09-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

100 percent vegan ice cream ice
dogs bed part chihuahua
55 mph trucks blocking both lanes
hunter joe biden sleeping cash ready for trump trial tv
oppose censorship non consent medical procedure far right
leaders sanctuary cities complain too many immigrants
teacher no flags in school blm pride democrats republicans bad
wont be participating in covid games 2023 2024
kamala harris slept with brazilian aoc how many
flashback couldnt eat inside restaurant outside bubble
cartoon jessica rabbit red dress disney netlix adaptation
laws create ciminals without victims revenue generators
jaiden please setop talking liberty freedom rights dont think i will

Social Media Posts of the Day

x dog sighs a lot doesnt contribute know government
x marriage tip wife gained weight vacation didnt lose oxygen tank
x bad at math until mozzarella sticks table order

Message of the Day

message no point history forcing compliance good team

Be Skeptical of Everything You See & Read

I seem to be seeing a growing number of internet attacks on Trump primary opponents, many of which are based on the most ridiculous fake shit I’ve seen in a while. It should be obvious that the Ruling Class wants an internal war within the Conservative/Libertarian ranks, regardless of whether Trump runs away with the nomination votes or not. While attacks on Deep State Establishment stalwarts like Christie, Pence, and Haley are more than justified, I roll my eyes at some of them directed at others like Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. They both have their blemishes and unknowns, but do a little research before you believe or share some of the attack posts. While DeSantis has ran a horrendously bad primary campaign and likely doomed his nomination chances by downplaying the 2020 election cheating, let’s remember that Covid fascism would still be steaming along if not for governors like him. And do you think an Establishment clone like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Mike Pence, or Nikki Haley would have the guts to stand up to the politically correct snowflakes in Florida the way he has? I’m not endorsing him, Vivek, Trump, or anyone else at this stage. I’m just saying to keep an open mind and save your wrath for the Communist Left, where it belongs.

Remember, Trump will likely be convicted of whatever fake charges they can stick on him in their upcoming show trials. I’m guessing this will affect his eligibility to even be on the 2024 ballots. If/when that happens, the best way to ensure they get away with their Stalinist tactics is to make sure whoever takes Trump’s place is so weakened that their senile puppet stays in power.

biden virus 2024 make america scared again
democrats bomb trump indictments gag order throw lawyer in jail authoritarian
dont believe everything you read on the internet ben franklin lincoln 1974

Quote of the Day

quote colby ex cia director owns everyone of any significance major media

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08-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Everyone knows there a ton of fake new stories that get passed around the Internet. Most of them are designed to smear or perpetuate myths about political opponents. However, be aware of a common leftist tactic to plant fake stories to create false equivalencies and destroy the credibility of true stories. For example, the long history of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clinton’s is well-known and documented. But littered through these stories are a few fake, easily-disproven death rumors. So, when someone mention the Clinton associate death history, Democrats only need point out a few of the fake stories, which destroys the credibility of the whole storyline. Also, a ton of obviously fake stories have been planted about mysterious deaths surrounding Donald Trump. So, when prominent Democratic donor & Clinton friend, Jeffrey Epstein, dies in perhaps the most obvious fake suicide in American history, Twitter had both trending #ClintonBodyCount and #TrumpBodyCount tweets. The neutral observer hears about both and concludes all are fake news conspiracy theories. Anyone paying attention knows Epstein was an uber-liberal connected to many powerful Democrats, with Bill Clinton visiting his “Lolita Island” 26 times. The Clinton’s, above anyone else, have the history and motive to have him killed. Yet, the media largely have ignored these connections and instead played up a couple harmless 20-30 year old pictures and Trump quotes with Epstein. It is hilarious to watch the media express outrage at the “conspiracy theories” about Epstein’s murder backed by “no evidence” after 3 years of Trump-Russia stories received 24-7 coverage despite any evidence. Always trust your common sense over anything you hear in today’s American media.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking before died jeffrey epstein two men this is maga country
david hogg so there i was watching epstein commit suicide without help from clintsons
hillary clinton murder suicide at this point what difference does it make
epstein suicide watch biden hillary obama general
remember still more likely to be shot in liberal paradises of baltimore chicago than mass shooting
deplorable i dont hear racist talk day to day need special dog whistle headphones
democrat debate tactics treat people as individuals responsible for own actions no blame entire group skin color yes
we have red flag warrant to take your guns its the law fuck off colonists to britain
blaming others takes time energy from improving self democrats trump put thi up
putin why attack america you already have democrats for that
bill hillary clinton suicide squad

The Party of Hate

democrats whos really inciting hatred violence division

Quotes of the Day

quote that mainstream media can say epstein suicide with straight face shows how far gone

quote danny carlton doesnt matter if you claim you oppose hate if youre rude vindicative towards people u disgree with youre hatemonger

Tweets of the Day

tweet i am human species earths most dominant wasp fuck off ok
tweets women refs throw flag something happened weeks ago you know what you did

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10-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Critical Thinking Doesn’t Make You a Conspiracy Theorist

So out of thousands of Trump rallies and millions of attendees spread over three years, Michael Moore just happens to stumble upon a photo of fake Dem bomber Cesar Sayoc. What an amazing photographic memory Moore must have to see Sayoc’s face and immediately be able to place him from a rally a year and a half prior. So just by coincidence, two weeks before an election, 14 “bombs” are simultaneously sent to Trump’s biggest liberal critics, none of which go off; they don’t contain postmarks, most appearing to be hand-delivered; and the FBI finds a fanatical Trump supporter in a few days, complete with a van of Trump-supporting stickers and a video of Sayoc to run 24/7 on repeat at CNN and MSNBC?


To quote Lee Harvey Oswald, “I’m just a patsy!”

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Quote of the Day


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