08-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gremlin candy picking up kids grandparents
go easy on cat trying to impress girlfriend chew pillow
snoopy computer identify house plane bed
car accident good thing has mask on
if california serious ban private jets not lawn mowers
watching economists cnn msnbc fox inflation ron swanson youtube ron paul
joe biden first day pre k grow up to be puppet
pesci goodfellas they them one person
fbi raid melania trump wardrobe jill biden some style
rambo first blood irs scratch off game winnings
rushdie iran nuke deal death to america

Quote of the Day

quote dr seuss when something bad happens 3 choices define destroy strengthen

About to Enter 4th Year of “Emergency” Covid Powers

tweet biden extending covid piblic health emergency midterms
im shocked i tell you tommy lee jones

What Could Go Wrong with the Same Politics-Obsessed Dipshits In Charge?

CDC Director Walensky to reorganize agency after admitting Covid pandemic response fell short

pinnochio puppet cdc shots masks can I be free now

People can make mistakes. They’re what make us human. However, when you issue new one-sized-fits-all COMMANDS that change on a weekly basis, when you ban any alternative treatments, when you censor & destroy the reputations of anyone who questions the “science,” and when you push shoddily-tested remedies as indisputable cures for a new virus, it’s pure medical fascism. The people in charge of governments & world health agencies, along with their accomplices in the media and Big Tech are no better than common murderers. In a sane world, they would be prosecuted as such, or at a minimum, have every penny of their net worths siphoned out of them as compensation to victims’ families. I’m not naive enough to think this will ever happen, but this should at least be a lesson to the world to NEVER, EVER let it occur again!

charlie brown snoopy according to cdc shut the fuck up

Kinzinger Gets Into Back-and-Forth With Massie Over COVID Vaccines. It Doesn’t End Well for Him
Bowser: DC Sticking With Anti-Science Vaccine Requirement for School Kids, No Matter What CDC Says

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 4th covid dose boosted 3 month recovery
tweet new cdc guidelines owe conspiracy theorist friend an apology

Message of the Day

message we the people have had enough constitution

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09-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist anxiety started game explode
wish people would ask if i give fuck before start talking to me
home mat where ho and me come together
christmas cancelled elves make more on unemployment
confucius mask alone car condom alone in bed
new badge for vaccinated to eat travel live no voter id required
office corporate same picture nsa apple
biden harris administration kamala crossing off her name
dr faucism scare into submission profit from panic
man cant comment on abortion gender fluid comment as woman
joe biden companies cant find workers extend unemployment mandate vaccines get out of way

Message of the Day

message clint nobody owes you damn thing earn it

Random Thoughts of the Day

Regular readers of this blog have heard me repeatedly say they will attempt to impose Covid restrictions on us forever. For those who haven’t read my past posts on this, let me make it simple for you as to why — it gives them unlimited ability to bypass the Constitution indefinitely to impose their policies, silence dissent, and consolidate their power. It’s similar to the ongoing 20-year “War on Terror,” which has provided unconstitutional cover for worldwide military operations and unrestricted invasions of privacy. Think back to all the Covid restrictions of the past 18 months–the mask & vax mandates, the lockdowns, the vax passport requirements, the business closures, and so on. How many of them have gone through the lawful voting in both houses of Congress and other required measures of the U.S. and State Consitutions? Can anyone think of one single such law? Every restriction has been a unilateral dictate set by politicians and unelected government bureaucrats….cuz after all, you know, it’s an “EMERGENCY!” This emergency justification gives them carte blanche power. They’ve discovered an untapped control of the population. Before Covid, what do you think would have been the reaction if the CDC was setting policies on rental properties and gun control? A special bonus is Covid provides cover for Big Tech to silence any political opposition, “protecting” us from “misinformation.” Biden’s unprecedented encroachment on medical freedom this week was passed by a dictatorial Executive Order, with Biden once again citing his “emergency” power. Over 18 months have passed, and we’re still in a state of emergency. And as with the War on Terror, decades from now we will still be in a Covid state of emergency…..unless we stop it. DO. NOT. COMPLY.

lemmings listen off cliff conspiracy theorist
babylon bee government wrap up covid war quickly as war on terror
governments when pandemic is over emergency powers why shouldnt i keep it
quote if you let government break law emergency will create to do so

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet captain those how what to think dependency live independently

Quotes of the Day

quotes ben franklin freedom safety joe biden give up freedom
martin luther kind moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws

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