interpretations, cannot be underestimated. It undermines our third branch of government and our entire system of checks and balances. The reason the USA has survived centuries and never undergone totalitarian rule is because of our system of curbing unchecked power. If one party gets control of the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives while having no court system to strike down anything they do, it could theoretically re-structure the entire U.S. system, removing any constitutional protections in the process. It’s sad that half the country doesn’t see any problem with one-party totalitarian rule as long as it’s “their” party. As for court packing, it goes both ways. If the Democrats pack the court in 2021, the Republicans could regain control in 2024 and do the same. Whenever you construct a system where one party can take over everything and restructure so they stay in power forever, there’s always the threat of the other party being the one to take advantage of it. Here’s the best argument against court packing: imagine total one-party rule with someone you strongly dislike or fear in charge–Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, etc.; how many liberals do you think would support court packing if Republicans controlled the House, Senate, and Supreme Court with Donald Trump…or say, Tucker Carlson or Rush Limbaugh in charge?

babylon bee i wont reveal whether i plan abolishing constitution communist utopia
joe bidens picks for supreme court warren michelle obama china iran cardi b liberal screaming
lisa simpson supreme court political affiliation wouldnt matter if just did job constitution

NYT Reporter: Kamala Harris Told Me Last Year She Was Absolutely ‘Open’ To Court Packing

Tweet of the Day

tweet natalie danelishen governors 8 months muzzled sheep covid something overweight 75 year old president got over in 4 days

Quotes of the Day

quote karl marx accuse your enemy of what youre doing create confusion
quote adolf olbermann trump supporters removed from society

Message of the Day

message jesse jordan president of usa covid under guidance supervision greatest health pros in work no lockdown sufficient

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