07-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

covid bars only can open 1 3rd capacity drink for 3 or leave to professionals sign
in my family we dont hide crazy give it beer wait for show to start
when you tell your kid enjoy life now best year of life crying this is best
man in aoc district seen stealing 70 inch high definition loaf of break looters
2020 restaurants only serve people with face masks covi pass microchips
right now half country conspiracy theorist friend looks less crazy than 6 months ago
covid 19 should be common core virus shit aint adding up
seeing hollywood more mad about people wearing masks than coworkers raping children interesting
why not tear down monument decades of exploitation rape pedophilia ritual abuse women children hollywood
but government says have to wear mask fuck the government karen
air conditioning contributing to spread of covid 19 bullshit masks protect
60 million cases h1n1 in 2009 no shutdown social distancing werent trying to unseat president

Random Thought of the Day

Has anyone considered that there may be enemies of the U.S. that are intentionally spreading the Covid-19 virus to keep the chaos going? If you’re China, Russia, Iran, or another foreign enemy, why not send out groups of infected individuals to heavily populated areas around the country on regular schedules? Especially since coronavirus has a 99.99% survival rate for young, healthy individuals, it seems like a low-cost way to maximize damage to an enemy and keep them on the edge of civil war. The same goes for George Soros, Antifa, and internal enemies who want to see Donald Trump damaged and don’t care how many people get hurt in the process.

Fact of the Day

covid 19 death rate without a vaccine lower than flu with a vaccine

Tweet of the Day

tweet ted cruz we need new leaders biden because senator 1973 warren

Quote of the Day

quote lance for liberty mask wearers forever or until told dont have to

Message of the Day

you see non mask wearers as disease spreading defiant imbeciles reality fighting for last remnants of freedom

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10-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Nothing Happens by Accident

Let’s review the coordinated leftist “October surprises” so far that have been thrown out by a desperate Democratic party and their corrupt, willing accomplices in the media:

  1. Anti-Trump protests and harassing of Trump officials.
  2. Antifa violence against so-called “white nationalists”.
  3. Judge Kavanaugh character assassination campaign.
  4. Honduran immigrant caravan timed to hit the border around midterms.
  5. Fake pipe bomb attacks sent to Trump enemies.
  6. Stock market correction right before election time.

The first five have been discussed prominently, but the last one I believe is an unmentioned coordinated effort. It starts with an insane Fed that is raising interest rates so fast that even liberal Jim Cramer and most financial channel personalities are shouting WTF?! Next, consider the “sky is falling” media campaign against Trump’s so-called trade war, which isn’t stopping explosive job/wage/earnings growth. Lastly, consider how easy it is for China, Russia, George Soros, and other liberal billionaires to initiate a spur of short-selling to push stocks down. All the countries and leftists that want to see Trump fail have the means & motive to trigger a temporary downturn in the market, and based on all the other obvious October surprises, is it really that far-fetched?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures


The DNC Screws Over Bernie Again


Seems Legit


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10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

So “suspicious” packages have been mailed the last couple days to George Soros, CNN, Waters, the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s. And just be coincidence, none of them did any damage. There is nothing suspicious about these packages in my mind. Like the Honduran caravan, this is another obvious “October surprise” organized & coordinated by the Left to give them a talking point: “See, Trump is fomenting anger and causing terror attacks!” It also allows the Left to cover up actions of nut protesters in their own party, “See, both sides have crazy people!” Remember the Republican election slogan, “Jobs, not Mobs”. It has been penetrating, and these packages were a desperate attempt to blunt the effect. CNN and MSNBC now have a story to put on hourly loops all the way through the election.┬áDon’t fall for it! Nothing happens by accident any more in the “news”.

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Twelve Days Until 11/6 Midterms


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