05-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog spotting bench press shaking crying
how feel talk 70s 80s under 30 charles ingles
wife banana splitter kitchen warning
dont talk before coffee never have
dont give uncle sam beggar spend on bombs trillions debt
want to fight climate change be honest communism
people cant govern themselves but believe hundreds millions others
how to fight plagiarism wikipedia deletion
future generations nightmare monster national debt
pie charts percentages of millionaires congress
tv violent extremist cia has given money or weapons
mushroom cloud looks bad but putin not in east ukraine fishermen
normal children prism woke teacher trans kids
biden student loan forgiveness death to america protests votes save democracy
babylon bee mark hamill skywalker death star press conference emperor good job

Flashback Reminder

x health experts close businesses stay indoors except to protest

…unless, of course, you were protesting lockdowns, in which case The Science told us Covid was after your ass! 😱

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x every day something scary wake up participate in society
x welcome to 40s hangovers from food now
x think country saved not by electing right person realizing government so powerful
x joe biden bring people together both sides fjb
x climate change jets bugs finest meat lockdowns parties
message mcdonalds can get real food for what we charge now
message cant tax your way to prosperity bomb security ban liberty

Nothing Motivates the Left More Than Challenges to Their Power

Link: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1785791311271874921

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03-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

deserve award sarcastic comments kept to myself
work random drug testing wont try crack
milli vanilli kids today before autotune career over couldnt sing
office gen z communists people who lived in cuba eyeroll
european central bank printing money cause inflation climate change
fence sidewalk how statists imagine criminals react to gun laws fetal
mother daughter need for party feathers war paint unjust taxation
trump hated eposing truth musk letting truth told
average health expert bill gates science denier rfk jr
liberal crying biden riley murderer illegal
biden sotu proposing more government solve problems it caused
operation get trump snake fani corruption

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x purpose homework teach unpaid overtime cant escape work
x airplane oxygen mask before your own coffee kids
x rand paul history countries avoided lockdowns fared better sweden
x biden 7.3 trillion budget per taxpayer
quote browne free market punishes government rewards it
message problem with society women dudes like this get pregnant

“Hate Speech” “Misinformation” “Conspiracy Theory” “Disinformation”…

trudeau canadian terminology trucker freedom actual natzi
quote esg is hate factory communist enemies
tiktok ban protect privacy trojan horse mass surveillance
real reason free speech no one trust to make decision which
zuck fb stop cant post watch me pasty prck

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02-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my plans valentines day spraying water couple
cats dinner wine rest in box meal
blues brothers friends posts wef nwo oligarchy mission from god
old black woman calls u honey aussie british blue haired barista toxic
babylon bee 4d chess trump forces judge immunity speaks gibberish shakes hands air
americans think government nations top problem true office biden daily mail
amazon covid books free speech police biden admin car
joe biden stamp of approval usa fentanyl crime human trafficking
whitmer story cruella book auther covid fight arrest restaurant barbers
anakin padme netflix autofilled movie looking for dont have
evolution of trash can disney plus
babylon bee white house nuclear codes mexico egypt security codes
justin trudeau tyrant covid powers canada courts

So Much for That Narrative

CNBC still runs daily hit pieces on Musk and discusses the imminent doom of Twitter/X as if it’s a foregone conclusion.

twitter number 1 app app store over facebok instagram

If Only the Founders Had Put Something in the Constitution to Stop This Kind of Thing? 🤔

headline wsj facebook demoted tucker video demand biden white house

This should surprise no one, and it perfectly illustrates why Musk’s platform is growing so much. Elon Musk is one of the dwindling few who doesn’t bow to the usual control techniques–advertising blackmail, media hit-piece campaigns, and weaponized government extortion. Even for the few corporate leaders with an ounce of integrity and ethics, it’s usually easier to just go along with the Ruling Class demands than face the wrath of their personal/corporate destruction machine.

Social Media Posts of the Day

x why on tucker carlson base journalists interviewed leaders jail political opponents biden
fb seinfeld quotes travil kelce taylor swift prenup
x hamler flacco comeback player of year cleveland browns
dragon flew overhead right now surprised
x meme to replace biden 2024 election gone out to propagandists biden

Quote of the Day

quote roosevelt educate man mind not morals menace to society

Message of the Day

message free to chose not consequences of choices

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