06-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

facetime connects pig faces
grogu fbi mostly guys women find stuff out
face mortgage 950 rent instead
counterculture punk 1980 2023 family
office government money for budget stole it
heman binary categories until next time
someone broke into home have gun impossible banned 911
tips become better conversationalist what the hell is wrong with you
black people guns liberal npc conservatives come back and be racist
biden irs agents with ar 15s citizens
need uterus to have opinion about womens health not to compete in sports
biden not just gun grabber boobs

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet leftists project their racism on us lgbtq jewish
tweet go to therapy deal with people shoukd be in
tweet high school gym teacher precalc chem physics smartest

“Fact” Checkers

It’s been 4+ years since Facebook and other social media were taken over by “nonpartisan” “fact” checkers, yet I’ve yet to see ONE SINGLE POST from a Democrat politician, liberal talking point, or leftwing meme. I thought they’d at least throw a few token fact checks on Democrats to at least argue their supposed nonpartisan independence, but if there are any such tokens, I still haven’t seen one. This despite the fact that Joe Biden tells whopping, easily-disproven lies in virtually every speech — some intentional and some the result of his dementia. For example, when he throws out fake economic numbers that can be contradicted with three seconds of research, wouldn’t that be a good time to fact check? After all, we don’t want “misinformation” to spread, right? But Big Tech, like mainstream media, doesn’t even try to hide their biases.

Any person with a hint of critical thinking ability knows these so-called fact checkers are nothing more than Democrat operatives trying to blunt truth that hurts their party or inject their talking points wherever possible. There is so much fake info on the web that the idea of having fact checkers sounds noble, but it should be limited to the obvious, indisputable, easily proven truths. For example, if a post claims Abraham Lincoln served in the U.S. Navy, that is obviously a fake, easily-disproven statement. Opinion should NEVER be fact-checked, even if it comes from so-called experts. This is especially true for anthing related to science or medicine. We’ve seen throughout history, most notably during Covid, that majority opinion is often dead wrong. In addition, try to find a single medical/science topic that gets 100 percent consensus, which is why the scientific method is a circle that never ends. During Covid, fact checkers & censors regularly enforced talking points as indisputable when they barely made it to the first circle of the first iteration of the scientific method.

And don’t even get me started on another favorite way of injecting DNC talking points — “Missing Context.” Give me a break! A “missing context” label could be put on 99 percent of mainstream media stories on anything Trump-related the past 8 years, where so-called journalists regularly use anonymous sources, clip quotes out of context, apply double-standard reporting, and almost never cover the other side. As for Democratic politicians, even when they take a break from outright lies to only tell distortions of the truth, again, have you ever seen ONE SINGLE POST EVER with a “missing context” label? For example, Obama and Biden love to brag they brought down government spending in their first year in office. However, each took office just after massive one-time emergency spending packages were pushed through — Obama, the Bush TARP bank bailout, and Biden, the Covid relief packages. The regular annual budgets of both increased by astronomical amounts, and neither had a single year where budgets decreased spending. So, when claims are made of decreasing spending in the first year, wouldn’t this be the ideal time to add a “missing context” disclaimer? Luckily, most rational, thinking people now know so-called fact checkers are all part of the same Ruling Class machine.

facebook fact checking isnt working dr evil label them extremist
watching news another theories comes true facebook jail 3 months ago for this
quote musk twitter 80 percent staff layoff glorified activist organization

Quote of the Day

quote george washington guard against impostures patriotism

Message of the Day

message two things make day better dont watch news bathroom scale

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06-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

tom jerry newsfeed me supporting everyones awakening memes
woman show me what can do with hands deer shadow puppet
should be ashamed of my behavior not should be
when people pass new laws expect criminals to obey them
judges constitution what mean by shall not be infringed
jason friday 13th sorry sir red flag find where do you keep chain saws
joe biden headphones ignoring american people listening radical left
genesius times man accidentally left 300000 guns taliban gives lecture on gun control
heaven devil identify as angel
fidel castro what doesnt government disarmed citizens do whatever it wants
weekend at bernies january 6th media committee

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet two people looking at phones ran into each
tweet no one said hardest motherhood protecting kids from government
tweet fast food family four

Quote of the Day

quote jefferson beauty 2nd amendment wont be needed until try take it

Message of the Day

message promo code dont give fck reduce 99 percent problems

“Fact” Checkers Become a Bigger Joke Everyday

gas pump prices missing context facebook fact checkers

The latest Thought Police campaign is to add “Missing Context” or “False Information” flags on any posts that mention the price of gas while Trump was in office. As usual, the “Missing Context” ones don’t actually dispute any facts, they just read off Democrat talking points, this time explaining how prices increases are caused by Putin, Covid shocks, and greedy oil companies. The “False Information” ones usually quibble over a few cents, such as the small difference in price between 2020 Election Day and Inauguration Day when Biden took office. All these “fact” checks do is destroy their own credibility. Do they think people can’t remember how much they paid for a tank of gas only a year or two ago?

question office dwight who pays the fact checkers
babylon bee biden plan raise gas prices until counter spins to zero

Another One Bites the Dust

daily mail advisor epstein hanging from tree

Clinton Advisor Who Admitted Epstein to White House Found Shot, Hanging from Tree

Speaking of fact checkers & censorship, one thing that will get you flagged or suspended on social media is to bring up anything to do with the countless suspicious deaths of Clinton associates or Jeffrey Epstein persons of interest. The story above only happened a few days ago, so you can bet the Thought Police are scouring timelines of known trouble makers for anything related they can use as censorship justification. In the previous suspicious Epstein-related death earlier this year, I was personally give 60 days Facebook jail for a 2-year-old meme of Hillary calling the suicide hotline on the same day the story came out.

tweet elon musk maxwell client list unicorn dinosaur media
tweet why epstein flight logs heavily redacted
facebook censorship protecting you from reality cover eyes

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03-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

school paper pages real world explain in 7 seconds
customer always right not on my shift
marked safe from whatever media wants me to be afraid of today
me every day since 2019 for fucks sake
monkey stupidity contagious and in middle of pandemic
more troops dc than iraq afghistan more enemies
cuomo worst performance emmy by sexual predator national pandemic
markle royal flush want privacy so talking to oprah
trump children cages joe biden daycare development center
babylon bee secret service agent dives reporter asking biden question

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet math prof forest ranger trash bins smartest bear dumbest tourist
tweet scott adams things cnn believes but not q fine people drinking bleach russian collusion

Lesson of the Day

lessons 6 nations in world 1 party rule all communist hr1

Quote of the Day

quote 2020 election safest 800 page hr1 bill lauren boebert

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson white shaming is literally racism

Random Thoughts of the Day

Those of you reading this who are over 30, think back to the time when you got out of high school or college. Did you ever say or do anything stupid you regret? Did you have different values? Do you ever look back at your former self and just shake your head at the thoughts you had or the mistakes you made? Have your beliefs and values changed since then? Now imagine putting inexperienced 20-somethings in charge of the world. They’re allowed to decide what the rest of the world is allowed to see and read. They can make any voices, concepts, opinions, or facts simply disappear. They can manipulate information in a way that gets their favored politicians put in charge.

Unfortunately, that world exists, and we now live in it. Young tech experts living on the Left Coast have near total control over internet search engines, apps, social media…among other things. We’re talking about far-left, inexperienced young adults who may be great at math & technology, but who are serious lacking knowledge of history, psychology, business, economics, parenthood, biology, and so many other knowledge areas. This is precisely why ANY kind of censorship is dangerous to freedom–regardless of the reason given for the censorship (hate speech, misinformation, etc.)–you’re subject to the biases and weaknesses of who decides what information does or does not qualify. Leftists who favor all this censorship of Trump, Parler, Dr. Seuss, election interference, etc., how would you feel if Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, and Ben Shapiro were in charge of determining what information you could and couldn’t see?

Censorship not only removes endless mountains of information and perspectives, it undermines the creditability of any information that makes it through to the public.

cant believe fact checked manbuns skinny jeans dont know who bombed pearl harbor
message has to be doctor not that one epidemiologist expert science narrative is old
communism college students bread gulag history executions
social media fact checker to be healthy masks no sunlight
tweet admiral ackbar its a trap fact check empire plans to care for whole galaxy
message fact checkers didnt exist until truth started to get out

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