11-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

book how to subtlety hint want more sex
cat destroyed christmas tree take down santas village
turkey surrounded by family well not yours crystal ball
lloyd dumber tested for illness vaccinated against
malley soldiers under fire backup vaccinated sir not pronoun
climate change cant use own oil funnel money terrorists arab
greatest trick devils convince public opposing sides separate agendas bush clinton obama
daily spleen climate summit automakers ban bernie aoc greta
babylon bee prosecutors find mail in jury votes rittenhouse now guilty
twilight zone imagine vigilantism less desirable than city burning down

Quote of the Day

quote dont you love presence pos someone off

Message of the Day

message guess who will do whatever they want christmas ignore government

The Gaslighting Continues (Pun Intended)

Psaki Confronted, Claims ‘No Economist’ Is Predicting Higher Inflation From Massive Spending Bill

good old days gas prices 11 months ago
valero low gas prices

It seems everyday government officials try to one-up each other in using the psychological tactic of gaslighting. One of my degrees was in Finance, and I can tell you that Supply & Demand and the Time Value of Money are standard drilling in nearly every class. Hell, during the first week of Economics 101, students learn enough to tell you why unrestrained spending & money printing will lead to inflation. Any economist could draw a graph in two minutes explaining perfectly why inflation will result. Only a moronic, compliant, and corrupt media would go along with this BS.

jen psaki not in middle economic crisis mainstream media characters brainwash
joe biden build inflation back better gasoline fire
inflation experts never seen coming economist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet lew pandemic borders gas pipeline crime police
tweets boebert elon musk irs doubling under biden

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01-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

turned off news watched ted bundy documentary to relax
everyone always feels introverts more talkativer never tell extroverts shut up
studies have shown intelligent people swear more than stupid motherfuckers
you think politicians cowering in fear good for world do tired of pretending not joker
pretty sure mexico building wall bow and paying for it
olive garden italian anderson cooper cnn free
trump supports banned from owning pigeons may be used to communicate with each other
driving alone with facemask like wearing condom alone in bed at home

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hannah louise have covid or wine and carbs
tweet jenna peterson hate women can be sexy at 50 when can turn into witch as nature intended

Quotes of the Day

quotes pressley cuomo newsom waters aoc protesters

Definitely Not Politically Motivated

tweet carmine sabia cnn capitol democrats impeached before investigation
tweet joy flick any care trump impeached no due process

Random Thoughts of the Day

Have you ever asked yourself, “Am I crazy?” If you have ever asked yourself that, you’re not crazy. You’re most likely being gaslighted. Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse aimed at controlling a person by altering reality to the point where the person will doubt their own sanity. The term “gaslighting” comes from a 1930’s play called Gas Light. The main character in the play literally tries to drive his wife crazy by gradually dimming the gas-powered lights in their home. When she notices the lights dimming, her husband not only denies that the lights are dimming, he convinces her that she is imagining it to the point where she questions her own sanity.

We’ve seen many examples of gaslighting over the past year, mostly related to the Covid plandemic. The most obvious example I’ve seen in years is the latest craze that Trump is “inciting violence.” No sane person, other than Deep State politicians and media manipulators, can read recent messages from Trump and interpret them as some call to violence, especially when they say word-for-word, “Peaceful protests only” and “no violence or breaking the law.” Most people have to question their own sanity when they read the statements and hear they’re used as justification for mass censorship and impeachment. In other words–gaslighting. Words and phrases somehow don’t have the same meaning as we’ve learned our whole lives. If they were so-called “incitement of violence,” they weren’t very effective. Almost 75 million people voted for Trump, yet only a few hundred broke any laws protesting recently.

We see more gaslighting when we consider the media and Democrats blatant double-standards in regards to protests and disputed elections. Your sanity is tested as you hear the media and Big Tech assure us of election integrity after four years of whining about the 2016 election. You question your sanity when a year filled with BLM, Antifa, and anti-Trump violence, protests, and riots involving 1000 times the number of people as the Capitol protests is treated as if they never even happened, with one small protest now deemed “insurrection.”

You question your own sanity when a year of lockdowns & mask mandates has only produced misery and economic destruction without any noticeable reduction of Covid rates. You see New York and California held as the models for fighting Covid as they far exceed the rates of cases & deaths. Then, you’re called anti-science and censored if you even question the effectiveness of the measures. Gaslighting.

You question your sanity when you hear Big Tech, the media, and liberals complain that Trump is an anti-science fascist, as they push for mass banning of social media accounts, removal of any alternative-thought posts, and the punishing & demonizing of any entire class of people — Trump supporters.

It seems every day the past year has been a new case study in gaslighting. It’s not an accident. It’s become one of the most effective tools of manipulation, supplemented with brainwashing techniques carried out by all major institutions of influence in the country–the media, Big Tech, entertainment, and public education.

Returning to the latest gaslighting incident–Trump’s “incitement” of violence–which do you think is going to cause more anger and potential violence?

1. Trumps’s relatively benign recent statements
2. The massive Big Tech purge of accounts, posts, and platforms. The media double-standards on protests & elections. Joe Biden & Nancy Pelosi calling 75 million Trump voters racists and domestic terrorists. Covid lockdowns, mandates, and other steamrolling of Constitutional rights. Another impeachment process that accomplishes absolutely nothing other than giving another slap in the face to 75 million Americans. Coordinated Deep State efforts to ensure election results are never questioned or audited. And on and on.

Perhaps the biggest test to my own sanity is wondering if some of these people really are stupid enough and living in such an impenetrable bubble that they truly believe Trump words are the cause of the anger? Or is this all 100% part of a plan by the puppetmasters, and I’m just being gaslighted?

watching cnn call dc rioters after 10 months avoiding word owen wilson wow
apple think different and you will be deleted
mitch nancy pelosi impeachment trump inciting violence
joe biden fire department gasoline pump
obama biden holder kamalra calling for violence trump peacefully protest pelosi impeach

Message of the Day

message when you do people wrong it will come back to you maybe not today but is coming

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12-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

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no alcohol profanity smoking nudity penguins thief of job
to all friends lost my job covid christmas gift this year is me membership renewed
me talking someone calls instead of text and you horse you rode in on
every news broadcast since january 2020 doom
cnn fake news brian stelter jeff seinfeld shirtless couch
joe biden fall down stairs dog maga hat
governor whitmer no christmas fun rule galaxy dark lords nailed what to wear
president said democrats stole election media blindfold have not seen evidence

Facemasks: the New Left Religion

Joe Biden: “I’ll ask Americans to wear facemaks for the first 100 days of my administration….not forever, just 100 days. It will lead to a ‘significant reduction’ in Covid-19 cases if every American wore a face covering.”

Does anyone reading this live in a city where there has NOT been a 100 day mask mandate in place? I’m guessing most Americans have been subject to complete or partial mask mandates for 6+ months. Has this lead to a reduction of infection rates anywhere? In a year of insanely stupid gaslighting statements, this is near the top of the list! it’s a sign of things to come in a Joe Biden administration. Maybe he should come out with a new lockdown plan entitled, “Fifteen days to slow the spread.”
message my mask inside my immune system you have one too
wonka tell me again how virus escaped level 4 biolab but youre going to stop with daisy print home made mask
message where is your mask son rambo just keep pushing
farley for the love of god shove the mask up your ass

Don’t Blame Us, It’s the Algorithm

Big Tech leaders love to explain away their obvious biases by saying the “algorithm” rather than individual humans manage posts, search results, news story prominence, etc.; to an extent, this is correct. When you’re talking about billions of posts and web pages, it’s impractical for a group of humans to manually decide what needs to be censored. However, what they hope you don’t realize is that algorithms are all designed by humans and subject to the same biases & corruption. An algorithm is a term used by computer programmers to describe a sequence of math & decision-making logic steps. As someone who’s programmed for 25+ years, I can tell you it’s very easy to manipulate mathematical formulas and decision trees to get exactly the results you want. How does this apply to tech censorship? It’s simple – all internet posts are given mathematical numbers. The higher the number, the higher it will appear in Facebook/Twitter feeds and Google search results. If you want communist “news” sites like CNN, NY Times, and MSNBC to appear at the top, you simply use a higher multiplier. If you want conservative sites like Townhall, Daily Caller, and Breitbart to be buried farther down, you simply use a lower multiplier. If you want to exclude certain results entirely, you simply add in exception logic to scan for keywords like “Hunter Biden” and “payoff”. This works like a charm. Try doing a Google search on any news topic. Watch which websites come to the top and notice which ones you don’t see unless you click through several result pages. As for Facebook & Twitter, did you ever notice that despite hundreds of friends or followings, you always seem to see the same people and the same type of posts? They’re all part of the same formulas. Social media sites are interested not only in censorship but manipulating you into addictive regular use. Watch Netflix’s Social Dilemma to see how they do this.

Remember, algorithm simply means programmed bias, meaning young, leftwing techies from California who answer to truly evil people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey.

Zuckerberg Changed Facebook Algorithm to Highlight CNN, The New York Times Post-Election

maga shadownbanned twitter reddit facebook youtube google censorship

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jpbrammer spending two weeks no one found source of problems
tweet democrats one whistleblower impeach trump hundreds not enough voter fraud

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell elections should be held april 16th taxes

Message of the Day

message real conspiracy theory media never lie government cares pharma wants to cure them

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