12-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

perfect gift head 65 percent off husband wife
people need to appreciate effort not being a serial killer
why stick qtip half way up somones brain covid drop of spit infect 6 feet away
liberal democrats extend olive branch cactus to republicans
media poll 148 percent of americans believe voter fraud doesnt exist
dog faced pony soldier who injured joe bidens ankle
the left after not my president riots protests slander news making fun of trump supporters
bought this blue shirt election edition
kamala harris tripping joe biden bad dog

Warning: Telling the Truth on Covid Isn’t Politically Correct

total covid canada deaths long term care stats

Yes, They’re Democrat/China/Deep State Lapdogs, But They Don’t Care Who Knows Anymore

The last five years, virtually every single question asked of Trump by the mainstream media in press conferences, interviews, and the debates was a whiny, disrespectful, attacking “gotcha” question. So now we get to see if Biden will be asked ONE SINGLE TOUGH QUESTION in his entire four years in office. Of course, should that happen, the question will be ignored, and the reporter will be banned from the Deep State DC party scene from that moment on. His/her journalism career at any mainstream outlet will be over.

The Obama Media is Back – Derek Hunter
O’Keefe Tells Hannity CNN Tapes Reveal Network Is ‘Propaganda’

msnbc cnn nbc cnn fox news npr iwa jima joe biden
dr dolittle china who us mainstream media lapdog trumps fault
breaking news joe biden white house pet mainstream media

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kayleigh mcenancy washington post biden all female press team trump vp flotus second lady already
tweet not going to thanksgiving might kill them say every year

Quote of the Day

quote walter bagehot greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do

Message of the Day

message our life is continuous cycle realizing how dumb we were a few years back

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10-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

christmas tree for sale pot see 3 wise men reindeer
bean me up scotty idiots plagues poverty wildfires locusts bitch named karen
trump stamp in genius move trump force democrats lick his backside
car powered by coal oil liberal tears
sober october fuck that shit on bender until december
coming christmas hasbro peaceful protest action set car
monkeys head up ass facebook fact checkers at work
raise your hand if youre tired of this covid shit
trump paid 750 in taxes anakin is it possible to learn this power

Random Thought of the Day

Can you think of a single question Chris Wallace asked Trump during the debate that wasn’t a “gotcha” question? For those not familiar with the term, it’s a “journalist” technique to ask a non-relevant, non-policy question in a way that any response or non-response can be taken out of context or misinterpreted, which will then be used to fuel a day of distorted headlines and media narrative hit job talking points. This is precisely why Trump was asked about condemning supposed white supremacists. Despite the fact anyone reading the transcript or watching the debate can see he did condemn any kind of violent groups, his answer was buried by Biden talking over him and Chris Wallace repeatedly asking the same question over and over until Trump switched to Antifa, BLM, and leftwing violence. Expect the media/Democrats to run with this false narrative all the way to the election. Like the Charlottesville “fine people” lie, truth doesn’t matter if you repeat a lie long enough.

Watch in future debates and really, any White House press conference. Ask yourself, is each question relevant to the lives of Americans? Does it have anything to do with a policy action? Or is it just another “gotcha” question where slimy reporters are looking for another response to feed the next daily false narrative.

quote goebbels if you tell lie big enough and repeat people will believe cnn msnbc nyt post abc time
biden trump refused to condemn hate groups antifa blm kill cops
skeleton waiting for mainstream media to report actual news instead of propaganda
babylon bee media slams trump for not condemning white supremacy in last 12 seconds

Tweet of the Day

tweet eric july red states forming blue states country hawaii california washington terms acceptable
tweet laura ingraham press will never ask biden a hard question only trump can do press says is rude

Quote of the Day

quote ayn rand fascism nazism communism socialism all variations same theme collectivism

Message of the Day

message if adults mcdonalds drive thru kids can trick or treat

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