12-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forgot lead singer acdc in christmas story
cat got you something birthday ran off
mary exhausted jesus baby need drum solo
joe biden christmas inflation gas cars food energy
products least offensive name syrup fck whitey
aoc organized theft isnt happening smash grab

Big Surprise 🙄

Twitter suspends Ghislaine Maxwell trial tracker account

message how truth told facebook blocks twitter deletes google hides youtube bans media censor government bans
zuckerberg dorsey facebook twitter can deny anyone in operations manual 1984 orwell

Variants and Resistance

I’m guessing most of you have heard of antibiotic resistance. This is a major problem in modern medicine where microbes develop an ability to survive against an antibiotic that at one time killed them. It often develops from people taking antibiotics when they don’t need it or not completing their full prescriptions, causing the microbes to adapt and survive. As Jeff Goldblum famously said, “Life finds a way.” Fast forward to today. Do you remember all the Covid vaccine success percentages thrown out by the pharma companies when they were first seeking approval…91, 95, 98% effective? Yet, here we are, cases don’t seem to be dropping in the highest-vaccinated areas of the world, even among the populations that are psychotic about their masking and social distancing. And all these new variants are suddenly appearing, none of which were detected anywhere during the first year of Covid, after the vaccines hit the market. Could the same thing be happening with Covid as with antibiotic resistance; in other words, is life finding a way to adapt and survive?

I don’t know the answer to this question, and neither do the so-called scientists in charge of the CDC and WHO that are pushing vaccines & masks as the ONLY solution to Covid. They have zero controlled studies to prove the unvaccinated are creating variants. How can they possibly when these just happened? They don’t have a f-ing clue–it’s all guesswork. That is, if you believe all these variants really exist, since I don’t trust anything coming from government-run science authorities.

In any case, this is why it’s so important to have free & open discussion between real scientists. Solutions will never be found as long as the majority of highly-trained scientists are either too afraid to speak freely or have their voices entirely erased from existence by Big Tech. It’s also why the most infuriating line of the year is Fauci’s arrogant “I represent science” quote. I can’t think of any recent spoken words that have made me want to punch someone so intensely…closely followed by Mark Zuckerberg & Jack Dorsey’s claims in Congress they NEVER censor conservative speech.

Putting aside research and whatever scientific opinions we’re allowed to hear on vaccines, masks, and other Covid measures, use your eyes! Blue states follow CDC requirements to a cultish degree. Is it working? Red states have increasingly been ignoring government authorities. For people who live in these areas, have you noticed life much different that pre-Covid times? How much longer are we going to be gaslit by the media into ignoring the obvious evidence they can’t hide from us?

sheep quiet dr fauci is speaking
pelosi deblasio newsom whitmer hypocrisy masks shut up peasants
dont confuse google search with medical degree credential moral authority

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet trust science coercion cherry picking data propaganda
tweet whats everyones plan for junior year pandemic

Quote of the Day

quote reagen if we lose freedom here this is no place to escape this is the last stand on earth

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson only reason americans mandatory covid camp 2nd amendment

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