06-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if i was plastic surgeon 100 percent squeaky toy in every breast implant
peaceful protesters getting blamed for actions of violent looters gun owners first time
strange all of sudden me being judged by color of skin and not content of character
how do you sleep at night knowing people hate you with no underwear in case they want to kiss my ass
president trump identifies leader insurrection pelos aunt teefa
sign only police need defunding are facebook police
old enough to remember racism in america so bad jussie smollett had to pay black friends to commit hate crime
if you take offense talking police dog paw patrol you might be part of problem
cop hes your replacement woke pussy hat democrat
george soros chess pieces antifa coronavirus
saying out loud lets protest no coronavirus its science

How to Properly Recite What You’ve Learned in PC Brainwashing Class

loreal adviser message racism isnt learned white privilege racism isnt learned

If you want to boycott, don’t forget to include Lancome, which they own.

Since Media Won’t Cover the Other Side

face mask facts covid 19

Tweet of the Day

tweet maajid nawaz george orwell quote every statue destroyed party is always right

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell absurdity take responsibility before born but not what doing now

Thoughts on Police from Danny Carlton

If I were a Liberal politician and wanted to maintain a psychological distance between the police and average people so that when and if I wanted the police to do something against average people, they wouldn’t hesitate, I’d create some sort of group to accuse the police of doing all kinds of horrible things and being all kinds of horrible evil people.

I’d take isolated incidences of police violence, that normally would be dealt with and have this group reframe them as racist (something that can quickly and easily be disproved) I’d have the media repeat the insane accusations so the police would feel isolated and distanced from everyone else, and would lose any shred of mental link they had with the average person.

That way if I ordered the police to arrest someone just for going outside, say, during a fake pandemic, they’d do so without question because there’d be a solid “Us v Them” mentality established in the minds of the people who still wanted to be police after the police were demonized so much.

Of course that would mean that the very people who find themselves on the wrong end of police violence would never, ever actually be able to solve their problem, but as sacrificial pawns to allow me to gain even more power that’d be okay. And the group I used would then be actually doing the exact opposite of what they claim they want to achieve probably wouldn’t matter since they’d get to feel like they have power for a little bit, in spite of obviously brining violence and destruction on their own people.

And if the police refused to play along, I could threaten to completely disband them and create a new entity that would serve my purpose without have any conscience, feelings or guilt about stripping people of their rights.
It’s a good thing I’m not a Liberal politicians, isn’t it. We wouldn’t want stuff like that to happen. That would be bad.

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