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text me old age abbreviations gm general motors
clothesline uses latest tech solar and win power
caption floyd tripping galls put down gun bear hunter
1989 pour some sugar on me car seat mom marlboro
american dream leaving body pay 12 taxes on paycheck
hate to brag immune system no long history bribery fraud disinformation
joe biden diner open 1 to 4 one star prices
1984 2023 sarah conor rebel punk conformist
democracy bowl courts media doj football tackle trump
ai artificial intelligence courts congress pdf deal with
biden xi meet san francisco gavin newsom sweep crime drugs homelessness

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message girl puppy dog dirt mud best way strengthen immune system

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x wife drinks wine shower living best life beer shower alcoholism
x remembering time husband cop a feel bra chip crumbs
x bidenomics average mortgage interest 30 year loan moore
x megan rapinoe career ending injury god doesnt exist

Quote of the Day

quote madison voluminous laws incoherent pelosi pass the bill find whats in it

Totalitarian Regimes Cannot Survive Without Their Enforcers

I believe 95+ percent of police, soldiers, and FBI/CIA/NSA agents outside of the top brass are good people. I believe they honestly are trying to protect their country and stand up for innocent Americans. That said, something needs to be done to change the culture of “following orders.” If you’re one of these men & women who’ve served, you know the easiest way to get booted out, if not jailed, is to disobey orders. In an old-time war environment when you’re, for example, advancing on a beach head, following orders was critical. In today’s world though, very few situations create such an environment. And we’re confronted with a world where politicians are regularly weaponizing their power against undesirables in their own population, especially those who are a threat to that power. The Constitution is being trampled on. Fundamental human rights are being destroyed. Being a member of this honorable group doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your brains and own sense of morality. Forget what has been drilled into you through your service career. Every totalitarian regime in history has been enabled by a group of enforcers who were simply “following orders.” You are the last line of defense of powerless citizens who must suffer under these sociopaths. In a world where nearly every institution of influence is under their control and where elections increasingly don’t matter, you may be the only ones who can stop the insanity.

nashville manifesto killing crackers fbi secure document and narrative
bad police doctors ministers politicians compared to good ones
trump knee mainstream media doj fbi gop establishment cia dnc

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