08-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

book how not lose sht kids traveling reading
abducted by aliens not abduction rescue mission
date with libertarian princess with anger issues
never forget follow the experts science masked kids adults none
democrats wrong way biden 4 more years driving
remember colonists stood line register muskets
simpsons americans un guns registered count
biden talking about weather meeting hunter partners
merrick garland special counsel weiss hunter biden influence peddling
government ben franklin if you can keep it banana republic jack smith stop trump
women white house paid 20 percent less biden angry soccer rapinoe
babylon bee democrats eyewitness bank audio video confession anything biden did wrong
trump msm gazette court order stop dancing each indictment

Hey, We Should Also Put Government In Charge of Health Care 🙄

yahoo city mistakenly tore down mans home suing for demolition costs

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson if get someone fired expressing opinion youre not oppressed oppressor

Social Media Posts of the Day

x waste time career travel pay with birth certificate
x only more embarrassing browser history calculator
x trip to grocery store costs twice much decrease quality

I Wonder Who Is Going to Be Paying for Those $170K Salaries? 🤔

ups drivers right now gold 170k average salary

Government Economic Indicator Propaganda

Wholesale Prices Rose More Than ‘Expected’ in July

Did you ever notice the government can NEVER release some benchmark economic indicator without tweaking the components or manipulating the presentation? For example, for unemployment, they only count working age adults who are actively looking for a job. You rarely hear in the media the actual workforce participation rate, number of total jobs, number of people working multiple jobs, etc. As for any inflation rate, they usually omit certain numbers; for example, food, energy, housing, or health costs. Gee, I wonder what Americans are spending the majority of their budgets on? 🙄 Read the fine print of any rates or graphs you see in the media. They can never give you straightforward measures. Items like smart phones will be used in aggregate calculations to bring down average overall rates. Smart phone prices are dropping as people wait for new models or spend a larger portion of their budgets on other luxuries like, you know, food, gas, housing, and health care. And as I’ve pointed out many times on this blog, they always quote rates rather than total increases. So if your housing costs have doubled under Biden, you should totally celebrate that they only increased by a few percent last month. 👍

bidenomics is working taxes bills grocery prices crime debt
tweets national treasure cpi krugman food energy shelter used cars

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul printing money created wealth no poverty left on earth

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06-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cats wine samplying mulberry stain on carpet
angry lady smudge dream 3 women walmart
marvel fans 20 minute long credits cut to black
lotr log in morning fbi fb moderator so it begins
bart simpson wealth inequality socialist countries blind capitalist
soldiers memorial one day pride month
joe biden take shot close church job business fired nobody forced
nicknames for coworkers kitkat list

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet animal control raccoon mom babies margaritas new bestie
tweet 10yo monster need eat hangry not asshole
fb five women masturbated mri study doctors outside

Quote of the Day

quote joe tzu biden allow enemy farmland control food supply

Gee, We’ve Never Seen These Methods Before 🙄

Both parties of the DC Swamp are once again using their usual techniques to push through another crappy bill continuing us on the road to Venezuela. Like the Affordable Care Act, Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (PATRIOT) Act, Employee Free Choice Act, and so many others, the politicians chose a benign name for the bill that does the opposite of what it says. This time, it’s the “Fiscal Responsibilility Act,” which doesn’t put in any real spending cuts or make any attempt to balance the annual budget, much less attempt to pay down the $32 trillion dollar debt. At best, it slows the growth rate of spending. In other words, in Washington speak, if I spend $1 trillion year one, $2 trillion year two, then $2.5 trillion year three, that’s a “cut” since a 100% increase has dropped to a 25% increase. Of course, with the massive spending hikes during Covid, the growth rate hurdles are fairly easy to clear (as it was for Obama the year after Bush’s TARP bailout spending).

Here’s another technique from the DC Swamp handbook — it pushes the debt ceiling debate back to January 2025; i.e. right after the presidential election when politicians can maximize how much they piss us off before voters can do anything about it (think Obama and the tax increases in Obamacare that didn’t start until January of his 2nd term). I’m sure the final bill will throw in some added pork not mentioned in Biden & McCarthy’s sales pitches, which will be buried in a 3000-page bill.

It’s all too tiring and predictable. If we had even a tiny shred of an honest news media, they would point out these deception techniques. But we only have state-directed propaganda units that tell one and only one version of the story — the END OF THE WORLD as we know it if the latest draining of our freedom and fiscal solvency isn’t passed.

republicans democrats debt deal kick cans
pleased debt limit agreement republicans democrats

Message of the Day

sign defund the politicians

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