06-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

defund the politicians graffitti
doctor how many alcoholic drinks week its 2020 we really doing this
smudge angry lady cat fell at barn dance new meaning to hoe down
apparently stores taking temperatures before you go in pole in ass
german shepard dog drinking corona extra dont start karen thunderstorm
when you think free speech is violence then use violence to suppress it berkeley whole foods apple
so black people never slaves fight whites not nazis removing statue put up be democrats trumps fault
would love to show 1995 person picture mask smart phone picture of ice cream
d day photo anti fascist actually fighting antifa communists wearing masks
john bolton when dad wont let you go war iran write mean things in diary

Random Thoughts of the Day

If you look through history, the most successful, enduring nations have been built upon the freedoms contained in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitutions. Why? If you truly have free speech and flow of ideas, over time, good ideas will win out over bad ones. Human knowledge will accumulate. Society will build upon its successes and learn from its mistakes. This is mostly why America has been the most successful country in the history of the world. However, that success is slowly disintegrating largely because free speech and flow of information are being taken away. Think about all the major centers of influence in the country–The mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and TV have almost entirely purged conservatives & libertarians from their ranks. That leaves only talk radio & the Internet as the remaining bastions of free speech. Talk radio has limited reach in today’s technological world, but liberal politicians have tried to destroy it in a number of ways, most prominently with the laughably named “fairness doctrine“. As for the internet, think about who governs and who writes the programs for all the largest tech companies — Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft. How many conservatives & libertarians do you think are employed by these far-left companies? Consequently, the censorship of alternative points of view has reached epidemic proportions, a modern-day “book burning” control on thought.

If we as a society don’t fight back, we are spiraling towards a one-party, totalitarian rule where all alternative thinking is stomped out. After that, it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. joins the ash heap of other historical nations that have crumbled from within.

founding fathers heres the first amendment if someone takes that away heres 2nd one
congress 20 percent approval 90 percent reelection rate need stop voting for same people dumbass

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Message of the Day

message christopher columbus died in 1506 if hes ruining happiness in 2020 you need therapy

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tweet larry elder democrat selby mugged by protesters she kneeled before

Quote of the Day

quote teddy roosevelt first requisite of good citizen pull own weight

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follow money donations black lives matter act blue democratic party

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15 True Statements You Can’t Say in America

“Political correctness never rears its ugly head independently. It always shows up as a series of actions designed to crush the souls of those blessed with common sense.” – Milo Yiannopoulos

politically-incorrect-area-rampant-insensitivity-offensiveFree speech has never been more threatened than it is today. Although the First Amendment generally protects Americans from being jailed for most forms of speech, political correctness has stifled our words and thoughts like no written law could. The PC culture is enforced with 24/7 media attacks, boycotts, peer ridicule, potential loss of employment, and other vicious methods. Those brave enough to make non-PC statements are labeled bigots, homophobes, racists, sexists, and whatever else will damage the speaker’s reputation. The PC censorship environment has made it bad to not only say but even think certain thoughts, no matter how true or how common sense they may be.

To illustrate, I’ve put together this list of fifteen true statements that you’re not allowed to say publicly without a tremendous backlash. Some of them are so obvious they’re barely worth mentioning, which just goes to prove my point. Others are a bit more controversial, and you may disagree with them, but political correctness has prevented society from even discussing the points. Note: these are broad generalizations, and there are always exceptions to the rule of course.

1 – There is no longer any “white privilege” or unfair advantage whites have over blacks.

If you went back half a century, blacks certainly suffered regular racism and lack of opportunities. We’ve majorly progressed as a country though. The media and race merchants love to overdramatize extremely rare anecdotal examples of racism. You’re never going to completely stomp them out in a nation of 330 million people, but the effects of racism in everyday life have almost entirely been eliminated. Government benefits, scholarships, grants, diversity requirements, and other affirmative action measures have more than leveled the playing field. If they looked hard enough, virtually anyone in America can find some excuse for why they’re not succeeding. In the case of minority groups though, the mainstream media and liberal politicians are always ready to provide whatever excuses will keep race-based voting blocks in the Democrat column.

2 – Men are more likely than women to enter math, science, and technology professions.

This is no statement of ability in these areas, but the fact remains that men are far more likely to be drawn to these professions. Try visiting college major classes in math, computer science, physics, and engineering. It’s no secret these classes will be overwhelmingly male. There is likely some biological reason related to how the male brain is wired that explains it, but of course it’s politically incorrect to even suggest it. Any scientific research that confirmed it would likely be attacked by the PC police regardless of the findings.

3 – Women are more likely than men to enter care-giving professions such as nursing and child care.

On the flip side, women are far more likely to work in care-giving jobs such as nursing, child care, and elementary education.  Again, there is probably a biological or evolutionary reason why the professions are overwhelmingly dominated by women, but if a researcher suggests the biological link, he would probably be painted by the PC police as sexist.

4 – Black people are more racist than whites.

If a white person used as racist slur such as “niggar,” he or she would be crucified by media and peers. In fact, merely mentioning the word in a public forum will usually drive days of national stories condemning the action. Martha Stewart and Paula Deen both had their careers derailed for making racist remarks many years prior. Any incidents of discrimination against minorities usually leads to lawsuits, boycotts, and regular media attacks. But what about the opposite? Virtually every rapper has used racist slurs of some kind in their songs. Any minority celebrity could use racist slurs through any media interview, and it likely wouldn’t even be mentioned a single time by the national media. Think about hate crimes based solely on race. In which case do you think there is more likelihood of a hate crime, when a black person walks alone through an all-white suburban neighborhood, or a white person walks alone through an inner city all-black neighborhood? Another example – what do you think would be the reaction if there were a whites-only student union or fraternity, scholarship fund, or hiring quotas? However, it’s perfectly acceptable to have non-white race requirements for any of these items.

5 – We should be spending less on education every year, not more.

There is nothing more important to the future of a nation than education, so it stands to reason that it should be a high priority in setting budgets. However, with today’s technology, costs should be going down significantly. You can get a free or nearly free course on almost any subject through KhanAcademy.org, Udemy.com, Youtube, GCFLearnFree.com, or an endless list of other internet resources. As for teachers, they can download complete lesson plans, tests, video lectures, and so on. Books can be downloaded to computers and mobile devices, so we shouldn’t have to spend as much on large printed textbooks. Computers keep coming down in price. Many tech companies like Google are providing free devices or software to students. Add it all up and education cost per student should be plummeting. Of course, the mere suggestion that education budgets should be cut would quickly bring out a lynch mob.

6 – Teachers, relatively speaking, are not underpaid.

I’d love to see all teachers get a raise. Certainly a good teacher is worth his or her weight in gold. There’s no doubt a few decades ago teachers were significantly underpaid. However, nowadays, relative to other professions, they’re NOT underpaid, especially, when you factor in benefit packages and hours worked. Keep in mind many teachers get summers off in addition to spring break, Christmas break, and other school holidays. As in the previous point, lesson plans and tests can be downloaded for little or no cost. Computers can handle much of the grading of assignments. Teachers assistants often absorb mundane duties. If you add up the pay and benefits divided by the numbers of work, you’ll find they’re not underpaid relative to other professions. Even on raw median wages, teachers make more than two-thirds of the population. The simple fact is the “teachers are underpaid” mantra has been drilled into our heads most of our lives, but it’s mostly been fixed. There are still pockets of the profession who are underpaid, but on a whole teachers are making decent salaries.

7 – Blacks generally have more speed and agility than whites.

Anyone who watches the Olympics or professional sports can see that anything requiring speed is dominated by blacks. In football, whites are definitely the minority at receiver, cornerback, and running back. Whites rarely start in the NBA unless they’re seven feet tall. Marathons are dominated by Kenyans. Sprint events will almost never feature a white runner. The list goes on. How absurd is it that no one can publicly state such an obvious fact?

8 – Republicans and democrats use different rhetoric but govern almost exactly the same.

If you ask most hard-core democrats or republicans, they’ll tell you plenty of ways their party is different. They’ll probably give you a list of reason why the other party is awful. There’s no doubt at election time, the promises and party platforms are significantly different. However, if you look at the way they actually govern, there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference. There’s still overseas wars, bloated spending bills, corruption, and abuse of power. Laws on social issues such as abortion don’t change. Usually, you don’t get significant changes until the public overwhelming supports a position on a certain issue, in which case both parties will throw out whatever principles they had and adopt the majority position to stay in power.

9 – Men and women are different, psychologically and physically.

This is such a common sense statement it’s hardly worth mentioning, but you wouldn’t know it by the ways states are changing laws to blur genders. States are taking ridiculous steps like prohibiting male/female bathroom division and allowing genetic males to compete in female sports divisions. Stating that men and women are different, no matter how obvious, immediately brings out charges of sexism or discrimination.

10 – Government benefits have done more to hurt the poor than help them.

Everyone needs a helping hand in life when they go through difficult periods such as a sudden loss of job. Food stamps, unemployment insurance, the earned income credit, Medicare, and other government benefits can certainly help launch people out of poverty. However, the combinations of benefits plus the lack of time limitation has created an incentive to work less or not at all. Why take a low-paying job when you have a safety net that pays almost as much as the job? If you go without work for too long, you tend to become lethargic and unmotivated. It also becomes harder to get hired when you have a long employment absence. Consequently, too many individuals fall into a pattern of living off the system. It limits a person’s potential. When a person is forced to get a job to survive, they develop job skills and experience. If it’s an unskilled minimum wage job, it may motivate them to pursue a college or technical degree. In short, long-term government benefits only work to prevent people from being all they could be.

11 – The biggest impediment to minority advancement is lack of two-parent homes.

Genetically, we all have certain gifts. All Americans have educational and work opportunities if they want to put in the effort. So who do certain minorities continue to lag behind whites in income and education level? The biggest reason–lack of a second parent. The odds are stacked against single moms. It’s extremely difficult for one person to raise kids by themselves, especially when you have a full-time job. You have less time and energy to discipline, to help with homework, to make it to soccer games, and to do the thousand other things it requires to raise a healthy, happy child. Thus, illegitimate children are more likely to do poorly in school, join gangs, commit crimes, or just become discipline problems in general. Consider the birth rate of unwed mothers. Notice that 77% of blacks and 57% of native Hispanics are born to single moms. The lowest rate belongs to Asians. Coincidentally, the crime rate is disproportionately higher in every minority group except Asians, who have the lowest overall rate. Asians in America also tend to do the best academically, even surpassing white caucasians. If you take your samples from two-parent homes, there no longer is a significant difference by race in crime or academic achievement.

12 – Torture works for extracting information from terrorists.

Torture is immoral and isn’t consistent with American values, but to say it doesn’t work for extracting information is completely ridiculous. Somehow it made its way into the talking points of almost any liberal arguing against torture that it doesn’t work. I’d like to see how long these people can keep from spilling their guts if they’re waterboarded, beat, deprived of sleep, and so on. Everyone breaks eventually, even hard-core special forces soldiers.

13 – Homosexuals often have physical characteristics and mannerisms of the opposite gender.

Homosexuality is not something learned. Although people occasionally experiment, almost all eventually settle on their preferred dating gender. Their desires and physical characteristics are driven by biology, by hormones. Therefore, gay men tend to be more artistic, sensitive, and effeminate. They often have higher voices and a better sense of style than the typical heterosexual guys. They’re rarely driven to testosterone professions like soldier, football player, and policeman. Gay women more often cut their hair short, have deeper voices, and are more muscular. Despite the portrayals in movies of all the gay fireman & construction workers and the Victoria Secret-like lesbian models, in real life the opposite gender mannerisms are there. Why do you think so many people develop “gaydar” without there being some obvious traits to observe? Again, it’s a broad generalization with plenty of exceptions, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s a fact you’re not allowed to point out in America.

14 – Prostitution should be legalized if it involves consenting adults.

There are many reasons why pot should be legalized, and most Americans agree. So why should it be different for prostitution as long as it takes place in private between two consenting adults with adequate mental capacity? Most of the same pro’s of marijuana legalization apply to prostitution. You can tax, regulate, and improve the safety. You can take steps to ensure no underage girls are selling themselves. You take away a major source of income for organized crime and sex traffickers. Police and court resources are freed up for more serious crimes. This is supposed to be a free country. If you oppose the activity for moral or religious grounds, it is absolutely your right to not engage in sex transactions. There are harmful effects to those involved, but that is their choice. We can’t ban every harmful activity. People make choices and live with the consequences of their own actions. Here are the pros and cons of prostitution legalization.

15 – “Climate change” hysteria is nothing more than a highly-successful propaganda brainwashing effort.

Back in the 70s the environmental crisis was “global cooling”. A couple decades later it was “global warming”. Nowadays, the crisis is called “climate change”. After half a century of inconsistent research studies and apocalyptic predictions not coming true, the propagandists decided to change the name to “climate change”. Now every bad weather condition can be blamed on so-called climate change–too hot, too cold, too much rain, too little rain, you name it. Regardless of whatever climate crisis is supposedly occurring, humans are inevitably the cause, especially if they live in a capitalist economy. The solution is always to rein in corporate activity and hand more regulation power to governments. It’s absolutely true to say the majority of worldwide scientists believe that human-caused global warming is occurring right now. It crosses the line to BS propaganda when you start saying it’s “unanimous” or “settled science”. You have to examine the consequences of anyone questioning the research or predictions. Peer pressure is ramped up against anyone who doesn’t follow in line with their opinions. Opponents are attacked and called “climate change deniers”. The media ridicules anyone who questions the climate change religion, calling them “anti-science”. The scientific method is based on never-ending proofs. It welcomes opposition and confirmation research. Remember the “settled science” of the recommended food pyramid the government pushed on Americans for half a century? It recommended 6-11 servings of the bread/cereal/pasta group daily and only 2-3 of the meat/poultry/nut group. Compare that to what dietitians promote today. And that was when results could be studied in real time. With climate change, you’re talking about what may or may not happen to the environment centuries into the future.


Again, these are broad generalizations I’ve made based on common sense observations. Some may agree with these points. Some may disagree. It’s harmful that too often we’re not even allowed to discuss the points without a backlash. It’s why political correctness is taking away freedom of speech. It’s controlling our minds.

truth-the-new-hate-speech-political correctness



Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 11/14/2020