01-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

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shopping before it snows ramen noodles jack daniels
sponge bob make a joke psychologist writing it down
sirianni philadelphia tampa fan sign eats plant based cheesesteak
biden 2024 doj fbi big tech ms media big guy racism ukraine
gun american roulette wars debt borders two tiered justice
wizard of us all knowing academia left wing ideology
hillary clinton ratting me out bill offing me bed

dont need brain anymore woke now
covid general fauci nose growing 6 foot rule

Message of the Day

quote seneca two types men achieve criticize afterwards

Social Media Posts of the Day

x bill belicheck interview atlanta falcons overcame long odds
x hangover sponsored by three kids
x nikki haley celebrating 3rd place finish iowa

Big Brother Has Decreed You Must Not Hear Trump & Vivek

x rachel maddow censoring trump victory speech
x trump cnn msnbc victory speech censoring

This is no different than censorship of Covid, global warming, “far right” political/media organizations, and so much more. You’re NOT ALLOWED to hear alternative viewpoints. This is why no matter what happens 40 percent of the country remains brainwashed. They live in a carefully-constructed reality. If you see any tidbits from alternative voices like Vivek and Trump, they will always be clipped out of context and heavily distorted so they can be discredited, attacked, and ridiculed.
rachel maddow msnbc does matter what trump says what we tell you he meant

The Magic of Compound Interest

headline cnbc deficit yellen biden quarter

If you ever take a finance/investment class, one of things they drill into you is the magic of compound interest. This is the idea that money grows geometrically since you not only earn interest on the intial amount but also on the interest itself. For example, if you have $1000 to start and earn 10%, you end the year with $1100. In year 2, however, you earn 10% on the original $1000 plus 10% on the $100 you made last year. Thus, you make $110 total to compound to $1210. In year 3, you earn $121 in interest, and so on. At the end of 30 years, you’d have $17,449. That’s $16,449 you’ve earned compounded onto your original $1000.

If you add in an additional $1000 savings at the end of each year, your ending amount grows to $181,943! That’s the magic of compound interest. Of course, the annual interest rate makes a big difference. If you only earn 5 percent, instead of $17,449 and $181,943, you’d only have $4,322 and $70,761, respectively, but the same principle holds–the numbers can grow staggeringly large over time. Expanding this example, $1000 initially + $1000 per year at 10% would grow to $1.28 million in 50 years and $14 million over 75 years. Keep in mind, this is only from adding $1000 per year. See the magic?

What is not emphasized enough is that this compounding works the same for debt. If you never pay off the principle, you not only have to pay interest on the original debt but also interest on the additional interest. This snowballs even more when your taking on additional debt outside of the interest due. See any connection to our government? America already is spending over 13% of all expenses on interest alone–more than Medicare and almost as much as defense. Interest costs will easily surpass everything else in a few years. As mentioned in the examples above, interest rate makes a big difference. Consider that Trump refinanced much of the debt when government securities were paying less than 1%. Once those expire, they’ll have to be refinanced at much higher current rates. Check out this graph showing how annual interest paid has grown in recent years to the $659 billion it is now. Notice the slight dip with Trump’s refinancing followed by the monsterous slope upwards through the Biden administration. Unsustainable is not a sufficient enough term to describe the path we’re on.

Pick wherever you think the government should redirect spending–education, the border, social security, national defense, health care, tax cuts, etc.–all will have less money available. At a certain point, the only solution feasible is to devalue the currency even more, meaning hyperinflation. It’s not like this is a new thing. We’ve had plenty of examples from history such as Germany’s Weimar Republic, or more current examples like Turkey and Venezuela. I cannot emphasize this enough–government spending is the #1 THREAT to the future of the United States! Nothing else is even close. The Biden Administration hasn’t tried in the least to rein in spending. If the Republican Party can’t stop this trainwreck, there really is no point to their continued existence.

gold bars buy average home 1920 2023
democrats republicans socialists disagree how to spend my money change my mind

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul nation obey experts without question tyranny

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07-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

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wife take dog out not for drinks
me in hell reading memes that got me here
beer bottles how i met your mother
baker mayfield browns stadium commercial deshaun watson
office when someone says true in news look imaginary camera
economy doing great created jobs have 3 of them cant pay rent
where are biden to coherent dictionaries
bart simpson media biden oil china you 25 truckers
hunter biden step momma people like breakfast tacos forrest gump

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 80085 boobs nuclear power plant
tweet never triathalon wife homegoods michaels hobby lobby
tweet sober clarity depression reason

Random Thoughts of the Day

As it becomes increasingly clear the Dems will face a shellacking in November, expect them to shift strategies to making Biden the fall guy. Rather than focus on his disastrous policies, they will look to make it a personal failure of Biden. As 2024 approaches, the media will run more and more stories of his deteriorating mental capacity. He’ll be given the hook for a new Democrat 2024 candidate who will advocate the EXACT same policies Biden has implemented. Sadly, at least 40 percent of the country will undoubtedly fall for it. Thankfully, the remaining 60 percent will be looking for freedom-oriented candidates who will do a 180-degree turn from everything in the Biden Titanic presidency.

There is absolutely no self-awareness or sense of irony in the fact the Fed wants cryptocurrency markets regulated to “stabilize their value.” 🙄

Speaking of irony and lack of self-awareness, Democrats who scream “tyranny” about the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade see absolutely nothing wrong with Biden signing illegal “executive orders” on abortion, Covid, and pretty much every other of his policies that have nowhere near majority support.

I love Trump’s political incorrectness and fighting spirit, but he too often makes unnecessarily divisive & attacking statements that alienate large blocks of voters. A recent example is attacking Elon Musk as a “bullshit artist.” True or not, what does this accomplish?! Musk has over 100 million Twitter followers and fans across the political spectrum. He’s one of the few public figures who’s had the courage to stand up for libertarian ideals recently, likely costing himself a ton of money (e.g. all the liberals who now refuse to buy Tesla’s). Republicans should cruise to an easy win in 2024, but if they nominate Trump, it will be another nail biter. Do you want to trust the Dems’ electoral machinery in another close election?

Every wonder why there’s such a massive pilot shortage in America that is causing cancellations & other problems? Part of it is of course the insanely stupid vax mandates & other Covid policies that drove away many pilots, but it’s also other government rules such as the mandatory retirement age of 65. Republicans have proposed increasing it, but of course, Biden Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, insists that he won’t allow it. This is such a monumentally stupid rule. It’s not like these pilots are flying military dogfights. They mainly have to monitor a lot of sophisticated technology that does most of the work for them. Plus, it’s not that difficult to implement some cognitive & reflex tests to make sure an older pilot is still capable. Why are the Dems so insistent on keeping this pilot shortage in place? You guessed it — climate change! They want as few flights in the air as possible (unless of course you’re talking about one of their private jets). The pilot shortage is intentional just like higher fuel prices are intentional.

Donald Trump’s biggest mistake in office was letting government spending & money printing continue unabated, but a close second was the disastrous staff he relied on at almost every level. His admin was dominated by back-stabbing Deep Staters pursuing a host of alternate agendas including America’s Dr. Mengele, Tony Fauci. To Trump’s credit though, he usually fired the incompetent and treasonous ones once he found out what they were like (e.g. Bolton, Comey, Sessions, Scaramucci, Tillerson, etc.). I’m sure Fauci would have been canned immediately after the 2020 election had Trump won another term. Biden has supercharged Trump’s spending/printing policies and somehow appointed an admin far more treasonous and incompetent. But unlike Trump, have you heard of one single Biden firing, despite the disastrous results? Janet Yellen, Pete Buttigieg, Merrick Garland, Mark Milley, Rochelle Walensky, Tony Fauci, and so on–could their performances be any worse?! Yet, all of them still have their jobs, and very few in the media question it in the least.

general milley sleeping woke rx taliban guns
babylon bee janet yellen economics for dummies
drowning citizens struggling buy gas buttigieg buy electric vehicle
babylon bee indisputable unchanging science changing again fauci walensky
quote joe biden you cant do it by executive order unless youre a dictator
george washington left kids alone new country centuries ruined it

Republicans Need a Message Beyond Biden to Win in November – Derek Hunter

Quote of the Day

quote aesop hang petty thieves appoint great ones to public office

Message of the Day

irony braveheart patriot hunger games cheer pay tribute boot licking politicians

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02-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Though of the Day

Since the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. has spent roughly $10 trillion dollars on military expenses, almost all of which went to fighting foreign wars and defending other countries. It is absolutely ridiculous that Trump could only get $1.375 billion for a wall to help defend the continental United States, which is only 1.375% of that amount, or 0.3% of the projected $4.41 trillion federal spending in 2019. Trump is declaring a national emergency to get the rest of the funds he needs for the wall, but the true national emergency is the corrupt, useless, traitorous Congress that somehow gets worse every year.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

border deal tiny fence
el chapo work furlough building wall
minnesota democrat omar calls to defund homeland security shes a terrorist state farm
every president has declared national emergency since 1976 but none of my business
googles grandfather clock forgets to type the l sponge bob
leftist guide to debating conservatives call them racist sexist misogynist xenophobe repeat
exorcist green new deal barf power of constitution compels you ocasio cortez
women speak twice as many words as men because half to repeat everything modern family
if no evidence of russian trump collusion what evidence used to open investigation
andrew cuomo need subsidies to attract businesses raise taxes to cover
mcmueller nothing burger over 25 million spent russia investigation
jussie smollett nigerian extras on empire damn trump and racism bike fall

Definitely MAGA Racist Trump Supporters

arrests made in jussie smollett attack tmz

Democrat “I Was So Hip” Flashback

I’m guessing Elizabeth Warren was at the same ’80s party drinking a beer while listening to Taylor Swift on her iPhone…

kamala harris smoked week listening to tupac and snoop didnt have any albums

Monopoly Explanation of Socialism

monopoly explanation of socialism

Tweet of the Day

tweet side effect of house democrats insanity rinos feel safer

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