12-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parenting will get easier bastards lied to me
if snowmobile stuck let buddy know not wheelie
sopranos tommy devito italian hero patriots commanders
jnj pfizer moderna scientists finding exactly paychecks say
homeless best economy ever joe biden right wing nutcase if dont see
lifeguard israel aid anchor democrat hamas support
minding own business hear someone bring back masks
obama who killed children flying robots cries americans defend tyrannical government
socialism destructive wrong republicans applaud talking about you

Follow the “Science”

Always remember the millions who were censored, banned, erased, fired, and ridiculed for saying what should have been obvious…

headline texas attorney paxton suing pfizer covid misrepresentation
x ukhsa boss no proof facemasks worked may have made worse
airlines special kind of stupid passenger separations flight masks
mugshot we deserve dr fauci

Message of the Day

message umbrella haircut never forget the stupidity

Social Media Posts of the Day

x work lets circle back after holidays season began
x body hits 42 actively trying to kill you sneeze
x dick durbin martha blackburn blocks release epstein flight logs
x takei gop senator question kamala harris racist low iq

Quote of the Day

quote aurelius key being prepared unknown developing resilience composure confront

No More Apologies!

Enough already! The ONLY way to respond to Cancel Culture fascists is a clear, unapologetic F-U!

x chiefs fans red black show support kid
babylon bee journalists condemn little leaguer blackface eye

Mainstream Journalism Is Dead

x musk glenn greenwald corporate journalists losing minds

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09-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sacrificing career 8 extra hours sleep
wife explaining irrational hungry
far side rectal retinal scan security
slides slacker go to person work same no raise
liberals have you been mocking us beginning recorded civilization
2023 school cancelled high winds tornado book
blue state mayors sanctuary cities defund police boomerangs
trudeau terminology freedom natzi
biden pierre attack gop impeachment inquiry jump media cnn msnbc abc politico cbs
babylon bee senate relaxes bath rules fetterman reflecting pool
liberals against lockdowns masks parties switched

But No Worries, We’re Building Back Better 👍

3 years ago trump gas peace inflation mortgage

Mortgage demand shrinks as interest rates hit the highest level in nearly 23 years

Social Media Posts of the Day

x taylor swift using travis kelce failing career
x southwest flight attendant pilot top gun try new things
tweet heimlech maneuver choking search bar
x zuby more represented people share mindset values than skin color
x mayo clinic hydroxychloroquine

Update on America’s Dr. Mengele

Just remember Big Tech is censoring millions of people based on the “science” pushed by people like Fauci. The really sad part is more than half of Democratic voters support censorship. Of course, they will NEVER hear reports like this from their mainstream media security blankets.

x fauci cia influenced coverup

kermit dont spread conspiracy theories share headlines 6 months ahead of time

Message of the Day

message if you cannot question science its propaganda

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Quote of the Day

quote integrity what thought did said same hagan

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07-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

here talk about meme addition smudge angry lady couch cushions
stranger things made d&d cool dungeons dragons
wine bathtub classy self care pabst double standard
baby yoda my rude will outrude your rude make you cry
percent democrats dont want biden 2024 94 percent americans
joe biden aoc too old for me same
aaa inflated tires save 3 cents gallon votes $3 gallon
truth no one cares jan 6th except libs terrified trump 2024
babylon bee desantis runs ad liberals please stay in california
jill biden melania trump coats tacos

Are We Really Still Doing This?

Ten KC Royals to Miss Series Due to Canadian Vax Mandate

Vaxxed and Double-Boosted Fauci Returns from Covid Bout, Insists Everyone Should Still Be Boosted Every Few Months and Wear Masks Indoors

fauci i am science smaller ignored
tweet dr scientist does every 3 months reduce symptoms not transmission reality

Yet Another Great Prediction from the Media’s Go-To “Economist”

paul krugman inflation staglfation fears overblown

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jim jordan inflation energy border crisis intentional
tweet being libertarian raise inflation
tweet zuby too many race gender sexuality substitute personality
tweet lebron james britney griner dumbest statement history of sports

Quote of the Day

quote sowell inflation hidden tax money robbed purchasing power transferred government

Message of the Day

message never forget million dollar limousines billion dollar jets carbon footprint

Power Over Principles

Despite what most Republican and Democratic politicians say publicly on immigration policies, both are mainly concerned only with whether or not it will affect their political power. The perception has been that more Hispanics means more future Democratic voters, which is of course why Dems couldn’t care less about securing the border or enforcing immigration laws, and why Republicans throw the word ‘amnesty’ around to destroy any potential compromise on reform. But immigrants are no different than U.S. natives in that how you govern will determine if they support your political party or not. We’re seeing this firsthand demonstrated by President Select Biden, whose incompetence has managed to flip the traditional support:

poll hispanics before jill biden taco debacle

Maybe politicians should concentrate on principles when setting their policies? 🤔 The vast majority of Americans agree on how immigration should be handled. That is, secure the border, crack down on illegal immigration, and streamline/increase legal immigration to help American businesses (who desperately need the workers) as well as unfortunate foreigners looking for a better life (and who are willing to work for it).


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