05-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

schroeder lucy peanuts dog piano
robot vacuum womans hair caught begins terminator skynet
joe biden teleprompter low battery warning
pee wee dont know black in america white millenial knows
joe biden spending not feasible take more than one unicorn
babylon bee joe biden with enough vaccinations authorize use of sparklers 4th july

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet therapist emily murnane therapist anxiety neighbors
tweet shoes are on wrong feet 4 year old
tweet alicia bill gates divorce queen england single
tweet emerald robinson democrats signature verification newsome not arizona audit

Quote of the Day

quote vince vaughn support gun rights resist corrupt abusive government

No One Wants to Examine the Most Obvious Data on Mask Effectiveness

science its been 400 days still wearing masks if work

Random Thought of the Day

If the U.S. Military was ordered to enforce Marshall Law on the nation, it’d be hard pressed to achieve the same level of control the CDC currently holds over the nation. Think about it. The CDC, an organization which doesn’t appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution or any of the state constitutions, effectively has control over the country. Schools, stores, government buildings, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, sports leagues, medical facilities, concerts, health clubs, and on and on–all must follow CDC “guidelines.” Politicians and labor unions use the CDC as political cover. Businesses and other private organizations fear getting sued or shut down if they don’t follow the CDC fascist dictates. Whatever the enforcement weapon of choice, whether it’s a gun or fear, if you comply with orders, you’re being controlled. The past year+ we have sacrificed our freedoms voluntarily where the end result is no different as if troops had marched through the country and enforced dictatorial rules at the end of guns.

official symbol 2021 linus security blanket facemask
dr fauci your orders do opposite what i said yesterday

Message of the Day

message democrats will never support individual liberty ever

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