10-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

farley for love of god new taylor swift at nfl game
sign salad for dinner mostly fruit wine
sign in this house narrate dogs thoughts
sign u say potato i say vodka
nfl football london anthem stole name war
brock purdy san francisco salary living 900000
tell dan orlovsky different colored pants tan
cats fancy dinner time place licking
1860s 1960s 2023 democrats treat differently based skin color
babylon bee gavin newsom senator most qualified percent population
sign can keep mouth shut read subtitles
why dont still spray children ddt questioned the science
dixie checks let themselves go
tiktok china control social media america eu west censorship
me working overtime income tax welfare never worked day fishing
babylon bee congress stopgap funding bill trillions tomorrow

Fun Game to Play

I tried “owning a home,” “working,” “studying,” and “adopting pets.” Yep, all racist!

x lets play a game google is anything racist sexist

google search is owning pets racist

Social Media Posts of the Day

x biden 6 billion iran hamas israel days lataer
x never dealt any part of government these people control more of my life
x cant keep up made up holidays kids
x if only thicc latina petite asian women liberal white women ss overnight
x primaried rinos ukraine maga media ecosystem booted mccarthy

Quote of the Day

quote bacon achieve things greatly attempt never

Message of the Day

message consumed meat eggs thousands years want addiicted processed junk food

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