09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

thermostat middle night dad family guy
baby yoda cleaning with alcohol first bottle
coping with everything sarcasm working super great
biden nyquil chicken hits just right
conceal carry course first rule gun safety stay strapped
communism history college students putin mao stalin lenin
99 percent 1 offended pepe le pew
leftists generic rice posing photoop not compassion
vote republican midterms better protected mayhem joe biden inflation gas border crime woke
floridians cat 5 hurricans below 60 weather

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet party need conversation stoppers starters
tweet therapist good gossip not trauma
tweet older dont figure out old to care

Quote of the Day

quote dillon babylon bee absurd not mocked

Message of the Day

message giver know limits takers have none

Math Lesson of the Day

I’ve blogged in the past about how stats like inflation can be manipulated using larger base numbers. The same type of math manipulation can be applied to smaller base numbers. For example, governments’ response to the Covid Plandemic caused GDP to plummet, which created a smaller base number. Here’s an illustration:

gdp growth example stats

In other words, even if raw numbers are smaller than pre-Covid, they can be spun as growth. GDP, jobs, and anything else they can spin will be used to indicate economic “success.” This strategy was perfected by Obama, who managed to become president immediately after the deep subprime mortgage recession. Despite the fact he led one of the weakest recoveries in history, it was spun as success. The fact Biden still managed to create two negative GDP quarters starting from such low base numbers is quite the performance. 👏👏👏

biden next trick stimulus rent food gas 401k
allowing businesses reopen not creating new jobs change my mind

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08-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gardening services not proud how long brain tigure out two hands holding fresh soil butt cheeks
all businesses have taken hit during quarantine liquor store owners
before the pandemic common core math after home school by essential employee
keep colleges closed to stop covid no to stop communism yes
youre safer at maga rally with blm shirt than at blm rally with maga hat change my mind
wonka tell me again how virus escaped level 4 biolab but youre going to stop with daisy print home made mask

garbage truck 40s today nbc news
babylon bee texas constructs border wall to keep out unwanted refugees from california
joe biden being fed radical agenda from bernie sanders soviet aoc wing
when government bans tik tok for spying on americans reauthorizes patriot act
another basement fire joe biden media put out fire blacks all alike

Tweets of the Day

tweet media more update when trump given 2 scoops ice cream than bill clinton pedophile
tweet andy biggs fauci birx cried wolf so many times past 6 months mainstream media still gives platform

Random Thoughts of the Day

The mainstream media & democrat politicians are so insistent on lockdowns and closings because they want to spread feelings of misery, hysteria, and chaos in anticipation of the November election. We know this, but there’s another reason–numbers. Keeping the economy & schools as closed down as possible distorts national numbers of economic health–GDP, budget deficits, unemployment, productivity, and so on. This gives easy talking points for November to not only Joe Biden but all Democrats running for office. Not only that, but if Biden is elected, it makes it easy to claim success of his programs as he’s given credit for improving numbers. In other words, as the Covid-19 nonsense fades, the economy will naturally pick up regardless of who is president, causing jobs to be created, GDP & productivity to increase, and tax revenues to resume, which will bring down the deficit. In subsequent elections, Democrats can then say “See, look how well the economy does under Democrats compared to the Republican economy,” conveniently leaving out the coronavirus mess. The same thing was done with the Obama presidency. Recall that he took over in the deepest pit of the housing crisis recession and TARP spending bill. Despite the fact his policies caused one of the weakest recoveries in history, he was still given credit for “improving” the U.S. economy, with Democrat & media operatives conveniently leaving out any mention of the housing crisis.

barack obama worst president ever joe biden hold my beer 2020
obama nothing can fix economy 2016 2019 i fixed economy not trump 2020 not corona trump

Message of the Day

message country would be better if republicans supported tea party as much as media democrats blm antifa

Quote of the Day

quote danny carlton fact check propaganda semantics agenda

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