04-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

woman chugged 200 dollar bottoe cognac airport security
starbucks sucks van door
millenials watching historical event real time wondering make car payment
post meme piss everybody off me laughing dog
installed april 15th tax day statue front yard flipping bird
aliens take me away miss day afraid of
trump takes loan pays it back crime biden steals student loans supreme court
input output biden obama shoveling billions ifan
irs cant claim 30 million students dependents student loans
hamas two things wont tolerate genocide living jews
people can tell plot holes movie not mainstream media narrative
npr democrat party donkey logo
kamala harris we did it joe biden wwiii trending

Ever Notice That EVERY Biden Policy Either Steals Your Freedom or Your Money?

ny post biden wants ban freelancing putting millions out of work

Keep in mind that restrictions on freelancing don’t just affect those trying to bring in some extra bucks to pay the bills. They decrease the convenience of Uber-type services to the public while driving up the cost.

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x never thought enjoy getting up early right
x key intermittent fasting sleep 16 hours per day
x mentor maxed out roth ira be millionaire was right didnt listen
x argument not racist dancing monkey their opinions
x sowell how can anyone read history trust politicians
message lisa simpson deep state network blackmailed
message if situation hopeless propaganda unneeded watering plant

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