08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rather be luggage hold than sit facing each other plane
stranger nice to meet you give it time
sandwich mold dont want people eating food
meme makers slaying centuries state propaganda
support your local black market lemonade stand
women stop oppressing me men working
shining door trump mugshot
biden name single objected failed inflation afghanistan interest rates border fentanyl debt
xx trump get indicted another biden crime exposed
babylon bee cdc election year icron covid variant
liberals cocaine biden white house mcdonalds trump
trump zoolander mugshot
liberals conservatives both wearing trump mugshot shirt
ribbon never forget biden kitchen fire 2004

We Should Totally Keep Following Europe’s Big Government Spending Model 👍

Turkey surprises with bigger-than-expected interest rate hike to 25% in bid to tame inflation

liberal budget debt house of credit cards

Social Media Posts of the Day

x just reminder never comply again masks face diapers tomi lahren
x libertarian social security paid in theft tax 5 percent return
x ron paul prediction biden war
x able bodied work starve leech off neighbors perpetuity

Quote of the Day

quote sibonex sleight of hand government neighbor more restrictions than government

The Gaslighting Double Standards Are Headsplitting 🙄

election deniers abrams watters schumer hillary clinton kamala harris

The media, Democrats, Establishment Republicans, and prosecutors talk of the Trump indictments as if none of us has turned on the news the past 8 years. Democrats have done nothing but dispute the 2016 election and pretty much any major election they lost since then. Here’s just one montage of statements:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjnX4IUt_eo

Of course, this was tough to find since Google hides videos that counter too much of the current Leftist narratives; i.e., the same kind of thing they’ve done with Fauci through his lies, flip flops, and corrupt dealings. I’ve seen montages of mainstream media and liberal politicians expressing fear of Trump using government to go after political enemies, but good luck finding those (please send me them if you do find them). I often have to go to DuckDuckGo or Rumble for what I do find.

The daily gaslighting is mind boggling. Candidates throughout history have challenged elections. Bush & Gore both did 10 times worse than Trump in the disputed 2000 election, and to this day, Gore will never acknowledge that he lost. The double standards go beyond election challenges. Any time a decision goes against the Left, the media is quick to point out the Republican who appointed the judge, if applicable, but I have NEVER once heard them point out Obama-appointed judges, nor mention the fact that juries for Trump actions are coming from 95+ percent liberal voting districts. Some may call those juries “Far Left,” but you know, in MSM terminology, there is no such thing. Though, even if 70 percent of the country agree with a center/right position, they’re clearly “Far Right.” Hmmm, I wonder why Tucker Carlon and Joe Rogan are gaining audiences bigger than all the “news” shows combined? 🤔

gaslighting doesnt exist you made it up cause youre crazy media
x stalin mao castro biden show trials completely fixed
smokey bandit joe hunter biden trump jail now

Message of the Day

message every time speak out against tyranny give other courage to do same

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11-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

1st kids birthday 2nd just write happy cake
20 30 40 year old me coffee pep to 1 hour basic life function
have specail talent campfire smoke following
sapiosexual attracted to intelligence date man reads with finger
faceplant its meta acme name changer
people nowadays drowning phone picture
joe biden promises 15 minimum wage makes it worthless inflation
philadelpia sanctuary city kenney illegal raped woman
joe biden watch out parents school boards inflation china supply chains explosion
zuck fb dont need reeducation thought control leave posts alone
meeting with pope biden it depends
joe biden wealth tax abundance stupidity
anyone keeping tabs bank account not 30 trillion debt millionaire public service
indians smoke signal what say f joe biden
news mexico dads coyote not my daddy home 450k check
trust science russian communists leftists france protesting america lefties medical tyranny
in case of falling poll numbers break glass white supremacy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ally cant just eat lucky charms marshmallows cat food
tweet shiffman covid 19 come on eileen
tweet modalice white supremacy so bad democrats have to make up

Quote of the Day

quote best weight lose others opinions

Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Any critical-thinking adult knows there were shenanigans in the 2020 election. More evidence seems to come out weekly, and on the surface, the media and Establishment seemingly want to change the subject or call anyone asking questions crazy conspiracy theorists. But I think you have to look deeper. Leftist politicians and RINOs don’t want the story to die. In fact, I believe the Ruling Class is secretly encouraging it, possibly even planting disinformation evidence to keep it going. Why? They don’t want the free thinkers to vote! They want you to throw up your hands and say, “What’s the point? My vote doesn’t count anyway! They will just rig the results the way they want.” The result – there’s no need to rig any election since mostly only people brainwashed by Big Tech/Media/Hollywood/etc. actually vote. You cannot let this happen! Sure, some districts, such as most in California & New York, are too far gone to ever achieve an honest vote, but they cannot rig the vast majority of districts around the country. That is especially true now with so many eyes monitoring everything after the 2020 fiasco. Remember, even with “the most popular President in history” supposedly getting 81 million votes, Republicans mostly did well in other state & national elections. Yes, many of you are as fed up with Republicans as I am, but most of them are at least fighting against the permanent medical police state the Democrats almost universally approve of.

There are too many districts to rig everything, and every election can make a difference, especially local ones that can determine Covidistan policies. For example, I live in Wisconsin, where Democrats Joe Biden and Tony Evers “won.” Yet, Republican legislative control and a conservative-leaning Supreme Court have managed to undo Tony Evers Covid dictates. However, liberal-dominated local districts such as Madison are still bogged down with mask mandates and other restrictions, while conservative areas such as Green Bay have relative freedom. So get out and vote! Even if you can’t bring yourself to vote for either major party, at least register a protest Libertarian vote to let them know in future elections that what they’re doing is NOT OK! Also remember that the first priority of modern Democrats when they gain power is to try to change the voting system to ensure maximum future cheating. For those who think that is an exaggeration, I once again throw down the challenge — Find me ONE SINGLE Democrat politician in the entire country who supports voter ID, forensic audits, or any other check on voter integrity! Yes, I know. When you point out this simple fact it’s a racist dog whistle or something, blah, blah, blah.

mcauliffe virginia joe biden albatross

AP Acts Puzzled That a Democrat Could Lose in Virginia
McAuliffe: Parental Concerns on Schools is a Fake Republican Issue, Just Like Gang Violence

Message of the Day

message greatest threat parasitic psychopaths ruling class

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09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dentists cats 9 of 10 smudge
perfect placement doesnt exist skeletons 69
so tired worked 60 hours government crazy wheres my cut
you put me family risk obedience to criminal government corrupt media
5 year old wish infinity dollars give people wreck economy federal reserve fed
sign took anyone grow up to be president too far
joe biden need more bridges infrastructure shelter migrants next border fiasco
dr fauci did not have financial relations with that lab
babylon bee biden usa can afford 3.5 trillion china credit card cool visa low introductory rate debt

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dad kids spooky story internet olden days scream turned it on
tweet yard dad wife toes boobs try
tweet hal son ufc fight beat up talked too much pokemon

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden speak incoherently carry no stick szu

The DC Swamp Always Sticks Together

Bush Endorses, Fund-Raises for Liz Cheney in Reelection Campaign

message dc swamp didnt get drained low enough see hideous creatures

The One Sure Way to Ensure a Violent Uprising

We all know the Left has near total control of Big Tech, the Mainstream Media, public education, Hollywood, and other major influencers of information. They currently hold the majority of political power. And any honest person knows the censorship, bias, and questionable voting procedures in 2020 were indicative of a fixed election, despite the constant gaslighting of the same media that questioned the 2016 election results regularly for 4 years. But the vast majority of the American public has woken up to the conspiracies of the Ruling Class. They’re sick of the constant erosion of freedom carried out by the Branch Covidians. The anger has reached a level not seen since the Civil War.

However, most of us maintain the hope we can fix things the way we’re supposed to–with elections, starting with the midterms. When Barack Obama ran his massive expansion of government and his screw up of the healthcare system in his first two years in office, the Tea Party led an electoral backlash that kicked the crap out of the Democrats in 2010. Based on Biden’s exceeding all expectations of incompetency, corruption, and overreach, this should happen again in 2022. Democrats know this, so they’re putting in voting verification loopholes to make sure they can once again rely on cheating to keep them in power. If you doubt this, find me ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN IN THE COUNTRY who supports voter ID or any kind of auditing or election verification. They cry racism and other nonsensical crap because they know no honest, common sense arguments can justify fighting these controls.

There is no quicker way to tear the country apart and guarantee a violent backlash than to take away the only peaceful way citizens can fight back against a tyrannical government. If the majority of the country has zero trust in our elections, what recourse do they have? Why should they obey any laws when they feel they have absolutely no way to change them? Election integrity has to be fixed! There is no alternative except American Civil War II.

Universal Voting by Mail Is Now Permanent in This State
Waking Up: A Majority of Americans No Longer Trust Biden on COVID

arozona ballot irregularities democrats hear see speak no evil
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence
tweet catturd continue with mail in votes republicans never win election again we all know why

Message of the Day

message dog sheep feel like this right now youre normal

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