12-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parenting will get easier bastards lied to me
if snowmobile stuck let buddy know not wheelie
sopranos tommy devito italian hero patriots commanders
jnj pfizer moderna scientists finding exactly paychecks say
homeless best economy ever joe biden right wing nutcase if dont see
lifeguard israel aid anchor democrat hamas support
minding own business hear someone bring back masks
obama who killed children flying robots cries americans defend tyrannical government
socialism destructive wrong republicans applaud talking about you

Follow the “Science”

Always remember the millions who were censored, banned, erased, fired, and ridiculed for saying what should have been obvious…

headline texas attorney paxton suing pfizer covid misrepresentation
x ukhsa boss no proof facemasks worked may have made worse
airlines special kind of stupid passenger separations flight masks
mugshot we deserve dr fauci

Message of the Day

message umbrella haircut never forget the stupidity

Social Media Posts of the Day

x work lets circle back after holidays season began
x body hits 42 actively trying to kill you sneeze
x dick durbin martha blackburn blocks release epstein flight logs
x takei gop senator question kamala harris racist low iq

Quote of the Day

quote aurelius key being prepared unknown developing resilience composure confront

No More Apologies!

Enough already! The ONLY way to respond to Cancel Culture fascists is a clear, unapologetic F-U!

x chiefs fans red black show support kid
babylon bee journalists condemn little leaguer blackface eye

Mainstream Journalism Is Dead

x musk glenn greenwald corporate journalists losing minds

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02-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

everyone jury duty covid 19 test pencil
cats dont even let statues read in peace
dna results back assorted crackers
stop go snow sign
big pharma military industrial complex biden no conflict interest
aliens sigorney weaver facemask
new world order shark society selfie
sheep very informed watch television tell lie vision
neil young fans trying delete spotify phone
us bobsled team biden no one america downhill faster

Quote of the Day

quote dont want black history month end racism stop talking about it morgan freeman

Message of the Day

message just stuff meaningful experiences

Lesson of the Day

rogan vs legacy media cnn why they want him gone

Leftists will ALWAYS err on the side of taking away fundamental liberties. Force, censorship, and character assassination are all they know.

barack michelle obama might leave spotify joe rogan hero

Notice how suddenly out of the blue they’re finding dirt on Rogan such as his past use of racial slurs. None of this came out when Rogan was pushing for government-run health care or when he endorsed Bernie Sanders for president. But now he’s going against the Ruling Class narrative, so he must be destroyed.

20 Ways to Destroy a Person

Math is Misinformation

I remember when studying chemistry in school that math seemed to be part of every lesson, and many students struggle with it largely because the numbers are so incredibly small or large. For example, a frequently-used number is the mole, which is 602000000000000000000000. The numbers require the use of scientific notation; e.g. the mole is 6.02 X 1023. It’s difficult for the human mind to grasp such impractical numbers, which contributes to the struggle. Atoms and molecules are largely measured in 1/602000000000000000000000.

We’re seeing the same kind of math struggle nowadays in Covid. For example, the chances of any randomly chosen kid under the age of 18 of not only contracting Omicron, but also dying of it, are so outrageously small that you can’t get most calculators to display the percentages without one of those annoying E- numbers used for scientific notation. That’s why it’s so monumentally stupid to continue to force mask kids, even if they actually stopped the spread or didn’t have a long list of negative effects. Science is math! You can’t separate the two. The math alone completely negates the scientific justification for the CDC continuing their asinine guidelines. The chances of a kid dying in a car accident or from getting struck by lightning are higher than dying from Omicron. Do CDC guidelines say children shouldn’t ride in cars or go outside during a storm?

Blue-state politicians, the media, and teachers unions still go along with it because either they haven’t seen the stats (thank you CNN & MSNBC for that), or like the mole in chemistry, the numbers are too difficult to comprehend. Or worst of all, they know & understand the numbers, but are too cowardly to speak their minds for fear of getting attacked by the cancel culture crowd and Big Tech Thought Police.

I’ve stated many times, the CDC and Branch Covidian leaders simply will NOT admit they’re wrong. They simply can’t let it get out that the last two years of bullshit they’ve put the world through have done nothing and likely made Covid worse. So the tyranny continues. It will only end when enough people stand up to them so there is so much pressure they have to relent. It’s already starting to work as even some blue-state governors are easing a few restrictions, largely because they can read the tea leaves of the election bloodbath that awaits them in November if they don’t. But it’s not enough, as brainwashed school boards cannot let go of their mandates due to EGO and CONTROL. Do not let up on them! Politeness has been tried for two years. Fascists will never give up their power without a fight.

New Ad Highlights How Democrats and Teachers Unions are ‘Putting Kids Last’

Students from Coast to Coast Stage Multiple Protests to Let the Tyrants Know they are Done with Masks

Psaki Doubles Down on Masking Kids

Newsome Ending California Mask Mandate, Except for Unvaccinated and School Kids

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet brennan reid williams kristol nbc misinformation
tweet call for rogan censorship lies trillion dollar wars printing
tweet biden cancer explode rates harassed chemo only works if you do it too
tweet sowell journalists news pet political notions not inform

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01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

electric bill alexa parakeet tv music lights
intellectual classical music bugs bunny
shoutout remember childhood phone number cant remember yesterdays password
unvacced daily still here btches
just do whatever they say have freedom what terrorists say
swanson family mental illness history trusts fauci
babylon bee m&m indentifies as skittle transgender
neil young so woke cancel yourself
joe biden cnn ask easy question never calls me son of btch no one remember you
singers in 1960s go to jail die free speech now neil young ufc man ban

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet walsh permits patio none infected lab monkeys spill virus
tweet marvel movies after endgame carry on 2022
tweet everyone under 30 neil young spotify

Quote of the Day

quotes trump supports dont wear khakis wave dixie flags january 6th bs

Thought Crime Report

YouTube Permanently Bans Dan Bongino

tweet old enough censorship evil now go to surgeon general rogan

Government “Scientists” in a nutshell: “We will establish ‘settled science’ narratives each week, then direct our fascist co-conspirators to use Soviet-style techniques to silence anyone who doesn’t go along with it.”

npc surgeon general thrown off show go on rogan show to debate
tweet dangerous stage tyranny fraud exposed cornered rat

Top Doctor Calls for Reinstatement of People Fired Over Vaccine Mandates

Only You Can Stop It

oregon school 2nd grade kids all masks picture

Unless you want the rest of your kids’ academic career to look like this, you have to keep up the pressure on school boards. It doesn’t have to be angry or violent, just constant speeches, protests, resistance, and mass refusal to go along with their fascist rules. If half the kids in school don’t show up with masks, do you think they’re going to suspend all of them? They can try, but eventually they’ll realize the futility of their forever-masking attempts. Organize refusal-to-obey days with fellow parents. Email and talk to teachers directly. Calmly express your views, citing the long list of negatives of perpetually masking the lowest-risk Covid demographic. If school boards are getting enough pressure from both parents and teachers, they’ll eventually either relent or resign. Don’t fall for artificial time deadlines, which as has been done the past two years, will just be extended for the next “emergency”–indefinitely. They’re already talking about new strains after omicron…all part of the plan. F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Remember, the more people see they’re not alone, the more they themselves will be willing to speak up. Also remember you’re teaching your kids one of the most valuable lessons they could ever learn -> that you should stand up for what you believe, even when the rest of the crowd is too afraid. It’s a far more important life lesson than the day of quadratic equations and “why America sucks” history lessons they may be missing if suspended.

Mom Sticks Up to Virginia’s Largest School District on Mask Mandates
Covid-19 Facemasks Meme Gallery

learn in state indoctrination camp segregation men have babies

Message of the Day

message conspiracy theorist endless hours research critical thinking people watch tv say crazy

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