11-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

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far side really great monents history barley hops wet
i got 99 problems money solve at least
I know everything happens for reason but what the fck
ron paul matrix what if told you war on terror never meant to end
sold me muffin leave a tip ipad app
interest 2024 election growing just getting to wwiii hamas inflation biden
us congress this is why we cant have nice things
7th circuit ar 15s not protected 2nd amendment
justin trudeau afraid american authoritarianism freezes protester bank accounts
small town bitter clinging guns religion obama muslim friends

Social Media Posts of the Day

x trump cant win general election ny times siena poll over biden
x car buying process annoying finance manager
x pants feeling tight unbuttoned where go from here
x breaking federal reserve new currency monopoly money
x cnbc mcdonalds chipotle raise menu prices california

Message of the Day

message always answer solution never the government

What Are the Odds?

Almost everyone has at least a rudimentary understanding of mathematical odds. If 52 people draw from a deck of cards, the odds say only 1 person in that 52 will get the Ace of Spades. The odds of getting killed by a lightning strike or winning a fortune in the lottery are more than 1 in a million. Yet, I doubt anyone is drawing up their wills on the fear of dying by lightning tomorrow, nor quitting their jobs in anticipation of having the winning lottery ticket. With the idea of odds in mind, let’s think about the events of the past few years.

What are the odds that a new deadly virus the world has never seen would spread first within a few miles of a top biohazard research facilty doing gain-of-function experiments, but that new virus outbreak had nothing to do with that facility? What are the odds that a virus never seen in thousands of years of recorded history would spontaneously appear when globalist power structures are being upended by a powerful American political outsider, in an election year just after a 2nd impeachment attempt failed? What are the odds every government “solution” to the virus outbreak contributes to publicly-stated globalist power goals–controlled/easy-to-cheat elections, work-from-home with easy tech communication monitoring, censorship, inflating currency & government spending, jailing “threats to democracy and public health,” unelected officials making medical decisions, masking & other dehumanization/obedience training, etc.?

Consider the vaccines. Assume for argument sake they’re as effective against Covid as they claim. We’ve spent trillions and decades researching AIDS, Ebola, flu, the common cold, and countless other viruses, yet the world has never developed an effective vaccine for any of them. So what do you think the odds are of developing an effective vaccine for a new unknown virus within a year’s time? And what are the odds of three separate companies creating their own? By another coincidence, what are the odds of those three safe & effective vaccines all being released immediately after one of the the most contentious elections in American history is concluded?

Do you or the company you work for have video surveillance? How often does your video equipment malfunction? Now imagine instead of the regular Best Buy cameras, you have the most state-of-the-art surveillance equipment available. How often do you think that would malfunction? What do you think the odds are of those camera malfunctioning at the exact time the most high profile prisoner in the world commits suicide, while guards tasked with checking on him every 30 minutes happen to fall asleep? What are the odds this high-security facility would be so incompetent as to even provide the means to commit suicide to someone who has already tried it once?

Covid and Jeffrey Epstein are just two examples. I could go on with coincidences on stolen elections, inflation, government spending, wars, political “insurrections.” and so much more. The point is that the odds of all these things happening by chance are so remote that it boggles the mind any thinking human being could believe them. It’s like being struck by lightning twice on the same day you win a billion dollars in the lottery. Yet our supposedly honest, unbiased mainstream media and tech “fact checkers” just go along with it all, ridiculing and censoring anyone who would think otherwise. If you regularly roll your eyes and face palm, trust me that you’re not alone.

Our world is shaped by mathematical principals. In the future, whenever you come across the next gaslighting mainstream media story, think, what are the odds of this happening by chance?

tweet fun secret group rich people widely known control everything
society panic facebook down blind epstein murdered prison elites
suicide watch epstein popcorn hillary
norm macdonald history books good guys won every time

Quote of the Day

quote pascal truth reigns peace destroyed

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11-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

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brain everytime see ramp baby yoda sith
cat clean up on computer phone call laptop
text to mom coming home hoe not delivered.jpg piece of sht
ricky morty own home property tax rent extra steps
google doodle could be christmas day happy birthday indigenous woman abortion
calculate how many times government lies to society
health reminder democrat women time for annual prostate check
obama hamas israel very fine people both sides
npr wwiii starting good news people offended by birds
any history book governments disarm do somethjng shoot for
npc liberal brain switch covid war
liberal women eat the rich capitalit taylor swift billionaire
san francisco mugger thief leave a tip phone app

Message to GOP: Purge the Establishment or Die as a Party

babylon bee republican party checks into rehab losing mccarthy mcconnell
x kirk ronna vivek wont get cent from us rnc

This perfectly illustrates what I blogged yesterday–the RNC does NOT support non-Establishment candidates. Although I don’t think it will happen, what if Trump chose Vivek as his VP? Would that Ronna pledge still apply? Get rid of these POS swamp creatures or lose what’s left of your base.

ronna mcdaniel gop fund lame candidates ignore winnable elections

Winter Is Coming! 😱

what this shot for does it matter nurse
bud light facemask corona beers refrigerator

Social Media Posts of the Day

x quote must not let rulers load us perpetual debt thomas jefferson
x christopher nolan oppenheimer physics son youth inspired
x gas 60 tank carrots 1 dollar pound horse

Quote of the Day

quota casey global warming mass hysteria prominent

Update on the Fight for “Democracy”

zelensky grenade hidden ukraine top military advisor

Message of the Day

message shtty pay politicians tell us go fck ourselves

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09-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

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street corner artist forehead pure savage
been using baby gate wrong keep out football game
computer desk right wrong me slouching
s&m 20 minutes tinder date restroom
soviet liberal never seen crime gated community gun nuts detached reality
denver set provide homeless no strings cash drug dealers
obiwan redpill normie friend barrage memes sending me anti government content
drugs war on drugs fence cant get around
redneck check message red hat trump derangement syndrome
special counsel targetting hunter biden missing joe arrow
lady plane fetterman not real
beyond meat coo arrested biting nose became swore to destroy
uaw strike demands ev mandates rock hard place

Mainstream Media: “Why Do You Keep Calling Us the Enemy of the People?!!”

cnn scholars outdated constitution democracy at risk


headline pentagon exempts ukraine from government shutdown

Remember this headline when the media starts fabricating sob stories about a looming shutdown of government services and furloughed employees. Politicians will strategically inflict pain so their media allies can attack the libertarian-leaning Republicans while they conspicuously say NOTHING about trillions being added annually to an already $33 trillion dollar debt. It’s all a show. In the end, the weak-willed, unprincipled RINO leaders of the Republican party always cave. Furloughed employees get back pay, the stock market pops back temporarily, and in the next election Republicans can pretend they put up a fight. Regardless of what happens in the budget battles, at least we know Ukraine will be funded–the #1 priority of Americans. 🙄

war on russia infinity ukraine office sign here

Just Say No

fb david wells tape over nike logo woke

Social Media Posts of the Day

x cake for birthday two correct answer
x girls anxiety 3rd ice coffee murder podcast
x nephew floppy disks 80s whiskey
x hunter disinformation to corruption is good newsom

Quote of the Day

quote dostoevsky clever calls self fool once month

Let’s Waste Some More Billions While Convincing People with Cold/Flu They Have the ‘Rona 👍

x biden bringing back at home covid tests

Message of the Day

message trust built telling truth not what they want to hear

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