06-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nancy pelosi listens to africa toto once
when you cant just say you want extra cheese lactose intolerant ex you hate
paramount cancelling tv show cops maybe more progressive yeah like looters
male female light switches hooters
so young liberal socialists communists destroy democrat cities blame trump
burglar hello 911 press 1 for psychologist 2 for social worker
democrats defund police sign trump defund democrats
pelosi schumer masks african garb imagine being shown this picture in 2019 no explanation
cdc who how coronavirus spreads i dont know shit about fuck ozark ruth
joe biden tonya harding nancy kerrigan campaign
reds blues reporting anything retraction media
babylon bee new affirmative action program forces nba hire more pudgy white guys

Message of the Day

words i never want to hear again covid 19 social distancing essential worker quarantine

Tweets of the Day

tweet roger o handley democrats want to abolish ice police borders jails illegals
tweet charlie kirk gone with the wind home others views

Quote of the Day

quote socialism will triump by capturing culture universities schools antionia gramsci

Question of the Day

question instead of taking down every statute in america how about teaching history again

Random Thought of the Day

Most of what is wrong with America nowadays is that people have learned to simply believe & mimic what they’ve heard from the media, divisive politicians, and biased educators. Critical thinking and forming one’s own opinions have gone out the window. Before you accept any story or stance on an issue, think to yourself, what does my logic, experience, and common sense tell me? Is having fewer police really going to make cities safer? Do border walls help prevent illegal entry to a location? Are you safer from Covid if you’re protesting racism rather than stay-at-home orders? If the nation keeps spending trillions more every year while taking in less tax revenue, do you think we might have a problem down the road? If kids virtually never get Covid and are more likely to die by lightning strike, does it make sense to complete overhaul schools for CDC guidelines? Is cheating in an election more or less likely if photo IDs are required? And so on. Only in today’s parallel universe could politicians and corrupt media say the most nonsensical things and somehow have them become accepted as truth by half the population.

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