09-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dr fauci now says putting fan on head blow away virus better than mask
newspaper half the size only tells one side of story
democrats are the systemic racism they keep screeching about change my mind
when california degrades your flyover state but you have electricity
breaking trump plans to call rallies job fairs to keep protesters away
when kamala harris meeting with accused rapist jacob black believe all women used to be thing
jimmy fallon dear facebook not job fact check posts platform not publisher signed everyone
joe biden sure trumps rallies huge but youre ahead in polls just like hillary basement
california it is turned all the way up green energy blackout fire engine
rick morty lockdown 15 day adventure 15 months later face mask

Random Thought of the Day

I disagree with Donald Trump on several issues (most notably pot legalization and the out-of-control government spending); however, I find myself supporting him largely due to all those who are lined up against him–the mainstream media, Hollywood, Establishment republicans and democrats, war neocons, BLM, Antifa, the cancel culture, and tech billionaires. It seems everyone who is against everything I stand for are passionately fighting to destroy him; in other words, all those who oppose free market capitalism, liberty, personal responsibility, free speech, non-interventionist foreign policies, and America-first-over-globalism. Every time the press fires off a destroy-Trump hit piece such as the BS Atlantic and Bob Woodward ones, it only strengthens my support. Every time I see a Facebook/Youtube/Twitter post removed or “fact”-checked, every time Trump is criticized for not starting or expanding a war, every time a new “protest” burns out of control, every time a fascist governor imposes some new BS Cov-ID 19 rule, and every time some business/person/movie/etc. is cancel cultured, it only strengthens my desire to vote for him. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone, as we’ll see on November 3rd.


Tweets of the Day

tweet democratic coalition anyone republican without face mask no but nancy pelosi andrew cuomo
tweet zuby americans next two months non stop propaganda to get you hate other side
tweet washington examiner trump broken 39 year old streak not starting war

Quote of the Day

quote sun tsu lure them to salon to get hair dids art of war

Messages of the Day

reminder obama ferguson baltimore milwaukee charlotte riots
fully support right to hide in house wear face diaper take untested vaccine support my right to do none

Choose Wisely

2020 presidential voter guide trump vs biden positions

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03-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

Two areas of knowledge whoafully inadequate in Americans nowadays, especially in the younger generation, are history and basic economics/personal finance. You see it every day as half the country seems to be embracing big government socialism despite its repeated record of dismal failure. And you see, for example, massive whining because people can’t understand that $100 extra each paycheck but $500 less in tax refund makes you far better off overall. Of course, the media feed this ignorance, but also you see it in underemphasis in our educational system. Curricula rarely change, teaching useless skills to the average American as trigonometry, biology of protista, and average rainfall in African countries instead of how to invest, balance a checkbox, minimize taxes, etc. Given that this ignorance leads to more government spending, taxation, and control over our lives, one has to wonder, is it all by design?

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ocasio cortez nice economy there be ashamed if someone implemented socialism
lets legalize pot citizens can grow use trade without oversite whoa.jpg
things adults shouldnt believe in easter bunny santa claus bernie sanders
women shaping our future for communism pelos ocasio cortez omar
sign shooting school children strictly prohibited in case law-abiding gun owners will be punished
ocasio cortez face of the dial modem sound
trump soldier how about rooting for america for a change you commie scumbag
shes a he hes pregant look at future of democrat rule

Always a Crisis

In 20 years, we’ll still be hearing end-of-world climate predictions of some kind. Of course, the only solution will be more government control and less capitalism.

ap story 1989 global warming must be curbed by 2000 to avert catastrophe

Quote of the Day

fail first attempt in learning end effort never dies no next opportunity

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods democrats literally cant agree to condemn bigotry anti semitism pelosi omar

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