03-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

picture iphone vs million dollar fighter
restaurant kitchen staff vs back cooks pirates
what real world thinks your diploma bend mailbox
voted biden student loan forgiveness $6 gas
china taiwan copying russia ukraine paper
joe biden prices not this high since i was vice president
inflation is temporary good patriotic duty bankrupt
liberals trump start world war 3 2022 lets start wwiii
america war climate alarmists fossil fuels
barack michele obama know about laundering biolabs
cdc blindfold face mask gas prices
joe biden dog sht russians did it.
freiendly reminder mad max apocalypse oil shortages
npc im glad to pay more for gas if it helps ukraine people

Another One Bites the Dust

duckduckgo demote russian propaganda obiwan
DuckDuckGo will demote Russian propaganda in search results

As with all justifications for censorship, the big question is, “Who and how do you decide if something is considered ‘Russian Disinformation?'” Does an unverified statement from the Pentagon saying so qualify? What about a Soros or Gates-funded ‘Fact checker?’ What if an average citizen states an opinion that is too similar to something put out by Russian media? What if you point out facts which are indisputably true but make the Ukrainian government look bad? What if a website (such as this one) simply pushes skepticism and non-involvement?

Despite the fact DuckDuckGo has only a tiny fraction of the world search market, it still brings more traffic to this website than Google. If it really goes through with new plans to demote search results based on politics, it in effect is destroying it’s whole business model. It becomes nothing more than a suckier version of Google. I hope other Big Tech alternatives learn from DuckDuckGo’s colossal mistake.

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mask up encore us capitol trash
tweet replace cancel culture critical thinking learn
tweet left unvaccinated dont deserve hospital beds pay more for gas support ukraine
tweet bars restaurants now proof ukraine support

Quote of the Day

quote fuller never change something until build new model makes old obsolete

Message of the Day

message drop knowledge 10 people saw ripple 20 million

Never Forget!

States Continue Revising Covid Death Tolls – Matt Vespa
COVID Mandates Did One Thing Really Well: Erode Public Trust in Government – Sarah Lee

quote albert einstein blind faith in authority greatest enemy of truth

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11-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me trying to get in good headspace for holiday political conversations
skipping school 2019 vs 20 zoom camera microphone
its a little early for cocktail when start drinking march
golden girls in 20 years kids complaining tp shortage of 2020 story
mainstream media can see trump supporter defacing trash can blm antifa soviet
left democrats step on it biden 46 mandate toy car
mom jokes welcome to muff please dive carefully
who wants to stop climate change liberals raise hands china 1 3rd emissions
behold the blue wave specks on electoral map
nancy pelosi we won war reelect me speaker carnage
babylon bee dr fauci we must obey government like founding fathers intended
thanksgiving cop put down the mashed potatoes step away from the turkey
big tech rifle taking aim breitbart free speech google twitter facebook

Soon to be Censored

Another Major Study Finds Masks Don’t Reduce COVID-19 Infection Rates

Another One Bites the Dust?

Why People Should Never Ever Use DuckDuckGo – TechRights.org

Whenever I read a story of a Big Tech competitor exhibiting the same kind of anti-freedom behavior, I always wonder if the story is fake stuff put out by the Big Tech companies themselves. Still, DuckDuckGo has been dropping in my trust department for a while. For example, for years I’ve used DuckDuckGo to show how Google fixed Top Results and auto-suggest, as shown in the example below:

duckduckgo vs google clinton body count bias

Now, that example has been “fixed” by DuckDuckGo. I really don’t like the Right flocking to conservative sites while the Left flocks to liberal sites. It leads to polarization, and I believe we all need to hear voices across the political spectrum. However, when one side censors and the other doesn’t, what choice do we have? For example, the majority of Parler and MeWe users are conservative, but at least they don’t censor liberal voices who do come on. We can’t say the same of conservatives on Twitter and Facebook. As for search engines, here are 22 alternatives to Google. I checked and several, such as Bing, have been fixed by the Thought Police. At least Yahoo hasn’t “fixed” their algorithm — yet.

bing clinton body auto suggest
yahoo clinton body count auto suggest

Quote of the Day

quote einstein laws alone cant secure freedom of expression must be spirit of tolerence

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet russ imagine better world treat every citizen independent individual rather than member of some group
tweet donald trump ive been asked to join parler daily will join if echo and get 100000 shares

Message of the Day

message people with worst past best futures robert downey jr

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10-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

home schooling with a libertarian day 31 bazooka
mtv used to play music sure grandma lets get you to bed
billy joel face you make enough 2020 whole new verse we didnt start the fire
california bans gas cars have sporty flintstones car altenative to electric
chris wallace protecting biden boxing ring with trump
hunter biden watching the debate scarface cocaine
roger goodell every time he sees coach without a mask
simpsons predicted 2020 presidential debate old man yells at old man headline
babylon bee you have to elect me to find out what my policy positions are

Random Thought of the Day

Conservatives and libertarians have all witnessed the insane censorship by Big Tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google. There’s been plenty of discussion of switching to alternatives such as the search site DuckDuckGo.com or the social media sites MeWe, Parler, etc. However, until they reach a critical mass of support, Big Tech will maintain their control. So start now by changing your search engine to DuckDuckGo.com. It’s often a setting on your phone or browser, and you can download the DuckDuckGo app for your devices. For MeWe, Parler, and other alternative social media sites, start by getting as many friends as possible on the site, then ask everyone to post at least once per week. Most people who have accounts stay on Facebook because that’s where their friends and family are. However, if you get enough people regularly posting on the alt sites, eventually it will become a regular part of their daily online lives, in which case they terminate their accounts with the Big Tech fascists.

This Post Earned Me 24 Hours Facebook Jail, Seriously

vote by mail what could go wrong cliff claven

Tweets of the Day

tweet arianna bradforn husband virtual meeting on knees
tweet things you never see together biden yard sign american flag antifa rioter job feminist happy family
tweet charlie kirk party pack courts refuse concede elections spies on opponents calls trump threat to democracy
tweet never understand greed want to keep own money not take someone elses sowell

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell idea taxpayers owe pay what you want education self centered entitlement

Message of the Day

message my body my choice sign mask trump 2020

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