02-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

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my plans valentines day spraying water couple
cats dinner wine rest in box meal
blues brothers friends posts wef nwo oligarchy mission from god
old black woman calls u honey aussie british blue haired barista toxic
babylon bee 4d chess trump forces judge immunity speaks gibberish shakes hands air
americans think government nations top problem true office biden daily mail
amazon covid books free speech police biden admin car
joe biden stamp of approval usa fentanyl crime human trafficking
whitmer story cruella book auther covid fight arrest restaurant barbers
anakin padme netflix autofilled movie looking for dont have
evolution of trash can disney plus
babylon bee white house nuclear codes mexico egypt security codes
justin trudeau tyrant covid powers canada courts

So Much for That Narrative

CNBC still runs daily hit pieces on Musk and discusses the imminent doom of Twitter/X as if it’s a foregone conclusion.

twitter number 1 app app store over facebok instagram

If Only the Founders Had Put Something in the Constitution to Stop This Kind of Thing? 🤔

headline wsj facebook demoted tucker video demand biden white house

This should surprise no one, and it perfectly illustrates why Musk’s platform is growing so much. Elon Musk is one of the dwindling few who doesn’t bow to the usual control techniques–advertising blackmail, media hit-piece campaigns, and weaponized government extortion. Even for the few corporate leaders with an ounce of integrity and ethics, it’s usually easier to just go along with the Ruling Class demands than face the wrath of their personal/corporate destruction machine.

Social Media Posts of the Day

x why on tucker carlson base journalists interviewed leaders jail political opponents biden
fb seinfeld quotes travil kelce taylor swift prenup
x hamler flacco comeback player of year cleveland browns
dragon flew overhead right now surprised
x meme to replace biden 2024 election gone out to propagandists biden

Quote of the Day

quote roosevelt educate man mind not morals menace to society

Message of the Day

message free to chose not consequences of choices

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01-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

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jealous toddlers lack social norms someone dont like scream nooo
texts im horny trumpet band
kids piss me off again play duct duct tape
new season black mirror watching news
old people paid social security whole life money reduced to atoms
republicans democrats money national security ukraine border
sign ban hate speech precise speech i hate
want to be shocked teachers unions university presidents
mainstream media gay trans chart driven to violence hate crime
biden called maga extremists bain power over me
babylon bee mayor adams crossing off inscription statue liberty immigrants
ask whoopi goldberg been to epstein island predator
women shaping star wars 10 years make about gender

Message of the Day

message hate government different ruler i rule me

Make Sure to Keep Paying Your Taxes 👍

x vivek california cover sex changes illegals

The Drip, Drip Hit Pieces Continue

x mollie musk wsj story drug use

If you watch CNBC or consume any other business mainstream media source, you probably noticed a regularly occuring stream of hit pieces on Elon Musk the past 1-2 years. This stupid drug use story is just the latest. It’s been reported every 30 minutes the past two days by the obedient, leftist tools on CNBC. They didn’t care in the least 5-10 years ago when Musk was smoking pot on air during interviews, but now that he is a roadblock to the leftist speech monopoly and Establishment government control, he must be destroyed. The drip-drip of manufactured “news” stories is psychologically designed to teach viewers/readers to hate the target. They’ve done the same thing to Trump for 8+ years, which is why so many liberals need to be committed to insane asylums for Trump Derangement Syndrome. The pattern should be familiar as it’s applied to every new enemy of the State & Big Censorship–Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Rogan, RFK Jr, Rand Paul, Aaron Rodgers, and so on.

Speaking of Rodgers, Jimmy Kimmel’s angry rantings the past week bring the Han Solo line to mind, “I must have hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh?” Compulsive liars (e.g., Bill Clinton) love to play the angry, righteous card when confronted on their BS. If you listen to the full Rodgers interview, be basically made a joke about Kimmel without directly accusing him of anything regarding Epstein. What, Jimmy can’t take a joke about something unproven that may hurt someone’s reputation? As if his entire profession isn’t built around this type of thing? Kimmel has dedicated the past 10 years to using so-called comedy to lie, distort, and ridicule any enemies of the State, Big Pharma, and leftist free speech control. This includes some of the most dishonest, distorted, cherry-picked attacks on Aaron Rodgers, himself. Kimmel is one of the most despicable creatures in the Entertainment world, and he as much as anyone is responsible for a hate-filled, divided nation.

Isn’t it interesting how the leftists switch their allegiances based on political ideology. They’ve forgiven Kimmel’s hyper-sexist past (including The Man Show), while now hating their former favorite person in the world, Elon Musk. It makes you wonder where their true principles lie? 🤔

leftists trump is racist also fallon kimmel silverman stern behar northam trudeau black face
celebrities making fun of aaron rodgers when he does back jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Continues Trending Feud With Former QB Aaron Rodgers’ Calling Him ‘Hamster-Brained’ & Insults His Intelligence For Not Graduating Community College

BTW, don’t you love how celebrities regular attack the intelligence of Enemies of the State because they don’t have some official degree from an accredited indoctrination center, as if they themselves are brainiacs for repeating lines off a teleprompter? Have they heard there are other ways to educate yourself outside of government-run institutions, such as a giant network of computers called the “Internet,” or square things with words called “books?” I’m so sick of hearing the past few years that someone is stupid and “spreading misinformation” simply for asking honest questions on obvious topics. If you listen to any unedited, non-cherry-picked Rodgers interview, you’d see he’s never claimed to be some science authority, nor make definitive medical claims. All he’s done is point out discrepancies, questions, overwhelmingly-proven lies, and reasons why he distrusts Covid talking points. Oh, and Mr. trained-monkey-cue-card-reader Kimmel, maybe examine Aaron’s academic record a little closer. Not only was he a straight-A student, he scored in the 96th percentile in the NFL’s Wunderlic intelligence test. He only went to Community College to prove his NFL ability, and he left Cal early after it became clear he’d be a 1st round pick. It’s almost like Kimmel is trying to distort the truth. 🤔 Regardless of the QB’s education or intelligence, it doesn’t take a genius to see through the gaslighting bullshit of the last few years. And condescending leftist POS’s like Kimmel just can’t help themselves from looking down on community college, trade school, and self-educated individuals, as well as everyone else who doesn’t fit into their Hollywood/Ivy League/blue blood spoiled, elitist world.


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x 50 years no one remember jimmy kimmel 4 time mvp rodgers
x jimmy kimmel unvaccinated shouldnt get hospital beds
x two parties take turns imposing will centralized power

Quote of the Day

quote carol swain universities not marketplace for ideas indoctrination center

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leaving 2019 sandy danny grease 2024 uma vincent pulp fiction
morning checklist clothed keys coffee cup sanity have a runner
create account use website reverse
released from fb jail reformed social media priest
tommy devito agent dad sopranos daniel jones
grinch me watching friends family continue fall government psyops
old man lived shoe poem biden immigrants blamed republicans
advantage wearing glasses flipping
doctor sad das not good bill 3000
new snow white offend non censensual kiss bucket water prince
tsa agent toothpaste tucked in dynamite
asking santa want to know whos on epstein client list
minneapolis police low pay harassment jail time frey shortage democrats
tommy devito negotiating extension giants cousin vinny
ivy league final exam is calling jews genocide bad should know yes no

Social Media Posts of the Day

x boomer retirement plan selling house profit millenials living what isnt spent
x love making therapist laugh the point
x dont give sht talked banged j6 trump better in white house

It’s Guaranteed the Feds Will Fight This as Hard as Musk’s Allowing of Free Speech

x elon musk stem focused primary secondary school

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Quote of the Day

quote christmas story father worked in profanity artists oils medium master

Message of the Day

message new story media how connects what hiding who benefits

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