11-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when you scold your dog compared to when you scold your cat
me trying to catch up sleep morning zoom meeting
girls boys dont get our signs dont push pull only
my business drowning state were all in this together high five
two types of communists old soviet blue haired iphone liberal
king cuomo new york spiking again buck stoppeth elsewhere
aoc socialism is secy drink up someone else will pay stalin green new deal
cnn if 911 happened in 2020 no evidence inspired by extreme islamic law
joe pesci my cousin vinny how many ballots wrong 160000
this just in fox news stabbing conservative viewers

Question of the Day

question of the day when party cheats in front of world what do you think they will do behind your back

Lesson of the Day

10 words phrases people say incorrectly supposedly espresso epstein didnt kill himself

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet real american politics biden absentee vote each midwest state mi pa higher than all
tweet libertarian in chief 18 business plan 100k college student loans

Message of the Day

message capitalism rewards hard work ingenuity ambition socialism rewards laziness corruption violence

Quotes of the Day

quote some of you comfortable with tyranny government business masks travel
quote noem justice alito pandemic resulted unimaginable restrictions on liberty trends

Stampede of Post-Election “Not a Conspiracy” Covid Remedies & Vaccines Continues

AstraZeneca has added a 3rd Covid vaccine with 90+ percent effectiveness. Merck and Regeneron have added to the post-election FDA-approved Covid treatments. Do you remember when the all-seeing, all-knowing, Wile E. Coyote suuuuuuuuupergenius Dr. Fauci said it’d optimistically be 1.5-2 years to develop a Covid vaccine, with effective treatment remedies unlikely to be ready before the end of 2020? And do you remember when that anti-science President Trump was spreading LIES and MISINFORMATION and CONSPIRACY THEORIES about soon-to-be-released vaccines & remedies? I’m so thankful Facebook, Twitter, and fact-checkers were there to stop us from buying into false hopes spread by that evil Trump monster! And I’m also thankful for CNN, MSNBC, 60 Minutes, NY Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the objective mainstream media who relied on the “science” given to us by the brilliant Dr. Fauci rather than the UNSUBSTANTIATED claims of a crazy president trying to spread hope & optimism rather than fear and end-of-world chaos!

In all seriousness, how can anyone keep a straight face while they say all these “new” Covid vaccines and remedies just happened by coincidence to be ready immediately after the election? And how can anyone take anything said by Dr. Fauci seriously? I’d have to crunch the math, but by my estimation, he’s been wrong on 100% of his Covid predictions. So why do “journalists” in the mainstream media still take his word as Gospel? We all know why–because he regularly contradicts Donald Trump, most notably right before the election, fulfilling his starring role as #1 Deep State Tool of 2020.

I joke a lot about Covid-19, but it doesn’t mean I don’t recognize its danger. It illustrates just how evil and despicable of people we’re dealing with when you consider how the media & Big Tech companies weaponized information on Covid, and Big Pharma companies or the FDA possibly withheld treatments, all in an effort to get a president they couldn’t control out of office. How many lives could have been saved if they cared as much about people as they do money and power?
dr fauci when your pitch is as accurate as your covid 19 predictions
babylon bee facebook now add warming share post expressing hope during pandemic
sign media is the virus peoples behavior is the pandemic common sense is the cure

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09-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist when feeling sad what do we do watch murder doc not getting caught
adam sandler me in my kids daily zoom meeting trying to learn second grade math
should change the term average joe biden tiger king you
liberals stop spewing msnbc cnn daily kos before criticizing fox news breitbart thatd be great
china holding joe biden on leash kneeling mask
disney wheelbarrel cash graveyard uighur muslims
joe biden i have made in america plan china mask
liberals omg conservatives are brainwashed also drinking cnn msnbc post nyt buzzfeed vox vice
babylon bee academy strips schindlers list of oscar
donald trump nobel peace prize hippee
post september 11 19 years ago move on mean like slavery

Tweets of the Day

tweet joel pollak ronald klein covid 19 fear epidemic joe biden february
tweet robinson bubba wallace noose fitton mueller team intersectionality class

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton before saying no joe biden signs remember free manure same thing

Message of the Day

maga vs democrats comparison liberty collectivism freedom censorship law order riots victimhood

Random Thoughts of the Day

The biggest argument cited against proposed Covid-19 treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir by Dr. Fauci and the media is “lack of controlled studies.” For those unfamiliar with research, let’s discuss. In any scientific study, you ideally want two study groups — an experimental group and a control group. You try to keep as many variables the same between the groups, then give the item studied to only the experimental group. In other words, you isolate the results to one variable. It’s best to use “double blind” groups, in which the subjects don’t know if they’re getting the treatment or not, which helps eliminate psychological effects. So, for example, if you studied hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients, you’d try to find, say 10,000 patients with about the same age, fitness level, health conditions, etc.; then, you’d give 5000 patients the drug and 5000 patients a sugar pill. Next, you’d follow up the results in the immediate future as well as years down the road (for immunity, secondary health effects, etc.). No doubt, it’d be nice to have these controlled studies on effectiveness, but do you see the potential issues?

1. Controlled studies are expensive, complex, and time-consuming to conduct.
2. Humans are complex creatures with widely-varying health levels and genetic makeup, so getting adequate compare groups would be difficult.
3. Controlling the experiment over time would be near impossible. You can’t say to patients, “whether this works or not, don’t use any other treatments or change your lifestyle.” If someone isn’t getting better, their doctors will likely use alternative treatment methods.
4. It’s borderline unethical. If you have a treatment that will likely cure an illness, how can you justify letting half the study get treated with nothing?

Time is of the essence with any virus, so why tie the hands of doctors and scientists? If the patients are being cured and they’re doing nothing against their will, does it really matter how the cure happened? In my opinion, fascist governors, the FDA, and any others that stand in the way of patients’ right-to-try are no better than common murderers. And anyway, we all know, it’s politics driving their decisions, not science.

Ironically, one of the biggest complaints of anti-vaxxers is a lack of controlled studies on the vaccines. Two big differences though: 1) many of these vaccines have been in use for decades, so there’s been plenty of time to at least try some studies, and 2) common vaccines are often forced on people as a condition of school or employment. All I’m suggesting is each patient should be able to make their own informed decisions as it only affects his or herself (remember, “my body, my choice,” liberals?).

BTW, Dr. Fauci opposes hydroxychloroquine for the “lack of controlled studies” excuse, but he opposes doing controlled studies a Covid-19 vaccine and other vaccines for the “ethical” reasons of control groups. In other words, he’s a slimy, despicable, Deep State tool who is using any kind of double talk he can get away with to keep the panic/hysteria going until the election.

dr fauci america bullshit detector on high
dr fauci china puppet covid coronavirus pinochio
dr fauci when your pitch is as accurate as your covid 19 predictions
weather man no one can be as wrong as often still have job dr fauci wanna bet
dr fauci orders shut down businesses facemasks goggles face shield hazmat suit
i command wear mask goggles beanie dr fauci
dr fauci scientific advice wear mask dont virus not threat millions die charlie brown

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08-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

explaining no bailouts in capitalism fake capitalists crying in baseball hanks
my cat breakfast me trying to sleep wrestler
kermit when you pull up to work and building is still standing fuck
biden you better call nasa only 7 planets after destroy uranus zuckerberg
joe biden hand puppet kamala harris you aint black
kamala harris chose me because of gender and race so proud of my achievement
liberal voting for old white guy and crooked cop both hate blacks
dr fauci china puppet covid coronavirus pinochio
joe biden kamala harris if we didnt lock you up then you aint black
big ten back to normal charlie brown football
im confused how does jamaican father indian mother make african american child kamala harris
kamala harris cop i got the black vote locked up

Tweets of the Day

tweet james woods california to pay for covid diagnosis
tweet thomas sowell flowly painted into corner by political correctness
tweets shaun king joe biden kamala harris mass incareration
tweet john hayward dont you dare treat kamala harris way we treated sarah palin every feminist writer

Quote of the Day

quote mckayla reason trump get historically high black vote not accessories

Message of the Day

message if youre afraid to live life you have already died

Dehumanizing Masks

face mask kids
Some Qs: Can you tell me which kids are happy or sad? Which are angry or depressed? Which are understanding class material, and which are confused? Which kid has a split lip from being beat at home? Which one was recently part of an Amber Alert? For those first meeting them, do you think teachers or fellow students will be able to remember the names or personality of each one? Do you think any of these masks will lose effectiveness after kids constantly touch their faces to adjust or re-use dirty ones? How will hearing-impaired kids dependent on lip reading be able to understand anything? Kids go to school to not only learn course material but social skills. Do you think they’ll as easily be able to pick up social cues & learn proper ways to interact with teachers & fellow students while wearing masks? How do you think kids with colds, allergies, and asthma will feel wearing masks? Will taking in less oxygen and making it more difficult to hear teachers speak be conducive to learning? Do you think there’s any chance more kids will develop OCD/germophobe disorders with mask mandates? Do you think kids’ overall happiness and quality of life will be affected from being forced to wear masks 40 hours/week?

Maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t just blindly follow recommendations of Dr. Fauci & the CDC. Maybe there are other considerations than just the transmission of a virus not fatal to kids, except in very, very rare cases, and which may not be prevented by forced masks anyway.

Biden Calls for 3-Month National Mask Mandate Regardless of Location or Age

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