Social Credit Scores & ESG – What Are They and Why Are They Loved By the World Ruling Class?

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“We have to stop the spread of ‘misinformation,’ ‘disinformation,’ and ‘fake news’ on the web.”
“We can’t allow ‘hate speech’ to proliferate on social media.”
“To prevent mass shootings & other crime, we should have ‘red flag laws’ that allow gun seizure and monitoring of individuals who show signs of mental illness & hate.”
“In a public health emergency, we can’t allow inaccurate science & medical information to spread.”
“Instead of just profits, companies should be evaluated on their social & environmental impact on society.”

All of the above statements on the surface sound good, so it’s easy to see how you can lure most of the population to support them. But they all have two things in common:

1. None of them are ever precisely defined.
2. They are suffer from one major flaw – WHO GETS TO DECIDE what these are and how they should be enforced?

For example, most people would agree racial slurs are “hate speech,” but what qualifies as a racial slur? I once heard a girl get bitched at for saying Afro-American instead of African-American. “An Afro is a hairdo!!” was the angry response. What if I described to you how a person was convicted of molesting & torturing ten children. After I told you this, you might hate that person. Does that qualify as hate speech? What if I factually described how certain politicians received political kickbacks, gave favored tax incentives to political cronies, and passed a series of laws to deprive you personally of your basic civil rights? You may experience angry feelings and want payback. Does that qualify as hate speech? What if a person with multiple Ph.D.’s published a double-blind study of 10,000 patients describing a successful over-the-counter treatment for Covid, complete with links to sources, but the remedy hadn’t yet been evaluated by the FDA or CDC. Does this qualify as “misinformation?” What if a company pays its workers more salary & benefits on average than any other in the world while consistently being surveyed as one of the best companies to work for, but the company has taken active steps to discourage unionization of its employees? Should they be praised or punished? What if a company uses all clean energy sources to power its company and donates billions to charity, but it does business with human rights violators in Russia, China, and Iran? Which should be given more weight? What if a person attempted suicide decades ago as a teenager? Should they be flagged as a person who can never own a gun?

There are endless examples of interpretation fuzziness, which is precisely why they’re all so dangerous. The imprecise definitions allow rulers to manipulate them to punish political enemies and deny them their civil rights, all in an effort to cement their power. However, they have a problem. The world population is nearing 8 billion, all with ever-increasing access to technology. Multiply that by hundreds of daily social media posts, texts, emails, and so on. You’re talking trillions of daily communications. It’s impossible to hire enough people to personally monitor or provide any kind of human reasoning analysis on any kind of large scale. It doesn’t get much easier for businesses, as there are millions of companies around the world, made up of billions of employees interacting on the job.

Enter technology. World rulers have two big advantages in this regard — 1) They can allocate massive budgets for communication-monitoring organizations like the NSA, and 2) all the Big Tech companies are loyal Leftist allies happy to do their bidding. Employees of these organizations are brainwashed to go along using all the statements at the beginning of this article. So how do they tackle this gargantuan task?

Technology can do amazing things, but everything in tech must be reduced to simple math–>numbers that can be compared and programmed using IF-THEN type logic. This is where social credit scores and ESG come in. These are both ways of assigning a number to individual citizens (social credit score) and businesses (ESG). You may have heard the term “algorithms,” which are simply subcomponents of computer programs to execute specific tasks, in this case computing the scores. What goes into the computations? Well, that’s where the fuzziness and interpretations come back in. Computers may seem smart nowadays, but at their most basic level, they’re simple electrical devices using trillions of on/off switches to execute commands. There’s really no such thing as “artificial intelligence.” Everything comes down to a massive amount of logical decisions programmed by human beings, with all their biases and flaws. So when these algorithms are controlled by governments and their Leftist Big Tech allies, it doesn’t take much to manipulate the programs for political gain.

For example:

  • Follow MSNBC on Facebook: +10
  • Subscribe to Epoch Times or Newsmax: -3
  • Like Joe Biden tweet: +1
  • Retweet a Trump quote: -1
  • Post a meme making fun of Hillary Clinton: -2
  • March in an anti-lockdown rally: -10
  • Write a post advocating natural immunity over vaccines: -10
  • Maintain a libertarian-leaning website: -500

The same kind of manipulation can be used on businesses:

  • Operate a company that forces union membership on its employees: +10
  • Run a tech company that enforces government censorship requests +500
  • Hire employees that donate 99% to Democrats over Republican candidates: +50
  • Operate a company producing cheap energy that competes with wind & solar business cronies: -100
  • Donate to BLM and transgender charities: +10
  • Have a free-speech advocating owner who uses his money to buy a social media company & reverse mass censorship: -10000

You get the idea. Tech companies already use a type of social scoring system. That’s why your harmless meme got you Facebook jail. It’s why that incendiary post advocating violence against conservatives did NOT get flagged. It’s why when you do a Google search for a political story, left-leaning sources like CNN & NY Times always come up first, while Fox News, Townhall, Daily Caller, and other right-leaning sites are buried several pages down where almost no one will see them. That score is the ultimate arbiter of justice. It’s impossible to hire enough people to read through everything and manually decide what should or shouldn’t be censored or hidden. You may have heard stories of millions of fake social media accounts or “bots.” The purpose of these programmed fake accounts is to manipulate rankings & scores, so even if some tech employees sincerely tried to program algorithms in a fair way, they still can be tainted for political purposes.

Social credit scores and ESG take what the tech companies are doing to a society level, so instead of just censoring your communication, they can implement other punishments to limit your freedom & finances. For example, we saw in the Covid trucker protests in Canada, Justin Trudeau, without legal authority, froze the finances of protesters. The same kind of tyrannical measures can be applied based on your score. Imagine not having access to any of your credit cards or bank accounts. Even if temporary and legally reversible, it could be devastating. Imagine a business not being able to open a bank account. Imagine government imposing a minimum social credit score on any employees to be hired, otherwise the business’s own ESG score would suffer. Do you think you’d be able to own a gun if your score was too low? Some of these actions may seem far-fetched, but who would have thought all the unconstitutional Covid lockdowns and mandates could ever happen?

The Ruling Class effectiveness of the scores is multiplied by the THREAT of what could happen. Self-censorship is the most prevalent and dangerous type of censorship. This is where you censor your own communication because, for example, you’re afraid of getting banned by Facebook or Twitter. Imagine what kind of fear the average person would have if it was possible to lose access to all their money. Do you think that might keep their behavior in line? It’s all about CONTROL CONTROL CONROL!

Governing organizations around the world may call these scores something different, and they certainly wouldn’t try to implement them all at once, or without some kind of “emergency” to provide them political cover. But as we’ve seen with Covid, they will keep adding power & diminishing civil rights, bit by bit, until or unless the public finally pushes back. The time is now to push back, starting with the ones implementing the early versions of the scores, the fascist Big Tech companies. It’s also time to push back again the media, celebrities, and education officials that are enabling the Ruling Class march to tyranny. As Ronald Reagan so accurately stated, freedom is always just one generation away from extinction.

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ESG – The Social Credit Score for Businesses

Tesla Kicked Out of S&P 500’s ESG Index

Learn about ESG if you don’t already know it. It’s a numbering scheme put together by the Ruling Class to keep corporations in line. As with every control mechanism of the Left, it’s surrounded by language that make it sound good (think “misinformation,” “hate speech,” “red flag laws,” etc.) but is easy manipulated to punish anyone who opposes them politically. We all know why Tesla is being downgraded, and it has nothing to do with the company itself. Think about how ludicrous it is to cite Tesla’s “lack of a carbon strategy” as the main reason for their downgrade. The WHOLE POINT OF THE F-ING COMPANY is to lower emissions! As with the social credit scores they want to put on all individuals, ESG is easily manipulated to punish political enemies. If you think ESG is a meaningless number, think again! Governments and global financial institutions have been mobilizing for years to cut off financing and implement other punishments for companies that have poor scores. More to come on this.

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BTW, for entertainment, trying searching “ESG NWO” on Google, then again on DuckDuckGo. You’ll see how Google sometimes almost laughably tries to hide the truth. For example, obviously the New World Order (NWO) is a term no one has ever heard before, so you definitely meant to type NOW, even in the context of ESG. 👍

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Woke Corporations

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Some of you may wonder why so many big corporations are falling over themselves to become more “woke” and pushing leftist ideology. It not only makes them laughing stocks but often dings their sales, so why do it? Some obvious reasons are to keep the media and cancel culture fascists away from them, as well as achieve favorable tax & regulation treatment from the communists currently controlling our government, but it goes beyond that. An increasing way to measure companies is by their ESG score. This is a numerical score developed by globalists to measure companies’ Environmental, Social, and Governance success. Put another way, it’s a set of arbitrary criteria created by the worldwide Ruling Class measuring how well the company policies fit into their Great Reset plans, where power & ownership of everything is slowly transferred to and controlled by the Ruling Elite.

The ESG score is no joke. Many investment firms won’t touch companies with too low of a score, and the biggest financial institutions and international financing organizations are working to cut off any companies with failing scores. If you think it’s far-fetched, have you not been watching the Big Tech purge of conservative & libertarian communication the past few years? Imagine companies not being able to borrow money, issue stock, open investment accounts, purchase real estate, and so on. We’ve already seen how companies like GoFundMe refuse to help finance anyone who doesn’t go along with their ideology. Imagine the same kind of thing from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, JP Morgan, etc. Research and learn about ESG. It’s gaining wide acceptance among governments & large corporations at dizzying speeds.

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