02-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

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no circle sign feed kid alligator
irobot store human sweeping
long time ago engineer hated children created slide burn
hunter biden guess ukrained checks gonna stop
joe biden blame big oil gas prices not anwr keystone ukraine inflation leases
new world order next act covid out missiles in
global truck driver shortage cat
every gen x kid watching news now red dawn
russia trump braveheart hold attack biden
joe biden kid addressing russia

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet turbotax worst game ever
tweet banning fracking canceling drilling biden
tweet fagenholz best way follow science follow the silenced
tweet john oliver trevor noah not funny mock people not nobility

Quote of the Day

quote fact checks fraud anti disinformation liberal media activism glenn greenwald

Party Loyalty and Role Reversal

A hard lesson I’ve learned over the years is that, if you support EVERY platform talking point of a political party–Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, whatever–you’re either 1) Not getting all sides of the issues, and/or 2) Not thinking things through. All parties are going to occasionally be dead wrong on certain issues, but blind loyalty takes us down directions we never thought we’d go, getting us to support positions that in retrospect, are totally inconsistent with our values and beliefs. I’ve actively followed politics the past few decades, and during that time, it’s almost like we’ve entered a parallel universe, where the Left and Right have largely switched roles. Consider the following:

    • Corporate Support/Sponsorship. For most of my life, the Republicans were the party of Big Business, but now, virtually every large American company is unapologetically in bed with the Left, and it’s not even close. The largest ones by far–Big Tech–are even farther left than most of the Democratic Party.
    • War. Since the Vietnam War, the Right has been pushing wars and involvement in foreign conflicts, while the Left resisted most of the way. That is, until the past year, it which virtually every member of the Democratic Party is suddenly pushing all-out resistance to Russia, while many on the Right are trying to minimize involvement. It blows my mind to hear people like Pelosi, Durbin, and Schumer sound like George W. Bush shortly after 9/11, especially when so many of these same Democrats passionately fought against Iraq involvement, even back in the 90s when Saddam Hussein carried out probably the most unprovoked invasion of another country the past 35 years.
    • Russia. Related to that, when Russia was part of the larger Soviet Union, back when they were one of the most brutal, repressive regimes in history, the Right was leading the charge against them. Ronald Reagan most notably resisted them in every corner of the world, famously calling them an Evil Empire. At the same time, the Left consistently took the side of the communists. Ted Kennedy, Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and countless others actively worked to undermine the U.S. in their resistance to communist expansion. It was so blatant that leaders in Russia developed a term for them — Useful Idiots. After the Soviet Union collapsed and a form of democracy started to spread, the Left largely abandoned their love of the Russians. This blew up into all-out hatred when it was perceived that Russia helped elect Trump in 2016. Most on the Right still resisted a Putin-led Russia, but the Trump attacks became so absurd that many have leaped to its defense, apologizing for and rationalizing Russian actions.
    • Protests and Strikes. Anti-war protests, led by the Left, became normalized during the Vietnam Era and have been widespread during EVERY American war since then when a Republican president was in office (which is the majority of them). Worker strikes have been overwhelmingly supported by the union-dominated Democratic Party. Remember the “Community-Organizer”-in-Chief, Barack Obama? However, protests the last few years against Covid tyranny, most notably in the Canadian trucker protest, have been harshly condemned by the Left. Many have called for brutal crackdowns, cheering Trudeau’s use of Soviet-style repression. In fact, have you heard a single member of the Democratic Party speak out in favor of the right to protest when the issue was anti-mandate? As for the Ukraine-Russia War, where are all the Leftist anti-war protests? Where are the celebrities singing for peace? Where are the ‘No Blood for Oil’ signs?
    • Censorship and Civil Rights. Growing up, the Religion Right had a reputation for censorship, famously calling for symbolic “book burning” of works in evolution, sex, and other topics they deemed inappropriate. The Left was on the side of freedom of speech at all costs, passionately defending such cases as The People vs. Larry Flynt, a censorship case against Hustler magazine. The Left also largely argued against Bush’s Patriot Act, which created unprecedented government surveillance powers and other infringements of civil liberties. Fast forward to today. The Left is wholeheartedly behind Big Tech censorship. They also regularly lead the Cancel Culture charge that destroys peoples lives and intimidates most of the population into silence. On Covid, whenever the debate is mandate vs. civil liberties, you can be sure the Left is on side of forced compliance.  The Right has now become the passionate defender of free speech & civil liberties.
    • My Body, My Choice. Probably the issue that has fired up the Democratic base more than any other the past few decades has been abortion. Any infringement whatsoever has been sold as a slippery slope to government having full control over a person’s body. The Right has of course taken the pro-life side. However, the era of Covid has launched the debate of government forcing masks and vaccines on those who don’t want it, completely reversing the roles on the “My Body, My Choice” issue.
    • Character Assassination. A rallying cry of the Left back in the Cold War era was “McCarthyism,” a practice of many on the Right to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of suspected communists, or even those who associated with suspected communists. It was an early form of character assassination based not on actions, but words and political positions. We’ve come full circle on this also, as Cancel Culture and Character Assassination are now the preferred weapons of choice against anyone who dare take a position right of center.

I learned my lesson on blind party loyalty during the George W. Bush administration. Back when I was younger and naive, fired up about 9/11, I got fully behind the War on Terror, Iraq, and the Patriot Act. I defended virtually every Bush policy. Over time too many things knocked some sense into me–no WMDs in Iraq, never-ending war, no expiration on Patriot Act powers, insane government spending, new agencies targeting American citizens, illegal immigrant amnesty, imprisoning people indefinitely without due process, and the last straw for me–the TARP big corporate bailout during the housing crisis. I think most people on the Right have learned the same lessons, which is why they have mostly abandoned Establishment Republicans, voting for Donald Trump and pushing outsider candidates.

What about the Left, have they learned anything, or are they still insanely blind to party loyalty? I’d love to go back 20 years and ask every Democrat voter, “Your political party is pushing a Russian war, is in bed with all the biggest corporations, is anti-free speech, is in favor of government forcing a medical procedure on you, believes in invoking Martial Law to crush protests, supports imprisoning people & freezing bank accounts without court order, destroys the lives of anyone with whom they disagree with politically, and believes Executive Orders without checks’n’balances should be allowed to create laws for the country. Would you still support your party?” My guess is they’d scream, “HELL NO!!!!!” But here we are in 2022, living in the Twilight Zone, where the Left has become everything they used to despise.

quote lydon sex pistols cool ones middle finger establishment now sniveling twatty ones shaming
1971 screw the establishment 2021 obey mask up no free speech cdc
tell me lied to mainstream media establishment every war this time different
only way stop russia celebrities sing imagine
angry lady smudge cat 2016 trump start world war 3 2022

New Logo of the Democratic Party

8th grade facemask drawing hands covered

Some Accountability Desperately Needed

nato fbi cia fda cdc media

Message of the Day

message trucker honks not annoy wake you up

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11-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

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cashier puts protective glass coronavirus customer putting face through
elf me sitting at kids table to avoid talking politics
it clown veggie tray last time asked
steps how to cook turkey win stuff table drunk
inglorious bastards so trump is nazi but lock me in my house take my guns censor what i say biden bingo
liberal praises communism doesnt want to live under mom dads stupid rules
message its been that kind of day i shitzu not corona extra beer
actual photo kayleigh mcenany latest press conference skeletons on fire exploding
clarence thomas matrix red pill blue election ends dispute voter fraud
joe biden dominion buy 1 get 10 free 4am delivery only
ca governor newsome lobbyist dining associate marie antoinette collection
new york closed out celebrating cuomos covid emmy highest death toll economy free fall

Question of the Day

question of day when are we going to flatten us national debt curve

Bush, Obama, and Trump used 9/11, the Great Recession, and Covid as excuses to massively raise spending levels, respectively, yet the bulk of spending increases weren’t crisis-specific. As with taxes and taking of civil liberties, the government will always use crises to put through changes the population normally wouldn’t accept. Don’t expect spending to go back to normal levels after Covid calms down. Expect Joe Biden to leave annual spending a couple trillion higher than Trump’s budget in 2019, but it will probably be below 2020 total levels when factoring in “Covid relief” packages and increased entitlement spending (due to more people out of work). Biden can then claim he “cut” spending when in fact he massively increased it. The same technique was used by Obama in 2009. Bush had authorized the emergency trillion dollar TARP program to deal with the 2008 housing crisis, which Obama added in to to set a new baseline spending level. Of course, if they didn’t have such a corrupt, lapdog media covering for them, they wouldn’t get away with it.

quote rahm emanual obama chief of staff never want a crisis to go to waste

Message of the Day

message keep him busy basic needs never full time for freedom bread key jail

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dinest dsouza gop unified is stolen election wont unite with thieves and tyrants
tweet common sense extremists less respect rinos never trumpers than leftists

Quote of the Day

quote judge jeanine cleansing needed in fbi taken in handcuffs

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11-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

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friday tomorrow the 13th in 2020
pollsters in line at unemployment office
why facebook asks whats on my mind puts me in jail when i tell them
mcdonalds cheeseburger on outside we want 15 dollars hour
everyone jumping on oregon trail drugs cocaine heroin legal
biden lottery ticket changed with sharpie
finally no more kids in cages no more media coverage simpsons
if biden harris take guns how many left absentee gun registrations

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • George W. Bush, winner of the close 2000 election, is literally the last person in America who should be brought in as an objective source of disputed elections. His current treatment should tell you everything you need to know about the media. To refresh your memory, for 8 years he was Public Enemy #1, subjected to daily vicious attacks & character assassination. He was called dictator, Nazi, warmonger, and every other name in the book. But now in the media, hey, all is forgiven, best of buds. Bush hates Trump also, so therefore he’s a swell guy who we should look to for wisdom.
  • Al Gore is NOT some hero who fell on his proverbial sword for the good of the nation in 2000. He fought tooth and nail every step of the way all the way until mid-December, when Supreme Court decisions forced him to accept the outcome. And he was never some graceful loser; he’s been bitching constantly for 20 years since then. Isn’t it interesting how fast history can be rewritten to manipulate our thinking? It’s why you should question many of the “facts” you’ve been taught about American history.
  • Censorship, no matter how well-intentioned, is the most dangerous threat to freedom we face today. Hate speech, misinformation, or whatever your reason, censorship always suffers one fatal flaw – who decides what falls into these categories? You’re never going to take away the biases & flaws of the people doing the judging. In the case of Big Tech censors, you’re usually talking about young programmers from far-left California who lack the well-balanced life experience & education to be good speech brokers. So-called “fact” checkers are almost always organizations funded by billionaires with a political agenda. Science is NEVER settled, and there is nothing more anti-science than silencing anyone who questions prevailing views. Censorship not only erases viewpoints & knowledge, it completely undermines the credibility of all information that isn’t censored.
  • Everyone, yes everyone, knows there is fake & inaccurate information on the web.  However, trying to remove this “misinformation” only feeds conspiracy theories and sometimes removes accurate info in the process. Let people judge for themselves and they’ll eventually figure out what sources are credible or not.
  • Trump has always been a flawed candidate, in many ways no better than the lesser of two evils. But understand that the vast majority of the people who voted for him were not specifically voting for him, but against the system and all the forces lined up in opposition to him. In other words, a corrupt mainstream media that’s become nothing more than flying monkeys, blindly serving their corporate & establishment government masters; trillion-dollar tech companies who want to control our lives and our every thought; preachy, condescending millionaire celebrities & athletes that have zero ability to relate to the problems of the average American; lifelong politicians & government bureaucrats slowly sucking away every ounce of our freedom; billionaires who manipulate thinking with dishonest ad campaigns and who buy & control unprincipled politicians; megacap corporations who use the government (and pandemics) to expand their empires and crush small competitors; foreign nations who use the U.S. as an ATM and military protectorate; a politically-correct cancel culture that destroys people’s lives and intimidates good people into silence.  Trump draws such intense support in spite of himself because so many Americans are fed up with these forces. He represents the only way these Americans know how to fight back!
  • I absolutely agree we need more civility and to come together as a nation. Before you preach though, remember that every day for the past 4 years, there have been attacks on Trump, his supporters, libertarians, and really anyone who didn’t bow to the corporate & government overlords. Every. Single. Day. For. Four. Years. And it’s been multiplied by a factor of 10 in the Covid era. Trump is divisive to be sure, and his rhetoric has definitely not helped heal divisions. But all of you preachy people on the Left, please don’t pretend you’re some innocent flowers victimized by the mean orange man. Your condescending calls for civility now ring hollow, to say the least.
  • Speaking of bringing the country together, do you think this can ever begin to happen until the integrity of the election is established? A few disputed swing states with a combined vote margin of less than 60,000 votes (out of 150 million) decided the election, with rampant evidence of voter fraud & mistakes. Have you noticed the more examples & evidence presented, the louder the media cries “THERE’S NO EVIDENCE” and the more tech censors go to work silencing these examples? But even if there wasn’t a ton of evidence, use your common sense! There are always telltale signs of vote rigging such as 95-100% of a certain county voting, or for example, a county that votes 80 percent for the Republican senator but 20% for Trump. It never ceases to amaze me the lack of curiosity in the mainstream media to the most obvious discrepancies. They have the outcome they want, so it’s time to shove the result down the throats of the 72 million Trump voters. I’m sure that will heal the division!
  • To the half of the country that seems perfectly content with the censorship, media corruption/bias, voter fraud, billionaire ad manipulation, and all the other despicable behavior of the past few years because it helps “your” side: Guess what? If all those forces can be directed against Trump & his supporters, they can also be directed at you! In fact, they were. I’m guessing the majority of Democratic voters preferred Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, or Elizabeth Warren. But the Ruling Class decided they wanted controllable candidates, so they coalesced around Deep State stooges Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
  • No term has been thrown around more recklessly over the past year than “conspiracy theory.” I realize there will always be some crazy stuff out there, especially in social media. But after watching vaccines & FDA remedy approvals come out immediately after the election, rampant mail-in voter fraud, burying/censoring of the Hunter/Joe Biden corruption story, scientific validation of previously-labeled covid “misinformation”, and so many other “conspiracy theories” coming true before our very eyes, you can shove that term where the sun don’t shine. I’d rather wear my tinfoil hat and exhibit some basic critical thinking skills than fall in line like one of the sheep the Ruling Class prefers.

blind unquestioning obedience to government is so hot right now
party russian hoax impeachment name calling wants us to unite now
ray charles biden supporters see no signs voter fraud
joe biden projected winner commander in thief
democrats calling republicans racist sexist nazis now ask for unity

Tweets of the Day

tweet megyn kelly larry elder trump names over years lets come together
tweet being libertarian now time to heal friends who disapprove abusive boyfriend

Message of the Day

70 million pissed off republicans 0 cities destroyed

Quote of the Day

quote nver be prisoner of your past it was lesson not life sentence

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