05-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs cats treats nothing shaking sitting lying
baby yoda what friends baby looks like
how it feels eat someone on phone wall
charlie brown scooby cousin edible
anakin padme account restriction facebook learned lesson
home mat where ho and me come together
lorena bobbitt gender affirming care
cigarette lighter scars to prove it
mainstream media hollywood mass disinformation credit to public schools
joe biden kamala harris if only blame writers strike
convert tucker carlson burned at stake wokeness

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kid dad watched tv kid wood ipad screen
tweet next job lie having kids leave anytime
tweet after math biden banking disasters every powerful institution chicks with dcks

Message of the Day

message baby yoda good mood balloon one price ruin it

Quote of the Day

quote cs lewis education without values more clever devil

Note to Regular Followers

If you do a Google search on any current event or a favorite issue of the leftists such as climate change, you can be sure the top sources returned are dying news propaganda sites such as the New York Times, or ratings-challenged ones such as CNN or MSNBC, while conservative ones such as DailyCaller.com, BreitBart.com and Townhall.com are buried in rankings. It’s gotten so bad that you can’t even find sites with millions of regular visitors unless you specifically search for them. Google’s original search algorithm was based on popularity, such as people bookmarking the site or adding URL links to it within other websites, but now they clearly adjusted them based on their own leftist-programmed social credit scores. If you doubt me, trying doing some of your own searches on climate change, Covid, Hillary Clinton suspicious deaths, whatever. You’ll see results similar to the Facebook “fact” checkers that use posts to spew leftist talking points even on articles that are clearly opinion or hyperbole.

I personally have noticed this change in Google search algorithms. I’ve worked in I.T. for 25+ years, so I’m very familiar with how search engines work on non-political sites. A few years ago my search traffic was high enough that 1/3 of my hits came from new visitors using search engines. Since then, while the site has grown in popularity, my search traffic has fell off a cliff. The search engine DuckDuckGo.com, which controls only .52% of the market, now accounts for double the hits of Google. In fact, Google, Bing, and Yahoo together acccount for about 75% of hits from DuckDuckGo. Microsoft’s Bing has half the hits of Google, despite being only 2.8% of the market. Three years ago Facebook delisted my page and its 60,000+ followers without a single warning or appeal opportunity. Obviously, I was labeled as an eeeeeeeeevil libertarian/conservative site, or as Facebook described in its termination email, “hate speech,” even though I never once advocated violence or used a racial slur. All I did was share joke memes. Google has now done the same kind of blacklisting. Almost all my site traffic is now from returning visitors.

So, a big THANK YOU to my regular followers. If you want to help the site and counter the blacklist, here are a few things you can do:

* Add a Bookmark or Favorite for the site to your browser if you haven’t already. If you have a website of your own, please add URL links to it where you can. Also, occasionally add your comments to daily posts. All these things help increase search rankings; at least they did before Google added its blacklisting code.

* Spread word of the site through social media or good old fashioned word of mouth.

* Occasionally click on ads. I know, I know — you’ll get targeted ads if you do, but you’re going to get ads on other websites regardless of what you do. Almost all websites nowadays use some kind of Adsense. In other words, we don’t pick the ads. Big Tech shares your search/click history so other sites can tailor them to you personally. That is why when you search a product on Amazon, you suddenly see ads for related items all over the web & social media sites. Note: I only run ads on this site to cover hosting and other costs. I could earn a lot of cash by using annoying pop-ups and sticky ad posts that block content, but I didn’t start this website for profit and refuse to disrupt the easy browsing & load time currently in place.

BTW, I’m sure many of you noticed that I’ve started adding back political memes. It’s a big F-U to Big Tech for their blacklisting the site despite a switch to mainly non-political humor. And despite my never watching or visiting “news” sites, it’s nearly impossible to get away from current events. Non-stop propaganda has seeped into every facet of media, including the sports & financial channels I frequent.

quote google blacklisting sites program humanity
message how truth told facebook blocks twitter deletes google hides youtube bans media censor government bans
search engine market share

Big Tech Fascism Meme Gallery 5

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12-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stairs elf stripper bpole asked husband decorate
what your man bun looks like to everyone else curls ribbons
when you leave tv on for dog news channel mask surgical outfit
joe biden obama retread tires failed policies
exorcist demon possession also looks like soros hillary pelosi biden
joe biden santa squads demands non negotiable aoc omar
forrest gump just like that blm disappeared after the election
rudy guiliani voter fraud evidence media what evidence

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mommy needs life do anything not gain weight except exercise diet no alcohol
tweet rob schneider list of people doesnt care gavin newsom stay at home order

Quote of the Day

quote aoc omar thomas sowell one of first thing left does is take awy right to make own choices

Message of the Day

message instead of banning guns freedom taking rights try leaving hell alone

Random Thoughts of the Day

Throughout his presidency Trump has tried to raise alarm bells on how much of an enemy China has become, from the Wuhan Covid virus to unfair trade and the stealing of technology. So why are the Democrats, mainstream media, and corporate America so invested in defending China at every turn? Let’s look at some history.

As a communist country, China was for decades very much a closed society. Remember in history class how much of a big deal it was when Nixon went to China? Large corporations like Coca Cola, GM, McDonalds, and Disney were looking for growth. Farmers were looking for ways to sell their excess crops. Politicians wanted growth of jobs and GDP. They all saw an untapped nation of a billion people. The Chinese Communist government took advantage of their superior bargaining position to put in tariffs and all kind of China-favorable conditions. They were without a doubt unfair to America, but the pros of the new trade market outweighed the cons. As time went by, modern corporations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, AT&T, Apple and others wanted to expand business and take advantage of cheap Chinese labor, so they went along with Chinese conditions, including censorship and helping them “social credit score” their population.

Fast forward to Trump’s presidency. China has a population of 1.4 billion people and the 2nd largest GDP in the world, yet they still maintain all their trade & other advantages. Trump fought back wherever he could using, among other things, retaliatory tariffs. Almost everyone, including Trump, wants free trade. However, for example, when one nation charges 25% tariff on incoming cars while the other charges nothing, that’s not free trade. The logical thing to do is retaliate with the exact 25% tariff. In a sane world, both nations would realize the tariffs aren’t accomplishing anything and remove them, leading to actual free trade.

But every time Trump tried to even the score, the media and big corporations have opposed him. Why? Corporations are terrified China will kick them out entirely. News outlets are owned by corporations like Disney and AT&T. The Big Tech companies such as Apple and Microsoft have massive operations in China. This defending of China has expanded from trade to virtually everything affecting them, including the Wuhan-originated Covid virus.

China naturally has wanted Trump gone, so they’ve put everything into pressuring and infiltrating the American media and Big Tech companies. You’ve seen the results the past few years – massive bias, one-sided coverage, and censorship. I would not be surprised if China intentionally launched Covid in the U.S. It wouldn’t be that tough when you think about it. All you’d have to do is infect say, 100 hired Chinese visitors to go to sales conferences, airports, or other travel locations where people can contract the virus and take it back to their home cities. Maybe that’s why outbreaks keep popping up, despite lockdowns, mask mandates, and other controls. Democrats have stayed silent on China because Covid, censorship, and media bias have all benefited them tremendously.

There is no bigger winner of the Biden election than China. Expect there to be ZERO accountability for their actions, and business will go back to exactly what it was before Trump was elected.

joe biden elected china antifa iran death to america hip hip hooray
china what you say nba disney marriott apple espn blizzard anything you want
office corporate difference in pictures media cnn abc nyt post vice newsweek msnbc china flag theyre the same
randy marsh plenty of chinese people for all of us star wars thor disney
south park people born in china chinese virus not chinese racist not sure why


New Gallery Added – China Meme Gallery

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06-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

last time ask me to make salad lettuce tomato vagina
never wanted to steal sign so badly no people
behold new statue has arrived snowflakes
spiderman coronavirus spring allergies weed cough
bad police doctors ministers politicians compared to good ones
riots were coordinated strategic soros left wing groups violence lie
fuck white people im helping simpsons
no cant have statues villain evil che tshirt liberals
if liberals love all ideals why moving from new york california to texas florida
babylon bee fox announces night at the museum statues revenge
nbc now pulling wizard of oz offensive people without brains

Seriously, Twitter Snowflakes?

twitter tweet autonomous zone censorship

Tweets of the Day

tweet max abrams lesson from bolton wrong side every major foreign policy issue embraced media darling
tweet bill mitchell democrats sent hundreds of thousands of fake rvsps to trump rally imagine what theyd do mail in votes

Message of the Day

message second lockdown isnt happening no more masks frantic warnings

Quote of the Day

quote thomas jefferson predict happiness for americans if can prevent government from wasting labors taking care of them

Spoiled, Brainwashed Tech Kids Update

Thousands of these spoiled, rich brats signed an anti-police petition. Remember, these are the programmers who develop all the search algorithms that control what information you see and don’t see.

Google Staff Petition Company to Stop Selling Tech to Police

google we decide what you see
question google in control on 90 percent of searches election interference
google vs merriam dictionary definition of patriot
google twitter facebook putting thumb scale election crushing democracy

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