07-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

here talk about meme addition smudge angry lady couch cushions
stranger things made d&d cool dungeons dragons
wine bathtub classy self care pabst double standard
baby yoda my rude will outrude your rude make you cry
percent democrats dont want biden 2024 94 percent americans
joe biden aoc too old for me same
aaa inflated tires save 3 cents gallon votes $3 gallon
truth no one cares jan 6th except libs terrified trump 2024
babylon bee desantis runs ad liberals please stay in california
jill biden melania trump coats tacos

Are We Really Still Doing This?

Ten KC Royals to Miss Series Due to Canadian Vax Mandate

Vaxxed and Double-Boosted Fauci Returns from Covid Bout, Insists Everyone Should Still Be Boosted Every Few Months and Wear Masks Indoors

fauci i am science smaller ignored
tweet dr scientist does every 3 months reduce symptoms not transmission reality

Yet Another Great Prediction from the Media’s Go-To “Economist”

paul krugman inflation staglfation fears overblown

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jim jordan inflation energy border crisis intentional
tweet being libertarian raise inflation
tweet zuby too many race gender sexuality substitute personality
tweet lebron james britney griner dumbest statement history of sports

Quote of the Day

quote sowell inflation hidden tax money robbed purchasing power transferred government

Message of the Day

message never forget million dollar limousines billion dollar jets carbon footprint

Power Over Principles

Despite what most Republican and Democratic politicians say publicly on immigration policies, both are mainly concerned only with whether or not it will affect their political power. The perception has been that more Hispanics means more future Democratic voters, which is of course why Dems couldn’t care less about securing the border or enforcing immigration laws, and why Republicans throw the word ‘amnesty’ around to destroy any potential compromise on reform. But immigrants are no different than U.S. natives in that how you govern will determine if they support your political party or not. We’re seeing this firsthand demonstrated by President Select Biden, whose incompetence has managed to flip the traditional support:

poll hispanics before jill biden taco debacle

Maybe politicians should concentrate on principles when setting their policies? 🤔 The vast majority of Americans agree on how immigration should be handled. That is, secure the border, crack down on illegal immigration, and streamline/increase legal immigration to help American businesses (who desperately need the workers) as well as unfortunate foreigners looking for a better life (and who are willing to work for it).


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04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

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body fever bacteria meds to bring down
wife hole in jeans wine glass
pot edibles arent shit scuba diving
sanctions russian bear ice usa
found spirit plant cactus flipping bird
heman remember kids adams apple has banana
naming files hunter biden laptop so feds dont look through
want to be left alone another extremist
liberal 7 yr gender 18 year old student loan
kjb not biologist biden not a president
babylon bee blm more protests beach house for sale on zillow

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet birds have right lose sht morning
tweet tequila lime advil coffee
tweet before kids didnt know break fight 70 mph

You Knew It Was Coming

philadelphia mask mandate reimpose

In blue states, expect a rewind to 2020 as winter and midterms approach.

Biden Administration Seeking to Reinstate Federal Vaccine Mandate

A Truly Brutal Regime

WARNING: Don’t click on this link if you’re a dog or cat lover, unless you’re prepared to be both sad and extremely angry.
Coronavirus in Shanghai: the videos of brutal pet sacrifices that outraged the population

The Chinese government is truly the center of evil in the world, and the fact that no one on the Left will speak a single ill word about them tells you everything you need to know. Make no mistake, the Chinese people didn’t choose this oppressive government. Control of the population has been maintained by constant surveillance, censorship, social credit systems, and ruthless punishment of dissenters, as you’re currently seeing in Shanghai. Still, this wouldn’t control a population of 1.4 billion without a culture of obedience bred into the education system over the past 60 years, including the #2 selling book of all time (after the Bible), Quotations from Chairman Mao.

No worries though, people in Western democracies would never make the same mistakes. 👌

china center cnn lebron fauci biden cdc dnc fb nfl liberals
joe biden dummy hand puppet to china
disney nba blizzard bowing china leader winnie the pooh

China Meme Gallery

Still Needs to Pay for His Crimes Against Humanity

rand paul function research fauci what difference

Quote of the Day

quote bastiat expense of state expense of everyone

Message of the Day

message wake up see artificial society created for control

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02-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

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cats wrong in argument use body to settle
older siblings hose creating trust issues
lays chips glass half full empty completely
how do i do taxes public school shut up square dance
rock stay home saves lives should be American domestic not foreign
rogan or neil young spotify sorry boomer like rocking in free world
jen psaki mcbrandons want lies with that
beijing olymptics china joe biden ski slave
breyer brady get feeling people cant wait for you to retire
randy watson sexual chocolate pulled music from spotify

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet haircut do for living barber
tweet cut crap serving size 9 chips

Left-Leaning Maher Now an Outcast

tweet maher party of jfk fdr now lol wtf

Bill Maher Explains How the Left Has ‘Gone Mental’

Cancel Culture in Science

We’ll all seen the cancel culture formula in action. The Ruling Class establishes politically correct thoughts and actions (which change on a regular basis). Then, if any celebrity, professional athlete, or politician goes outside this control box, the cancel culture army is mobilized–mainstream media attacks & humiliates, social media sites are bombarded with attacking posts, Big Tech censors posts & suspends accounts, and very often the guilty party loses endorsements & jobs. Result: you not only get rid of the common sense free thinkers, you keep the rest of the population in line since they themselves don’t want to be cancelled.

People don’t realize the same type of cancel culture is firmly entrenched in the science/medical community. Think about why people go into any science field. It’s usually one of two reasons: 1) Do research to find or enhance scientific solutions, or 2) Enter some kind of helping profession like medicine. In both cases, reputation is critical. Who is going to go to a doctor with a reputation as an anti-science quack? And what good is scientific research if no one will listen to your solutions? In other words, it doesn’t matter if you find a cure for cancer if you can’t get the funding to support distribution and can’t get published in prominent journals to spread the word. On top of that, every helping profession requires some kind of state and/or federal license to keep working.

With all that in mind, think about how easy it is to “cancel” a scientist or health professional. Who controls professional licenses? The government. Who controls research funding? Almost entirely–the government, big pharmaceutical companies, and rich leftist donors like Bill Gates. Consequently, if you don’t go along with the narrative, you’re research funding, your reputation, and your ability to continue working are all in peril. Of course, it’s even worse nowadays with Big Tech’s ability to remove your posts, suspend your accounts, bury your research websites, or label everything you do as “misinformation.” We’ve seen this throughout the Covid era. Monoclonal antibodies, Hyrdroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and a long list of other possible solutions to Covid have been cancelled by Fauci, the CDC, the WHO, and the FDA. Talking about natural immunity earns you smears such as anti-vaxxer. Government & Big Pharma Covid narratives change on a weekly basis, but if you don’t go along 100 percent with the current recommendations, the scientific cancel culture mobilizes to destroy you.

There is no one in the world better at scientific cancel culture than Dr. “I AM SCIENCE” himself, Anthony Fauci, as well as his Legion of Doom partner, Bill Gates. The two of them together have directly or indirectly had control of 90+ percent of medical & scientific research funding the past few decades. Now the two of them, through their Big Tech partners and media enablers, also have overwhelming control over Covid messaging. Fauci has been using scientific cancel culture going all the way back to the AIDS epidemic. Treatments and alternative theories were suppressed. Reputations were destroyed. Research dollars were cut off. Anti-narrative free thinkers were blacklisted by science & medical journals. Fauci has so refined his cancel culture power that he is now feared like a Mafia Don.

I will again recommend the book, The Real Anthony Fauci, if you want to learn more. You might want to grab it before it’s scrubbed from the Internet like every other anti-Covid narrative discussion.

doctor explaining covid government choose between license your life
zuck fb hope banning free speech helped trudeau canada out
did you know during real health crisis dont fire nurses doctors
Covid-19 Science Meme Gallery

Quote of the Day

quote muhammed ali dont feel safe in packs

Message of the Day

message democrat vs republican freedom vs control

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