01-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

lighter fluid fire say cause shtstorm anyway
prince harry adjusting america metric system drug dealers
when told normal may have exaggerated slightly
star trek biden extremists killing with dank memes
cnn nbc facebook twitter msnbc msn no evidence mass formation psychosis
joe biden maximus stupidous illegitimacy to president
kmala harris joe biden maybe just one more variant piles cash breaking bad
cdc science wrecking ball credibility
nancy pelosi hope inflation not too high eyebrows
simpsons old man yell cloud biden corporate same picture office

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet song from 2000 like 1978 start day
tweet dillon biden great job dont think people need food or gas
tweet just get through week two years
tweet djokovic symbol free choice kangaroo court banana republic

Mental Disorder Report

tweet sotomayor remote gorsach wont wear mask
cnn shooter factually morally white

Psaki Triples Down Defending Biden’s Angry Gaslighting Calling Half of America ‘Racist’

Unapproved Thought Distribution Must Be Stopped

DirecTV Drops Conservative Network OAN

tweets rand paul canceling direct tv after ban oan

How long before the cable providers start removing FoxNews? Or what if one of the fascist-leaning “news” networks decides to actually start practicing journalism? Now that they’ve demonstrated they will censor purely for ideology reasons, it will be easy enough to threaten them until they return to 24/7/365 state propaganda.

Keep in mind that AT&T owns DirecTV. So if you were thinking about switching to Verizon, T-Mobile, or Spectrum, now would be a good time. Since AT&T is also a major nationwide Internet Service Provider, how long before they start blocking access to websites like Rumble, MeWe, Gab, or this one? Fascism no longer requires armies and SS troops. You’re seeing why.

Rand Paul Tweets Out Asking If ‘Snot-nosed Censors at YouTube Will Come to My Office and Kiss My …’

quote mlk king comes time take position conscience

Fauci Flashback

flashback aids touching breathing same air fauci

Quote of the Day

quote sign intelligence awareness owns ignorance

Random Thoughts of the Day

A while back I challenged all followers of this website to find ONE SINGLE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIAN in the country who supports a photo ID verification for voting. As of yet, no one has found one, which is all the evidence you need to prove their Voting Rights sham is nothing more than preserving the right to cheat. Here’s another challenge, find ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT who, in the discussion of Covid, has used the words, “quality of life,” “enjoyment of life,” or something similar. It simply NEVER enters into the discussion when considering Covid restrictions. Mask mandates, social distancing, cancelled events, and all the rest of the school & blue-state restrictions NEVER take into account quality of life even a tad in their decisions. What good is the preservation of life if you never get to enjoy it? And as we know by now, Covid restrictions in blue states will go on for the rest of our lives.

This point is especially relevant to the lowest risk group with the strongest natural immune response–kids. Many people think childhood should be fun, care-free days that you should look back on as some of the best days of your life. How about now? From 2020 on, they will know only: wear your mask constantly, walk on lines evenly spaced apart, sit with glass desk separators, spend minimal time with friends, do everything remotely or electronically, and get your required Covid shot every 4 months. But hey, maybe we can stop that 1 in 10 million deaths from Covid infection. Of course, we have no evidence to prove the restrictions would stop that 1 in 10 million deaths anyway, but just trust Fauci, the CDC, and the rest of your Covidistan overlords.

And if it saves even one life in 10 million, than the quality of life of the other 9,999,999 kids doesn’t matter.

tweet vitolo not looking for herd immunity herd mentality
liberal endless boosters you will die soon
teachers unions rotten apple worm education
dog human obedience training facemask

Messages of the Day

message if fooled card trick how psychological warfare
message great grandfather foxhole so show papers buy food

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12-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thor how i wanted to end year actual fat
year since i didnt become better person
dont want to end year bad terms so apologize to me
escape from new york officially a documentary
china driving miss sleepy biden to tyranny
2022 happy new year cover up afghantistan smash grab covid
wheel of failure joe biden covid surge
maxwell guilty see client list anakin padme
biden will shut down virus no federal solution
lovers finish each others sentences jeffrey epstein maxwell

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband cleaning bathrooms new type sex invented
tweet therapists inkblots replaced by memes
tweet assad visiting family are way you are

Random Thoughts of the Day

So as we enter the 3rd year of Covid, daily case rates are hitting new records. People who’ve had 3 shots and wear masks every time they leave the house are catching & spreading it regularly. But remember, if you say “something isn’t right here,” you’re an anti-vax/anti-science nutcase who must be banned from the internet! Seems like a legit strategy to build trust and invite solutions. 🤔

doctor not sure about 9th booster anti vaxxer
love zombie facemask shield costume how fck still alive
spiderman runny nose flue delta omicron allergies

Don’t Question “Science”

Well Done, President Select Biden 👏: U.S. Sets World Record with 488,000 Covid Cases Reported Wednesday.
CDC: Americans Should Avoid Cruises Regardless of Vaccination Stats

forrest gump not smart man know first 3 shots arent working
triple vaxxed joe biden takes dog for walk on beach in mask

Quote of the Day

quote jim jones koolaid only works if everyone drinks it

Message of the Day

message 4 groups people narrative comply

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The Biden Presidency: A Horrible Accident of History – Larry O’Connor
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11 Ways the Media Manipulates the Truth

12-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

veterinarian cat medicine give
clitorus precise hit chain reaction star wars
dog miss you cards stepped outside went shopping work
matrix 4 vaccine passport masks
meat mortgage inflation right wing talking point drowning
far left who knew push defund police lead crime waves
country is institutionally racist leftists control all big tech media corporations
quote weinstein biden let me stick in you or lose your job
joe biden forget what lets go brandon means tv
me watching santa struggle razor wire set up fireplace feds might try that baby yoda

Random Thoughts of the Day

It always amazes me that so many people ignore the obvious right in front of their faces if the media and government tell them too. All the pro sports leagues are at or near 100% vax rates, and they have some of the strictest masking, distancing, and quarantining policies of any profession, yet Covid is spreading like wildfire through all of them. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not some crazy conspiracy theory to point out that the powers-that-be may be wrong in their strictly-censored version of “science?” The CDC is a POLITICAL organization. Dr. Fauci and Rochelle Walensky are POLITICAL appointees. If they don’t say what the politicians want, they’ll be replaced. Most of the CDC masking & other guidelines are based on a few cherry-picked studies that can’t possibly simulate the conditions of the real world, especially with a new virus taking many forms. Again, use your eyes and common sense–places like New York, Michigan, and California, which follow CDC guidelines to a cultish degree, all have massive case numbers. Shaming & forcing masks & vaccines on people, when they clearly don’t work as well as advertised, only has one purpose–DIVIDE THE COUNTRY. Having Americans direct their anger at each other means they won’t direct their anger where it belongs–the fascist politicians who have failed every step of the way, as well as a corrupt media that has created an insane environment of fear which doesn’t come close to matching reality.

vacation john candy sorry folks customers only like catching covid from vaccinated
all i want for christmas realize not against each other against government
it joker clowns omicron shown around by delta
conspiraciy theories all true see future jedi trait

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being libertarian nightltime snifling sneezing omicron
tweet jason bassler mcdonalds covid vaccines incestuous relationship government corporations
tweet flaming christmas tree got own show foxnews beating colbert ratings

Quote of the Day

quote aoc capitalism socialism oppresses

Messages of the Day

message people right side history fighting for liberty not censorship reeducation camps lisa simpson
tweet christmas 1776 americas first christmas

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