05-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me watching carrie kill everyone at prom good for her
dog boombox sarah mcLachlan treats arms of angel
tiger woods with golf legend from happy gilmore mcgavin
most exciting 2 minutes sports dil doh race
heart 1998 25 years ago old
gas stove dishwasher inefficient epa swat team swarm
biden mental focus poll monkey moon wet
minors liquor fireworks piercings vote altering surgery
biden scandals pay to play doj cia election mainstream media santos
daddy what do america crumbled wore muzzle called neighbors conspiracy theorists

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet caterpillars butterflies disgusting pile goo
tweet get drunk funeral wanted
tweet body identified dental records didnt floss

Message of the Day

message wonka offended narcissistic tolerate opinions different than yours

Quote of the Day

quote every next level life demand different version yourself

Disney’s Nosedive Is a Total Mystery 🤔

Disney Shares Slump 8.5% After Announcing 4 Million Disney+ Subscriber Loss

Link: Babylon Bee: How Disney Develops Its Movie Ideas

There Are Still Some People in the World Who Stand Up for Free Speech

megyn kelly brett favre defense tucker carlson fox news

Megyn Kelly Warns Audience to Not Fall for Fox News’ Tricks: ‘They Are Banking on You Coming Back to Them’

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04-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

daughter laserquest username a girl shot proud dad
only 218 days until winter nevermind
paid it backwards lady behind drive thru paying
wife pap smear prep vs intimate with husband
time of year between heat and ac bills maxine
i dont believe anything anyone anymore good start
charlie brown facebook bail bonds friend

biden driving us off cliff afghanistan all trumps operation
whistleblower biden family crimes doj garland
democrats leaked documents wars they like vs hate manning

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet parents swords hand grenades quietly
tweet marriage level video call avoid walking stairs
tweet parent liar easter bunny tooth fairy mommy daddy wrestling

Message of the Day

message half country conspiracy theorist friend looks less crazy

Marketing Malpractice

Putting aside the politics of the whole Bud Light transgender ad campaign, from a pure stockholder point of view, this may be one of the dumbest marketing moves in decades. Talk about not knowing your target customer?! Who does Budweiser think buys their product, women, transgenders, and liberal men? I’m guessing 95 percent of beer sales are to heterosexual men, most of whom are Republicans or conservatives. On top of that, many beer drinkers want to maintain a macho persona, not wanting to be perceived as drinking “girly” beverages, yet Budweiser has managed to wussify the brand indefinitely. Focusing on target customers is the type of thing students in the first week of Marketing 101 learn. This is almost as bad as Disney not being able to figure out parents of young kids may be the ones buying their products. 🙄

bartender usual bud light no transitioning to coors
budweiser woke marketing clysdale bud light
disney mickey afraid traditional family
woke disney lost billions market value 2022

Quote of the Day

quote arthur clarke universe full intelligent life too intelligent come here

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06-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know how to flirt just stare full metal jacket pyle
get to know real you grouchy old man
cat mouse doordash delivery
future electric car coal plant
biden ethanol bring down fuel prices corn tv
drink 8 glasses daily roasted coffee brewed
historic powerball lotto jackbox 2 tanks gas
shelves look bare ukraine defense programs like this rockets
gun laws because you wont go into boxcars willingly
red flag laws no due process slippery slope law abiding citizen
fauci 4 covid shots need more hospital i am science
trump biden training bike

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cleaned out cabinet productive drank 2 bottles wine
tweet havent meant self checkout cant lock up
tweet cabinet quote hgtv real people
tweet heimlech maneuver choking search bar

Disney Wokesters Must Ruin Everything

More Disney Problems as ‘Lightyear’ Crashes and the Press Ignores the Woke Agenda Behind It – Brad Slager

Are there any of their classic characters & movie universes left that Disney hasn’t ruined? We all know why Tim Allen wasn’t brought back as the voice of Lightyear–for the same reason the show Last Man Standing was cancelled by Disney’s ABC despite being #1 in the ratings–he doesn’t check all the boxes for the Woke Thought Police. As always, the “tolerant” Left must cancel anyone who’s right of Karl Marx. And of course, they must shove LGBTQ topics on children too young to even understand heterosexuality. Can kids just be kids, Disney Groomer Academy wokesters?

woke disney blm pronouns white privilege
babylon bee lightyear bomb disney cancels brokeback woody

Not to Be Outdone

tweet pride month navy video china new aircraft carrier

American Embarrassment’: Navy Instructional Video Teaches Sailors About Pronouns

Message of the Day

message if silent about beliefs offended important what people think

Quote of the Day

quote trump biden elected record inflation stock market crash

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Anti-Communists Sue Netflix for Defamation – Humberto Fontova
Libs Have Typical Meltdown After SCOTUS Rules in Favor of School Choice – Spencer Brown
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