12-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mom tattoos expensive permanent get wife and kids.jpg
concert fireworks video you recorded nobody cares

new york times think twice sharing email address
science collecting objective evidence questioning conformity political climate denier burned stake
republican voters when get limited government neat part you dont
aoc cortez face of dial up modem sound
doj fbi jack smith ever liked reposted trump tweet d souza police state
no peace fighting rages middle east hall and oates headline
headline authorities dont understand vile diseases erupting gates
hangover us government 50 percent paycheck foreign intervention cia congress lockheed
radical islam trojan horse not disguised west welcoming
biden america gavin newsom looking better california plane crashing

Social Media Posts of the Day

x smoking weed coy mysterious trying not to sag pashed matatoes
x shellenberger inform subcommittee scope power lawbreaking censorship complex
x reason gop cant be bothered impeach biden scheming defeat trump

Quote of the Day

quote milei didnt come here to guide sheep awaken lions

Remember This Crisis? 😱

trump fast food buffett white house college championship

Do you remember back in the pre-plandemic days when we had record stock market prices, inflation & interest rates near zero percent, lowest unemployment in 50+ years, and no wars?…Back when the biggest thing the Left could throw a hissy fit over was the buffet of fast food served at the White House to the college football champions?….Back when the “misinformation” Big Tech fact checkers had to protect us from was, “No, Trump lied! The burgers weren’t really piled a mile high?!!!!” I, for one, am soooooooo glad the Ruling Class selected Joe Biden to fix all these problems for us. 👍

leftist trump unbearable rainbow biden fire this is fine
joe biden accomplishments free guy border hamas meth hunter recession gas inflation

Message of the Day

message lendayao love what have now life teaches you love what you lost

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