01-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

boss work late antonio brown
chocolate roses tampax apology
2022 homer get ready something stupid
kids growing up no phones internet popsicle go outside lights came on
cat dog peaceful transition of power
republicans democrats joe biden first year disaster
aoc florida dangerous covid response too sexy for mask
tired of pandemic biden day 660 of 15 days to flatten curve
bus teachers unions stopping school bus
soylent green 2022 current events
kermit 2017 assassination plan attention if parties switched
viking just want to date aoc

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet didnt realize 2020 would be trilogy
tweet unvaccinated not free to enter society why pay taxes
tweet joe biden have plan end pandemic graph

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’ve sure you’ve noticed how many diets are out there nowadays–Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Zone, Weight Watchers, South Beach, and on and on. I’m sure you’ve also noticed how eating recommendations are constantly changing and evolving. But after thousands of years of research and experience, shouldn’t scientists universally agree on a diet plan? Some of you may remember the old FDA food pyramid (pictured below). This was pushed on us for decades as the gold standard for a healthy lifestyle. Notice the bottom box comprising what was recommended as the bulk of our diet — bread, pasta, rice, muffins, bagels, cereal. Modern nutritionists don’t always agree, but they would now almost universally condemn this as the WORST food group to put as the foundation of your diet.

Now imagine the Big Tech Thought Police existed when this food pyramid first came out. Would we have learned about all these new diets? Would we ever learn that simple carbs cause an abundance of weight and health problems? Would the doctors & dietitians be censored, deplatformed, and ridiculed if they challenged the government recommendations? Would individual users who posted stories of weight & medical issues after strict adherence to the guidelines have a “Fact Check” or “Diet Resource Center” box added the their posts? Would scientists who advocated for alternative diets be demonized as anti-pyramiders or carb-deniers? Would experts who discussed companies using unhealthy GMOs and trans fats be labeled conspiracy theorists?

True science is about constantly questioning, researching, testing, and challenging the current orthodoxy. No science is ever “settled.” Nearly every great scientific discovery in history has been made because brave, persistent souls went against the accepted body of knowledge. Having Big Tech censors stifle all critical thinking and having a tunnel-vision media that refuses to explore other sides of a story are a recipe for scientific regression. Covid-19 is still raging after two years because millions of brilliant minds have been stifled. This environment of demonization, censorship, and cancel culture is a sure way to NEVER solve not only Covid, but any tough problems we face in the future, scientific or otherwise.

old fda food pyramid
covid vaccine mandates ruling class gun head science
message dont call science if not allowed to question belief cult religion
tweet jason bassler things conspiracy theorists right about so far
lisa simpson fauci malone dr debate only one up for it

Big Surprise: Big Tech Employees Flood Dems with Donations as They Censor Conservatives

Quote of the Day

quote malone first history medicine blamed on those who havent taken it

Message of the Day

message nurse years medical training fired going to follow that medical advice

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