12-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats all day when im trying to sleep rock band
women dating apps jabba hutt solo how tall are you
babylon bee sad new napolean movie french guy not sweet dance moves
nike found colin kaepernick job kneel all he wants shoe salesman
when first discover libertarianism months later chainsaw
shawshank what in for meme irish government didnt like
working class doesnt want to be fired sharing opinion online nikki haley
biden hamas israel tug of war self
republicans democrats emergency funding bill billions lego pieces
british disney mickey mouse abide my rules else musk x twitter go fck yourself

Government: “But, But Inflation is Falling!”

I cannot drive home these points enough. The inflation rate is simply a percent of the last base measure, so if a price goes from $100 to $200 to $250, by the media/government’s definition, inflation has “fallen” from 100% to 25%. And as we know, government numbers are always adjusted so they get the results they want; e.g. quoting numbers with food, health care, housing, and/or fuel removed. There’s no doubt the price levels of counted goods/services are slowing since there isn’t available money to feed demand. For example, when Biden was selected president, an American maybe had $3000 monthly take-home pay but only spent $1500 on essentials such as food, fuel, and housing. That means $1500 was available to spend on phones, TV’s, clothes, etc.; however, because the essentials cost more and must be purchased whatever the cost, maybe now $2900 of that $3000 take-home pay is spent on essentials, leaving only $100 for the non-essentials. Therefore, the demand curve shifts and quoted average price levels slow. The Biden administration can then pat themselves on the backs, with the media cheerleading the “recovery” from inflation. 🙄

joe biden ghost of inflation present

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bloomberg death fan taylor swift climate change
x tuition free debt free education family higher taxes
x womens fall fashion wearing blanket
x steven fund capitol police tucker carlson fired

Message of the Day

message ask native American government gun guntrol worked out for them

Leftwing Asshats Like Andrew Sorkin Live in a Scripted Bubble

x cnbc sorkin musk disney boycotts public judge
x woke marxist dont apologize musk sorkin

Quote of the Day

quote stacie martin stand up front world express truth clear others do the same

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08-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wow mom sign hang rite letter
49ers lance sell broken record player fix
me waiting phone stopping ringing text what do you want
support group addicted violating facebook community standards
criminals gun laws fence fetal position
people unfollow friend different opinion wont mainstream media
hawaiin sign sorry president biden almost lost corvette maui
teacher discussing division today critical race theory
trump cigarette know another indictment more biden corruption
sponge bob banks examining 2000 credit limit 100 billion bond portfolio
climate change catastophe globalists tax regulate freedoms pretending save planet
message dr fauci prison what the next lockdown should look like
janet yellen pay no attention bidenomics xi jingping china
when criminals die biden kneeling hawaiians fall asleep
how to interact someone falls masking again point laugh

Social Media Posts of the Day

x trump isn't even first actor home alone 2 mugshot
x vivek bill kristol retweet ramaswamy impressively loathsome
x just got vaccinated climate change get yours work better
x mess with family shoes closet keys cant find
x tik tok great name senior citizens dating app
x sign older kids intentionally accidentally

Clown World

message only in america stop football game measuring chains angles wont verify integrity of election

Quote of the Day

quote big government held together lies truth treasonous ron paul

Biden Weaponization of Government Against Political Enemies Continues

doj sues spacex musk discrimination

Not only is the Biden Admin going after political enemies, but in this case the DOJ is suing because Musk’s company chose to favor hiring Americans over noncitizens. It should tell you where Biden’s priorities are. So, if you live in a high-crime area and are told the government doesn’t have the time & money to go after true criminals, remember this lawsuit, the intimidation actions against anyone Trump related, and all the other colossal wastes of resources. For the top leaders of the American Left, the ONLY priority is power, using every means necessary to maintain and grow it. BTW, let’s not forget that Elon Musk was once the Left’s favorite person in the world. He didn’t become a political “enemy” until he stood up for free speech and medical freedom. Need I say more?

Message of the Day

message office jim whiteboard world not getting worse shelter reality lifting

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07-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me after one day waking eating drinking right
batman called into work day off bird signal

darth vader choking him right i understand
people office jobs hot today construction workers
dog soldier through sht still positive attitude
how many relationships ruin shut up about freedom all
never get jealous ex parents taught used toys less fortunate
government give money guns privacy medical decisions
aoc too many big words us constitution for democrats dummies supreme court
health and wellness liberals gates
threads free to say whatever zuckerberg wants
no telling white house cocaine every room cameras

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet aoc parody threads 666th person join
tweet cant find j6 pipe bomber cocaine addict supreme court leaker grandmother
tweet marriage curtains pick one im in hell
tweet quit job true passion not having job
tweet americans european out of office kidney surgery

Message of the Day

message elderly die wealth wisdom knowledge

Quote of the Day

quote pratchett science not about building facts questions reality check

The “Racist Cesspool”

jim cramer instragram terrific twitter awful

We know all the usual mainstream media shills–NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, and so on. But the leftist propaganda goes way beyond the so-called “news” media. It’s dominant throughout the sports media with their “social justice” and other garbage. One area that isn’t mentioned enough is the financial press, most notably the highest rated channel–CNBC. I frequently have it on in the background when I’m reading or exercising, mostly for the stock quotes & economic indicators. Good luck in finding a conservative or libertarian guest on this network. If one ever expresses an opinion opposite of the daily talking points, they won’t be invited back again.

Interestingly, two companies seem to dominate their business coverage more than any others. Obviously, these must be the most widely held stocks, highest in market cap, and central to our lives, right? Not so much. The first is Tesla. While high in total market cap, the stock ownership is highly concentrated, and although this may change in the future, the cars are primarily owned by upper/middle class Americans on the coasts. The 2nd company that dominates CNBC coverage is Twitter, which is privately-owned and therefore not relevant to the investing public that tunes in. I’d estimate 95% of the coverage of Tesla and 100 percent of Twitter is negative. So, class, can anyone think of a reason why these two companies are targeted for so much hit-piece coverage? 🤔

Obviouly, it’s because the 2nd most hated person in America by the Left (after Trump) is the owner of both companies, Elon Musk. Interestingly, with Musk’s focus on climate change & building a sustainable future, he was once perhaps the most loved person in America by liberals. All it took was his standing up for free speech and stopping the mass censorship of conservatives/libertarians to complete this reversal. That should tell you all you need to know about the Left.

Getting back to CNBC, when discussing Twitter, I not only hear the same talking points from every commentator, but the exact same words, which almost always include “racist” and “cesspool.” These words were never used before Musk took control, so my question is “Based on what?” How is CNBC and virtally every other MSM shill coming to that conclusion? Are they basing it on a few cherry-picked tweets out of the hundreds of millions posted daily, which could easily have been planted? Is the conclusion based on any kind of scientific study? How would you even undertake one that filters out the millions of fake accounts and bot posts?

This is a 100 percent media-narrative driven campaign. For those who don’t know the formula: it starts by the DNC or some smear merchant like Media Matters feeding a story to a prominent “news” organizaton like the New York Times or Washinton Post. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, CNBC, and the rest of the propaganda infrastructure pick up the “breaking news” and add it to their daily broadcasts. Celebrities, social media liberals, and local media then echo them again. Then, eventually the BS is repeated so often it becomes accepted as mainstream “fact.” Then, if someone asks a question like I just did about what backs up the “cesspool” assessment, leftists can quickly put together 10 mainstream links (always listed first on Google) which back up their talking points. But if you look deeper, none of these are independent, primary-sourced research. They’re all just echoing each other in infinite circles.

It’s tough to tell if MSM commentators really are incapable of independent, critical thinking, or if they know what they’re saying is gaslighting bullshit but are corrupt and/or compromised. In any case, freedom of speech easily exposes this kind of thing, which is why Twitter and all other free-speech outlets must be destroyed.

google meta twitter liberals npc too much power
npc liberals spaceman musk bad media
liberal im leaving twitter new moving to canada

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