08-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

leonardo dicaprio memes catch me if you can date
baby yoda exercise class loose fitting clothes wouldnt have signed up
me watching wife menu going to be test
actor playing bad guy think about taxes traffic
aliens here to overthrow government can help gun
epstein clients creating social credit system for you
babylon bee prince rachel zegler kiss patriarchy rant
republicans democrats foreign policy wars clowns
ev truck home charging station adventures on the road priceless
north korea kim jong un wanted to destroy america joe biden beat
call of duty irs kids lemonade stand
tic tock hunter biden investigation counsel statute limitations
politicians care more equity than fighting fires
babylon bee primary cause global warming dumpster fire white house
jack smith one set laws not hillary joe hunter biden trump37 counts

Mainstream Media Would NEVER Have a Double Standard 👌

Remember the crucification of George W. Bush during Hurricane Katrina? Seen anything different in their coverage of Biden in Hawaii? Imagine if Trump had done all of the following. 🤔

biden hawaii vacations no comment fell asleep house fire

Social Media Posts of the Day

x live shot every leftist trump supporters magats
x travel matter of money not courage pay pal credit card
kevin mccarthy do nothing committee tweet fox news quiz

Quote of the Day

quote mcenany america no white supremacy problem spoiled unhinged liberal problem

Have to Brainwash a New Generation of Branch Covidians

atlanta morris brown college mask mandate
headline rutgers require covid vaccine masks

Georgetown, Rutgers, 18 Percent of Colleges to Require Masking and/or Vaccinations

I’d guess by January mask mandates will once again be the norm, applying to school kids, travelers, hospitals, and grocery stores at a minimum. Blue state governors and federal agencies will try to force them on most, if not all, businesses. Court decisions and citizen outrage will be ignored as they renew their villification and division strategies that worked so well last time. Will you comply?

x breaking more lethal omicron bs24-7
rambo sheriff americans just left alone us government

Rand Paul decries notions of new mandates as power grab: ‘Defies all logic’
Covid-19 Facemasks Meme Gallery

Message of the Day

message history dont make me repeat myself

Share Until They Renew Mass Censorship Campaigns on Social Media

wont comply another lockdown neither

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11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

revenge nerds legal action panty raid 1984
cats exam human allergic jump lap butt in face
coworker crazy uncle bullets guns more in my car
facebook police on thin ice axe
greta doll lecture me carbon footprint
name brand foods dr pepper biden you buy generic
biden if i close my eyes the eonomy looks fine
drag trans so inappropriate say lets go brandon time meant for children
biden republicans for constitution low inflation borders no mandates
farley musk for love of god buy facebook now
democrats election denier buttons deny upcoming election
ray epps secret agent man costume spirit halloween

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dont need cart 100 groceries
tweet dog chase his tail entertained just watched 10 minutes
tweet earthlings killed leaders economy thanks aliens

Quote of the Day

quote coolidge nothin easier spending public money

Settled Science Update

CDC Director Walensky Tests Positive a 2nd Time, Joining Quad-Vaxxed Biden and Fauci as Covid Rebound Examples

tweet libertarian homer simpson atlantic pandemic amnesty
school unions covid shutdowns test scores social issues men in black neurolyzer
tweet peer reviewed articles sources shot no ingredients testing free

Message of the Day

message identify as conspiracy realist pronouns they lied

Don’t Ask Questions

media nudist 2 random websites 2am qanon wheres nancy

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08-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gremlin candy picking up kids grandparents
go easy on cat trying to impress girlfriend chew pillow
snoopy computer identify house plane bed
car accident good thing has mask on
if california serious ban private jets not lawn mowers
watching economists cnn msnbc fox inflation ron swanson youtube ron paul
joe biden first day pre k grow up to be puppet
pesci goodfellas they them one person
fbi raid melania trump wardrobe jill biden some style
rambo first blood irs scratch off game winnings
rushdie iran nuke deal death to america

Quote of the Day

quote dr seuss when something bad happens 3 choices define destroy strengthen

About to Enter 4th Year of “Emergency” Covid Powers

tweet biden extending covid piblic health emergency midterms
im shocked i tell you tommy lee jones

What Could Go Wrong with the Same Politics-Obsessed Dipshits In Charge?

CDC Director Walensky to reorganize agency after admitting Covid pandemic response fell short

pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now

People can make mistakes. They’re what make us human. However, when you issue new one-sized-fits-all COMMANDS that change on a weekly basis, when you ban any alternative treatments, when you censor & destroy the reputations of anyone who questions the “science,” and when you push shoddily-tested remedies as indisputable cures for a new virus, it’s pure medical fascism. The people in charge of governments & world health agencies, along with their accomplices in the media and Big Tech are no better than common murderers. In a sane world, they would be prosecuted as such, or at a minimum, have every penny of their net worths siphoned out of them as compensation to victims’ families. I’m not naive enough to think this will ever happen, but this should at least be a lesson to the world to NEVER, EVER let it occur again!

charlie brown snoopy according to cdc shut the fuck up

Kinzinger Gets Into Back-and-Forth With Massie Over COVID Vaccines. It Doesn’t End Well for Him
Bowser: DC Sticking With Anti-Science Vaccine Requirement for School Kids, No Matter What CDC Says

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 4th covid dose boosted 3 month recovery
tweet new cdc guidelines owe conspiracy theorist friend an apology

Message of the Day

message we the people have had enough constitution

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