11-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

freddy krueger entering my dreams not mentally prepared handle
dogs feels like 5pm dinner time 4pm weiner
cheech chong thought instagram pot delivery service
tv dads kids grow up with legend we al bundy
elon musk joint twitter hotline support operator
license plate anustart new start internet ruined
biden refineries pipelines fossil fuels not my fault
golfers original blue checkmark twitter 8 dollars
own guns protect from criminals me from government we are same
no actual human voted for fetterman change my mind
tweet babylon bee twitter employees devasted new boss expects work
jobs people look down on up truck driver influencer actor athlete society running
zelensky ukraine winner powerball billions glitch

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet snowden never understood fear libertarians power leave you alone afraid of cats
tweet friend recommends therapist not for me work
tweet dont stress kids ask questions say anything
tweet zuby apologies evil anti science covid killing grandma

Quote of the Day

quote sowell what is fair share of what someone else has worked for

Message of the Day

message what part libertariasm bothers you make decisions own life lisa simpson

Random Thoughts on the Election

It was obviously a disappointing night for conservatives/libertarians. Republicans simply made way too many mistakes in the election. Lindsay Graham ensured high Democratic base turnout with his ill-timed abortion bill. Too many candidates with baggage were nominated. And Republicans, while emphasizing obviously high-priority issues, didn’t adequately point out solutions. There should have been a 10-point Contract with America or something that became a centerpiece of Republican talking points. When you simply point out problems with your opponents without solutions, it just sounds like whiny bitching.

One thing in particular that was nearly completely left off campaigns was Covid. Why, why, why didn’t Republicans emphasize the tyrannical regimes that forced us into unconstitutional lockdowns & mandates, trashed the economy, and suppressed speech for millions of Americans? Why not pin every Democrat down on what they would do during the next variant of the Plandemic sure to hit as winter begins? Dems would be forced to admit they would indeed follow all the same measures that didn’t work the first time. If nothing else, it would make them sound like bumbling idiots as they’d try to defend their “my body, my choice” hypocrisy. Governor DeSantis, who led perhaps the most anti-Fauci policies in the nation, absolutely crushed his opponent, winning by almost 20% in a state won twice by Obama. Instead, Whitmer, Walz, Evers, Newsom, Hochul, and the rest of the Covid dictators are back for another term, so if you live in those areas, prepare yourself and your kids for another 4 years in Covidistan. We’re past the election, so they all can stop pretending they care about our freedom or quality of life.

I’m sure most right-leaning voters are wondering how much cheating went on in this election. For the vast majority of the country, I believe the voting process is fair and reliable. If you look at a map by county in every national election, about 95 percent of the area is won by Republicans, with only small specks of blue in the big cities. AS for those cities, I have ZERO confidence in the voter integrity. They’re ALWAYS the places with the least amount of auditing & voter verification, and the percentages that go Democrat are insanely one-sided…usually 85-90 percent. So to win a state, the rest of the counties have to win big enough margins to overcome those rigged margins. We’re obviously a pretty evenly divided country, so to put the 85-90 percent number in perspective, consider the election of 1984, where Reagan won 49 states, only missing a perfect sweep by a few thousand votes in Mondale’s home state of Minnesota. Even in that shellacking, Reagan only won about 59 percent of the vote. The Mob, corrupt labor unions, and the Democratic Party have been in bed with each other for most of the last century, so they’ve become specialists at fixing inner city results. Do you really think shitholes like Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago would keep electing the same party for decades if the voting was legit?

I didn’t want to say anything before the election since I didn’t want to discourage people from voting, especially in the majority of the country where voting is fair, but I think this sudden Democratic strategy of squealing about “election deniers” was a pre-emptive strike, as they knew their cheating plans were enough to bake in the results. Biden, Obama, Hillary, etc. and every mainstream media outlet all came out with the same obviously-coordinated talking points. They knew. Most Republicans and conservative media were talking about a big red wave, so why would conservatives want to deny elections? Local elections do matter though, and Republicans did in fact do well in these, so please don’t give up on voting entirely. Many of us simply underestimated how bad things have to get in America for the voter backlash to be enough to overcome the big city cheating.

People reading this blog—think about how much you dislike Joe Biden. Well, unfortunately, about 55 percent of the county feels that strongly or worse about Donald Trump. It’s no big surprise when you consider the media has run daily hit pieces on him for 7 years, Democrats have been investigating him for 6 years, teachers & the entertainment industry hate him, and Big Tech has ensured conservative counter points are suppressed. It’s too much to overcome, and when Trump had the bully pulpits of the White House and Twitter following, instead of calmly using humor, logic, and persuasion (as Reagan did), he spent most of his time lashing out with personal attacks. This only engrained the hatred more. Biden won’t be running in 2024, but I’m sorry to say, whoever they do put up will almost definitely defeat Trump if he’s the Republican nominee. He’s even alienating his most loyal allies. The fact that Trump is already taking shots at the most popular governor in the country simply to strengthen himself for the primary leads me to suspect it really is about him, and not what’s best for the country or conservative movement. Don’t get me wrong–I would still choose Trump over Biden in a heartbeat, but there’s a big differece between supporting the man’s policies and supporting him personally. Outside of Republican strongholds, the candidates who embraced Trump a little too much struggled Tuesday.

But Election Day is over. I’m not optimistic the open races will go to the Republicans, but I guess try to emphasize the good where you can. The next two years definitely won’t be pretty, but Biden has at least some checks on his power. Keep up the fight!

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10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nothing compares pass out sleep not intending
follow me decorating ideas silence lambs buffalo bill
sober friend mcdonalds 2am et
joe biden economy is strong ice cream inflation middle class 401k
facebook community standards baby yoda logging in alt
biden shutup man cant hear what supposed to say
biden ice cream inflation supply chain recession
biden asset management 401k statement kaput
joe biden energy policy fuel gauge empty

Fauci Has Been Unseated

united states highest paid government employee zelensky

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet adults kids resilient therapist traumatic childhood
tweet wife scary halloween decoration energy bill
tweet every democrat voted fire workers refuse remember vote

Quote of the Day

quote willie nelson wont get ahead blaming others problems

Message of the Day

message thank paypal preview centralized digital currency

It Would Be a Good Start

Elon Musk Reportedly to Fire Nearly 75% of Twitter Employees to Reduce the Size of the Workforce from 5,500 to 2,000

It sounds like the layoffs are not going to happen, but I estimate 5000 of the 5500 Twitter employees work in the censorship/fake-bot-manipulation division, so it probably would just be a beginning anyway.

liberals scream elon musk board meeting

Biden Admin Plans Twitter National Security Review to Stop Musk Takeover

We all knew the Left would not give up their Big Tech monopoly on speech without a fight. Expect the gaslighting to be off the charts as the Biden admin suddenly discovers that Big Tech & mogul influence on speech are a “threat to democracy.” We’ll just pretend control from Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. doesn’t exist…and there are no other tech billionaires with outsized influence. 🙄 It’s just more proof the Left doesn’t care if the Bill of Rights is trashed as long as it helps them maintain power.

Soviet Thought Control 101

The terms “climate change denier” and “election denier” are completely made-up terms created the past few years by Leftists. Their sole purpose is to stifle debate on climate change hysteria and the 2020 election shenanigans. Their designed to attack & ridicule anyone who asks logical questions or presents any kind of counter evidence. This is compounded by self-censorship–in other words, people thinking “I have some reasonable questions, but I don’t want to be called a ‘denier.'” You hear these terms on virtually every mainstream media “news” program recently. As with those who uses the term “insurrection” to describe January 6th, anyone who says “climate change denier” or “election denier” can be put in the category of mindless, lemming Ruling Class tool. And don’t expect any intellectual discussion of the points to follow their speaking of the terms, just a thoughtless repetition of the not-to-be-questioned talking points. The “denier” part of the terms are designed to group people in the same category as Holocaust deniers. If the election denier term really was honest, then virtually every member of the mainstream media and leftist politician could be called a denier of the 2016 results…or if you want to go back further, both Bush elections. It’s pure Soviet-style thought control. Kari Lake gives the perfect response to this kind of BS.

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