05-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog prison tried barking until let out
evil queen mom staring at kids act better
against graffiti popeye spinach fence
80s high school jobs of future skills of 50s typing
effect zuckerberg facebook jail totally reformed
how usa decides healthcare bill wheel of fortune spin
trump biden make my day rumble back to hamilton burr format
biden life lie alert family business 9 percent inflation created jobs
dumb dumber iou federal reserve late for that
chicago mayor before after selling soul devil
bidens conditions debating hands tied gagged phone a friend

Local Elections Matter

x flashback covid circles park san francisco

Any thinking person knows there was massive cheating in the 2020 American elections, and there will no doubt be more attempts in 2024, but they can’t fix every election. Not all mayors and governors went along with the monumentally stupid covid policies like the one above. The ones who did and are still in office will be up for re-election soon. They’ll try to pretend this kind of insanity never happened. Even if you’re discouraged by the Uniparty rule in DC, it makes a big difference when you can elect local politicians who flip the bird to these tyrants.

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x holds people back therapist honest psych ward
x dog top of doghouse puppies mom
x taxes subscription cant cancel no how bad service gets
x gay doctor who viewership turn off tv viewership drops 50 percent
quote trust the science who paid got science paid for
message when government boot stomping on rights left right no consequence

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03-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

family how long staying one of you pisses me off baby yoda
dont think holistic remedies are safe rx pill bottles
kids watching adults freedom kids minimal responsibilities
from government here to help pennies stealing wallet
1998 prank 2020 rapper penis drawing face
how are you tampons chocolate chips cashier
mainstream media shining light accidents guns not private defense
big brother doesnt exist reported as conspiracy theorist
crocodiles still hiring for border patrol
nikki and never trumpers driving cliff thelma louise
mcconnell next generation of geezer chief biden miss
google ai wont let terminators recognize white males
first moon landing 50 years amazing images taco

Flashback Reminder

x no vax hiv cancer common cold 4 within 12 months mandated take it
close down businesses falsely end covid reopen call record job growth
covid bubble santa claus masked kids

Social Media Posts of the Day

x journalism about covering stories with pillow until stop breathing
x kid asks napkin already too late
x too early for beer 4pm late for coffee third beverage

Quote of the Day

quote dont accept friend requests lizzie bordon been hacked

Message of the Day

message guide dog refuse unsafe command intelligent disobedience humans

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12-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parenting will get easier bastards lied to me
if snowmobile stuck let buddy know not wheelie
sopranos tommy devito italian hero patriots commanders
jnj pfizer moderna scientists finding exactly paychecks say
homeless best economy ever joe biden right wing nutcase if dont see
lifeguard israel aid anchor democrat hamas support
minding own business hear someone bring back masks
obama who killed children flying robots cries americans defend tyrannical government
socialism destructive wrong republicans applaud talking about you

Follow the “Science”

Always remember the millions who were censored, banned, erased, fired, and ridiculed for saying what should have been obvious…

headline texas attorney paxton suing pfizer covid misrepresentation
x ukhsa boss no proof facemasks worked may have made worse
airlines special kind of stupid passenger separations flight masks
mugshot we deserve dr fauci

Message of the Day

message umbrella haircut never forget the stupidity

Social Media Posts of the Day

x work lets circle back after holidays season began
x body hits 42 actively trying to kill you sneeze
x dick durbin martha blackburn blocks release epstein flight logs
x takei gop senator question kamala harris racist low iq

Quote of the Day

quote aurelius key being prepared unknown developing resilience composure confront

No More Apologies!

Enough already! The ONLY way to respond to Cancel Culture fascists is a clear, unapologetic F-U!

x chiefs fans red black show support kid
babylon bee journalists condemn little leaguer blackface eye

Mainstream Journalism Is Dead

x musk glenn greenwald corporate journalists losing minds

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