06-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tread carefully iran trump aint gonna drop money on you moab
why you reply in liberal comment section homophobe racist bigot sexist
straight pride thank a straight person today for your existence
train crashing liberals support for lgbt and islam
americans watching chernobyl omg how could government lie to people
democrats party of aoc ocasio cortez no longer party of jfk
difference between mcdonalds and democratic party only one clown running show

MoveOn.org Comes Out Against Moving On

MoveOn.org Launches Nationwide ‘Impeach Trump’ Rallies

So, an organization that was specifically founded to urge the nation to “move on” from the Bill Clinton impeachment push is now fighting for impeachment of President Trump. This despite the fact a 2-year Democrat-dominated Mueller Investigation found no evidence of collusion or obstruction, in addition to the fact that the impeachment process would probably take longer than the 17 months before the next presidential election.

Tweet of the Day

tweet why does trump because media wont talk about accomplishments

Random Thought of the Day

Some questions for Elizabeth Warren and other socialists who want to cancel all student loan debt:

    • Are you going to reimburse myself and others who accumulated $50,000 in student loans in the past but paid them off?
    • Are you going to cover community colleges, trade schools, and other skill-specific schools, or are you just going to stick to debt from elitist colleges that churn out malleable socialists?
    • Are you going to cover lawyers, doctors, and other high-income professions who will have $200k or more income potential in a few years?
    • Is the debt forgiveness going to come with strings attached; i.e., does this mean more stifling government control of the U.S. education system?
    • Are you going to cover all future students, including those who may quit their jobs to pursue a new career now that education is “free”?
    • Are you going to cover the “professional students”; i.e. the people who stay far longer than necessary to complete a one-major degree?
    • Have you thought about the fraud and waste that will be introduced into the system, as happens with every new government entitlement?
    • College students pay hefty costs for education to increase their earning power; by forgiving their loans, aren’t you subsidizing the future one percenters?
    • And of course, the most obvious question, which no CNN or MSNBC anchor dare ask, how the f@ck do you plan to pay for this when our the national debt is already exploding out of control?

quote thomas sowell if you vote for politicians promise goodies someone elses expense to right to complain
thomas sowell of what is called education little more than expensive isolation from reality

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