05-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

in china bat signal means dinner is ready
telling future grandchildren stood only 5ft apart instead of 6ft 2020 never got caught
calendar january australia march covid 19 may giant murder hornets september zombie outbreak vaccine testing
msnbc were only capable of editing trump statements out of context twisting to fit narrative
nancy pelosi cure for america soviet vaccine bailouts checks for illegals mail in ballots
media you should be terrified people of you
arent you worried about covid 19 next year no 2012 not an election year
they live i got one without a mask
when all predictions were wrong but shutdowns continue
covid 19 response red pill fraud blue was necessary
greta thunberg pawn climate change
cdc masks dont work everyone should wear playing both sides always come out on top

Random Thoughts of the Day

After 9/11, a rallying cry of Americans said we would never live in fear, give up our freedoms, or change our way of life in response to the attacks. Otherwise, the terrorists would win. It blows my mind now that half the country is so willingly trading their freedom and following everything corrupt government bureaucrats and media are telling them, no matter how ridiculous or anti-common sense. Instead of our normal life of work, school, parties, sports, weddings, etc. we are turning into a society of more extreme Sheldon Cooper’s. Instead of letting our immune systems do what they were designed to do, we’re only going to become a weakened society that needs someone to sing Soft Kitty to us at the slightest exposure to germs. Take a look at the CDC recommendations for schools, for example, and tell me how life is any different than living in a federal prison? Is that the America you want to live in as the “new normal”?

cdc guide to reopening schools coronavirus covid

Tweet of the Day

tweet jordan rachel are we on lockdown until zero germs in world or just until election is over

Quote of the Day

quote wi supreme court justice bradley where in constitution

Today’s Lesson

dr fauci technocrat cares nothing about individual rights constitution seconary consequences job crisis not accountable

Big Tech Fascism Update

Coronavirus Crisis: How Facebook and Youtube Are Trying to Control Information About Covid – Alex Berenson

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