07-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

me after one day waking eating drinking right
batman called into work day off bird signal

darth vader choking him right i understand
people office jobs hot today construction workers
dog soldier through sht still positive attitude
how many relationships ruin shut up about freedom all
never get jealous ex parents taught used toys less fortunate
government give money guns privacy medical decisions
aoc too many big words us constitution for democrats dummies supreme court
health and wellness liberals gates
threads free to say whatever zuckerberg wants
no telling white house cocaine every room cameras

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet aoc parody threads 666th person join
tweet cant find j6 pipe bomber cocaine addict supreme court leaker grandmother
tweet marriage curtains pick one im in hell
tweet quit job true passion not having job
tweet americans european out of office kidney surgery

Message of the Day

message elderly die wealth wisdom knowledge

Quote of the Day

quote pratchett science not about building facts questions reality check

The “Racist Cesspool”

jim cramer instragram terrific twitter awful

We know all the usual mainstream media shills–NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, MSNBC, ABC, and so on. But the leftist propaganda goes way beyond the so-called “news” media. It’s dominant throughout the sports media with their “social justice” and other garbage. One area that isn’t mentioned enough is the financial press, most notably the highest rated channel–CNBC. I frequently have it on in the background when I’m reading or exercising, mostly for the stock quotes & economic indicators. Good luck in finding a conservative or libertarian guest on this network. If one ever expresses an opinion opposite of the daily talking points, they won’t be invited back again.

Interestingly, two companies seem to dominate their business coverage more than any others. Obviously, these must be the most widely held stocks, highest in market cap, and central to our lives, right? Not so much. The first is Tesla. While high in total market cap, the stock ownership is highly concentrated, and although this may change in the future, the cars are primarily owned by upper/middle class Americans on the coasts. The 2nd company that dominates CNBC coverage is Twitter, which is privately-owned and therefore not relevant to the investing public that tunes in. I’d estimate 95% of the coverage of Tesla and 100 percent of Twitter is negative. So, class, can anyone think of a reason why these two companies are targeted for so much hit-piece coverage? 🤔

Obviouly, it’s because the 2nd most hated person in America by the Left (after Trump) is the owner of both companies, Elon Musk. Interestingly, with Musk’s focus on climate change & building a sustainable future, he was once perhaps the most loved person in America by liberals. All it took was his standing up for free speech and stopping the mass censorship of conservatives/libertarians to complete this reversal. That should tell you all you need to know about the Left.

Getting back to CNBC, when discussing Twitter, I not only hear the same talking points from every commentator, but the exact same words, which almost always include “racist” and “cesspool.” These words were never used before Musk took control, so my question is “Based on what?” How is CNBC and virtally every other MSM shill coming to that conclusion? Are they basing it on a few cherry-picked tweets out of the hundreds of millions posted daily, which could easily have been planted? Is the conclusion based on any kind of scientific study? How would you even undertake one that filters out the millions of fake accounts and bot posts?

This is a 100 percent media-narrative driven campaign. For those who don’t know the formula: it starts by the DNC or some smear merchant like Media Matters feeding a story to a prominent “news” organizaton like the New York Times or Washinton Post. CNN, MSNBC, CBS, CNBC, and the rest of the propaganda infrastructure pick up the “breaking news” and add it to their daily broadcasts. Celebrities, social media liberals, and local media then echo them again. Then, eventually the BS is repeated so often it becomes accepted as mainstream “fact.” Then, if someone asks a question like I just did about what backs up the “cesspool” assessment, leftists can quickly put together 10 mainstream links (always listed first on Google) which back up their talking points. But if you look deeper, none of these are independent, primary-sourced research. They’re all just echoing each other in infinite circles.

It’s tough to tell if MSM commentators really are incapable of independent, critical thinking, or if they know what they’re saying is gaslighting bullshit but are corrupt and/or compromised. In any case, freedom of speech easily exposes this kind of thing, which is why Twitter and all other free-speech outlets must be destroyed.

google meta twitter liberals npc too much power
npc liberals spaceman musk bad media
liberal im leaving twitter new moving to canada

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07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

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usa 4th of july memes europeans
4th july door england removal
far side dog camera pool guy woman
gun theft cash irs still
communists liberals capitalism fascism dont know either means
joe biden 4th july made in china 10 percent the thing
homer shtpost before bed dumpster fire morning
parking lot every climate change conference full of planes
bigfoot tshirt i am more believable than 81 million biden votes
hunter biden audit irs arrests american handcuffs
liberals why cant you fascists do what government tells you

Expect This To Be Standard with EVERY Trump Media Appearance of 2024 Campaign

tweet foxnews wont allow trump on live tv

In a sane world, the most forceful advocates of free speech would be so-called journalists, but that’s not what we have in today’s despicable crop of corrupt media shills. Unrestrained free speech, especially from Trump, just means they can’t selectively edit to distort and paint whatever narrative they’re trying to push. Too much truth may get exposed. If you hear Trump’s entire statements you might *GASP* think for yourself and not think what you’re told to think!

mainstream media far right extremist opposing war supporting free speech
fauci biden schwab soros gates freedom speech threatens

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet libertarian 4th july gavin newsom stop covi fireworks
tweet 40 percent wife conversations talking to the dog
tweet place everything laundry bonfire backyard
tweet making new friends as adult dont want them

Message of the Day

message those bring you down dont know reason standing

Quote of the Day

quote plato price apathy ruled evil men

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06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dogs bomb squad narcotics division
inigo montoya sign sale prepare to buy
professional tans truck driver farmer mechanic
sponge bob coming out of hole to shtpost disappear
babylon bee bud light win back customer base mullets cans
mainstream media bidens 10 million bribes pistachio mint chocolate chip
pride month everywhere tv ready for humility month
biden 6.2 billiion error ignore small business audit 600 transactions
explain in heaven died titanic 100 years after sank
liberal women cant have abortion in state dont live in
biden monopoly community chest 6.2 billion error get out of jail free
babylon bee taiwan wicking self for not bribing bidens
bill gates george soros go see titanic

The Most Corrupt Attorney General in History

Let’s remember this “moderate” Obama nominee was almost a Supreme Court justice for life, when several RINOs wanted him confirmed. Trump’s greatest accomplishment may still be keeping Hillary Clinton from nominating POS’s like him to fill three court vacancies.

merrick garland doj sweep hunter under the rug

Random Thoughts of the Day

its possible list immigration science free speech misdirected anger

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tweet jp morgan accidentally deleted 47 million records
tweet first world poor iphone macbook bank account
tweet daughter crow bar end unsupervised play portion
congresswoman florida anna paulina schiff uniparty weaklings

Quote of the Day

quote machiavelli sign of intelligence awareness of own ignorance

Message of the Day

message only bs need life beach sunlight

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