07-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

im sorry jack rose titanic not enough room throw pillows
sign bikers give notice walkers next monday
leftists leaping wall for communism cubans climbing out of
used car salesman you can fit 4 joe biden rallies in here
joe biden raising your taxes gave all your money away
democrats reviving racism america clear critical race theory crt
joe biden done more campaigning stop election audits that becoming president

Since Biden Already Has the Position Filled in the U.S.

when bernie sanders hears cuban communist dictator position open

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jessie mommie scary story dad said calm down
tweet mommy cusses baby gate murderer

Quote of the Day

quote ron swanson fish sport vegetable meat

When You Take Away All Our Options

The success of a democracy is built around free speech and reliable, fair elections. Almost all Americans are peaceful, and since most don’t like the way the country is governed, we simply want to spread our ideas and vote out the corrupt, incompetent politicians in charge. However, if you take away all 1st Amendment freedoms with the assistance of Big Tech and dictatorial governors using Covid “emergency” powers, then do everything you can to undermine fair elections, people stop believing they have any choice but to revolt. Almost half the country seems unconcerned with free speech curbs & the changing of voting rules that make it easier to cheat. The reason — “their” side is in power…or so they think. Eventually, there may come a time when these same people may realize their political beliefs are no longer aligned with the Ruling Class, but at that point, they will have already given up the foundations of American democracy. And even if they don’t, even if 40 percent of the country remains extremist liberal to the core, do you think it’s healthy for over half the country to perceive the voting system is rigged? Do you think that is good for peace & stability?

Maybe it’s worth going through minor inconveniences like presenting a voter ID in order to preserve the integrity & reliability of the whole system? And maybe it’s worth occasional “misinformation” and perceived “hate speech” to keep our 1st Amendment freedoms intact, giving people the feeling they can address the wrongs in society without being stifled & filtered by Big Tech Thought Police? Leftists out there better figure it out quickly if they don’t want to see a real insurrection, not some pitiful, tiny protest that whiny, propaganda-spewing “journalists” cry about every day on MSNBC & CNN.

joe biden when give speech against election audits fraud revealed georgia
tree falls in wood no one fact checks voting law scare tactics lie
tweet malice which represent politics mcconnell biden jan 6 rioters poll

Message of the Day

message revenge is below me but accidents will happen

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01-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

optimist pessimist cat glass half empty full on floor
2020 summed up in one picture nbc cbs cnn msnbc nyt post pinnochio
2020 gonna need bigger shovel clean up after dog
joe biden get vaccinated like president elect kamala harris
branco 2020 election georgia road to soviet tyranny
swimming other countries us government citizens small businesses drowning
democrats pushing masks since 1865 kkk joe biden facemask
covid addams family bill gates dr fauci cuomo
welcome to pennsylvania outside dining available snow
cousin eddie me walking to mailbox to get 600 rigged election chinese hush money

You’re Not Going to Convince 74 Million Americans This Election Was Legitimate

tweet emerald robinson corporate media 2020 election dont want audits verfiications
flashback photo election night covering windows
tweet annie beth stuckey bannying people talking about election integrity how people doubt

It Will NEVER Be Enough for the Anti-American Cancel Culture

Boston Kneels to the Outrage Mob and Removes Its Abraham Lincoln Statue

armor boston removing lincoln statue racist former slaves funded

The Rules Change When the Election Ends

De Blasio says NYC schools ‘can and should’ be kept open
Cuomo announces 6700 Bills fans can attend playoff game — and he’ll be there

democrats royalty politicians when called out violating corona rules they implemented

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet matt couch found document lifts all restrictions old dated 1776
tweet 4livs 2021 one job be better than 2020 signed everybody

Quote of the Day

quote youre on mute most used phrase of 2020

Message of the Day

message plandemic cruelty released on world one week after failed impeachment hoax

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