06-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when drunk text you what i meant just as confused
cat chair kneel before your king tiny human
poster animal adoption puppe dog phases development dinosaur
spend time online serving others planting seeds of awareness honest work
corporations own government need to be regulated by government
media hunter biden gun crimes elephant ukraine crimes ignored
reflecting man pre covid learning most people mindlessly obey illogical unethical orders
uncle joe bidens executive order bandaids democrats sneaking in immigrants
defund police no entire fcking government yes
bitcoin construction help transaction irs how tax
2024 archie bunker president stifle yourself meathead
accolyte audience critics media out if touch rotten tomatoes
mario arrested skid marks rainbow

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x texas institute of technology merchandise
x cant believe enjoyed playing house when younger
x ai computer scientists virtual dumbass constantly wrong ceos add to every product
x no one remember job title salary memes taxation theft
message cult of victimhood released from accountability oppressor
message someone keep eye bill gates while distracted

President Select Biden Regularly Shows Who He Considers His Biggest Enemy

x massie biden 15 days slow spread f-15 biden
skeletor 4th time biden threatened fighter jets on us citizens

America’s KGB and Stasi

Link: https://x.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1800332119517917585

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07-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

prayers needed baby yoda lotto quit job
ikea guillotine assembled wrong
12th ubereats order week obese ticket
kermit dont judge facebook posts in person no community standards
free internet healthcare housing taxpayers hole government
big government bidenomics running over snail pace economy
liberal npc gun control europe french protesters machine guns
dog dressed as chicken liberals conservative
guy with 30 fake bot accounts support biden
meet energy expert earned 20 million dad vp crack
zuckerberg no free speech twitter free data threads
ben jerrys wacko woke nut bud light
fbi id protest facial recognition coke whitehouse cameras
babylon bee russia ukraine soliders arrive nuclear plant blow up blame each other

Engineered from the Start

cnn year in review coup attempt trump before speaking

As with the CNN-filmed Roger Stone FBI raid, the media knew what was going down from the start and performed their roles like Oscar-worthy actors in a modern-day 1984 adaptation. It was all designed not only to take out Trump but to provide cover for a coordinated mass censorship campaign of anyone asking questions about a stolen election.

believe most heavily armed citizens unarmed insurrection
same people say epstein killed himself when cameras failed joe biden 80 million votes dont need audit
this is what 81 million votes joe biden looks like covering vote count

The Magic of Bidenomics

comparison 2021 interest rates 2023 toal paid mortgage loan
mortgage comparison interest rates payment

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet biden admin appealing big tech censor court decision
tweet another staged greta thunberg arrest
tweet 80 year old indiana jones inspiration working 80s
tweet lone mermaid red meat surf n turf

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Quote of the Day

quote isaac newton tact art of making point without making enemy

Message of the Day

message no long democrat vs republican control vs freedom

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08-09 PIC Daily (Bonus)

trump raid fbi third world banana republic

GOP Slams Weaponization of DOJ After FBI Raids Mar-a-Lago Trump’s

Democrats know they can no longer win fair elections, and they’re increasingly being called out and thwarted in their usual cheating antics, so their only resort is to tear down as much of American democracy as they can by November while weaponizing every federal agency to take down their most dangerous political opponents. Regardless of what you think of Trump, the actions of the Biden DOJ the past 18 months sets a precedent where the party in power goes after the other, regardless of the evidence or the real priorities of Americans. Quite possibly the most tragically comedic statements of the past two years were the ones that Biden would “bring the nation together and heal the divisions caused by Trump.” Hmmmm….after the January 6th show trials and this latest raid, I’m sure American citizens will soon all be holding hands and singing Kumbaya! 👍

tweet mccarthy attorney general garland politicization department of justice
once upon time fbi created fight organized crime than became it the end
fbi when democrat involved bart simpson sunglasses cane
fbi waterboarding parents terrorist organization pta
question how long lets go brandom terrorist hate speech investigation by fbi
tweet price fbi allowed nassar epstein weinstein rape girls years raid home veritas over diary
no confidence vote check all apply doj fbi fda cdc msm media

The Washington Establishment Fears A Second Term Trump – John Dempsey