08-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

peoples timelines this week back to school gremlins
therapist how does that make you feel pulls out phone meme tagged
model on instagram running back on madden
gym membership cheaper than strip club lady margarita
facebook account never been banned normal loser
joe biden wall open borders trspass vacation home
cdc partnering conspiracy theorists dont take 3 years to figure things out
liberal college student loan biden sucker american worker
teacher rhymes with monkeypox bs
robbing banks where money is irs middle class
babylon bee texas builds 600 miles border wall uhaul trucks california
how long before colleges raise tuition 10000 dollars
thanks joe biden anchor taxpayer new grad handout
major college philosophy factory opened

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet phone car kid radio any song manager
tweet therapist family cookies brady bunch
tweet intermittent fasting parents no time eat
tweet 2020 election starbucks mail in votes misconduct voting process

Time for This Week’s Gaslighting

Trump White House exerted pressure on FDA for Covid-19 emergency use authorizations, House report finds

The majority of Americans have finally awakened to the uselessness of the Covid “vaccine,” so it’s time to rewrite history. It’s the classic pattern. Dems feed BS stories to the media. The media fulfill their lapdog duty of echoing it. Then, half the country just goes along with face-palm crap that is the exact opposite of what they’ve seen and heard. Just pretend Biden, Fauci, Walensky, Newsome, Pelosi, MSNBC, CNN, The View, and so on didn’t endlessly push the Covid vaccine on everyone. Suddenly, the vaccines, which didn’t start to be used until after Trump’s election, are all his fault. The CDC, NIH, and world health organizations are the victims here. 🙄 If that mean orange man didn’t tell them what to think, the Covid vaccine would have been as magically effective as the way they sold it. 👍

liberal 2021 no shot deserve to die would have been worse trumps fault

Quote of the Day

quote thomas sowell nobody responsible what did all responsible someone else

Message of the Day

message if wrong about them wouldnt censor

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06-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dumb dumber carpooling office gas 10 dollars gallon
daughter homework galileo poor boy from a poor family bhohemian rhapsody
vader leia daddy issue stripper outfit 3rd movie
skeletor pay good money comedians offensive i get reported
california never allowed slavery taking money never owned give never were
joe biden inflation cant be fixed overnight inflation
hoarding gas cans make up for crypto losses
obama biden begging bowing saudis trump
babylon bee pelosi avoid pain pump millionaire insider training congress
adam schiff boy who cried trump guilt jan 6th evidence this time
dominoes obama making fun trump dinner roe v wade overruled

Quote of the Day

quote einstein knowledge street one way wisdom both ways

Message of the Day

message sht hits fan need country folks more than need you

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet top gun maverick vs lightyear woke propaganda
tweet monopoly game rollong dice waiting bankruptcy
tweet forgive not wanting negotiate guns eliminate societ medical treatment

President Gaslighter

biden supreme court took away constitutional right american people

Biden Addresses Nation After Supreme Court Overturn of Roe v Wade

It’d be nice if Biden could give one speech where he’s not angrily yelling at Americans while telling blatant lies designed to tear the country apart. My eyerolls have been on overload since the decision. First of all, the court DID NOT PROHIBIT ABORTIONS! They simply said it’s up to the states, legislatures, and people to decide any restrictions (which we all know in blue states will be exactly zilch). Second of all, there is NOTHING in the Constitution that mentions the word abortion. It was all based on interpretation, whereas President Gaslighter and the Dems have been working feverishly in recent years to deny rights explicitly stated in the Constitution like “right to bear arms” and “freedom of speech & press,” “right of people peaceably to assemble.” Third, I thought the hypocrisy & gaslighting of the Jan 6th farce couldn’t be exceeded, but here we are once again with “medical freedom” shouts by the Left. Two years of mask, vax, and testing mandates–100 PERCENT of which were passed by executive order or unelected bureaucrats–are perfectly fine, but allowing democratically-elected legislators to decide any or no restrictions on abortion is tyranny. 🙄 Fourth, the Left is whining that a small group of lifetime-appointed judges are now “making law.” Do they not see the irony that the court is overturning a decision made by a different group of lifetime-appointed judges who made law? Lastly, I keep hearing that men can’t comment or have an opinion because an abortion decision doesn’t affect them, as if the potential life doesn’t have any physical or emotional connection to the father? Does this mean men shouldn’t have to pay 18 years of child support because it’s not their kid?

At least we get a temporary halt to the January 6th hearings so Dems can publically call for an overthrow of a branch of government through insurrection. 👍

joe biden abortion your body your choice covid vaccine our choice
liberals ban abortions women get them illegally gun owners

so youre telling me liberals calling for sex strike so they can have more abortions

5 Reasons SCOTUS Overturned Roe and Casey – Spencer Brown

roe casey decision supreme court why stare decisis doesnt apply

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06-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

makes shares meme somewhat of a therapist
sign joe biden gonna donate your salary not mine billboard
dressing up dog cat costume comparison er
sign please dont say damn when see price
maybe im an npc repeat everything media says
wonder if want gun control move south side chicago
riding with biden walking gas prices higher than hunter
when the prey is armed predators think twice
mathew mcconaghey trump tweets 2019 gas now inflation good thing
batman slap stand with ukraine were gay this month
npc send cops take your guns uvalde
babylon bee colin kaepernick transitions carolina panthers cheer squad
june economy month inflation your 401k insurrection week biden
lights camera propaganda jan 6th committee hearing
alec baldwin january 6th protesters change my mind

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mother legend overwhelmed nervous breakdown cut sandwich wrong
tweet people working from home pretending to work
tweet got toaster with air fryer unfriending people beneath me

Quote of the Day

quote never make a permanent decision based on temporary emotions

Message of the Day

message lifes tragedy get old too soon wise too late

Never Bury Your Pride & Self-Respect to Bow to the Woke Mob

Washington DC Jack Del Rio Apologizes, Fined $100,000 for Making Obvious Statements

Something that really needs to stop in this country is the cycle:

1. Make common sense statements using your supposed right to free speech.
2. An engineered woke mob response is orchestrated to attack that person (even though only a few real people were actually offended).
3. Individual gives a sniveling apology and then recites the stupid, gaslighting politically correct version of the truth.

What Del Rio should have done is challenge the fine in court and hold a press conference to state a big “FUCK YOU” to the people who tried to suppress his right to free speech. The whiny, woke liberals are exactly like toddlers. They will continue to push their limits until you put them in their place (See Disney and Ron DeSantis). But the whiny wokesters are only a small part of the problem. The bigger one is the Soviet-style atmosphere installed by the Ruling Class to suppress the slightest dissent. Del Rio was stating what everyone knows about January 6th (including the Establishment slimebags putting on the show trial): this was an out-of-control protest from people angry about a suspicious election. Saying it outloud destroys the repetitive gaslighting campaign from the media & Establishment to destroy your sanity. And Del Rio pointing out the unexamined death & destruction of the Summer 2020 riots only drives home the hypocrisy and farce of this fake January 6th outrage.

The Ruling Class doesn’t want you to know that most other Americans think the exact way you do. They want you to think you’re a fringe minority. No unapproved thoughts or you will be an outcast! And if you’re a public official or celebrity, they will destroy you if you try to break up the carefully constructed zombie hold they have over the peasants.

democrats media burning riots murder across america obsession january 6th capitol

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