03-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

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dating collecting information someone until dont like them
snoopy airbnb house dog cat famous
pool floatation one focus group women avoid tampon
someone makong tik tok video rest of society
about hanged for treason thats meme guy
liberal civil war evil glorifying mao stalin che
pie chart do u trust state also no look like ancap flag
biden trump its the economy immigration crime inflation energy
liberal communist 600 genders 2 political positions mine natzi
trash californians grabbing meal arguing with you about politics
white house approved term newcomers flashers drug dealers newshoppers biden
mortal kombat ultra google mk ultra
joe biden sotu yelling at cloud simpsons
joe biden riley undocumented illegal immigrants built country

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x kid learned in school dragons everybody else
x look like mom gynecologist
x switching arms boost immunity mocking
message be kind everyone fighting fight club do not talk about
message only non essential business is government change my mind

Government <> Basic Economic Principles

headline biden first time homebuyer tax credit

A few years ago, my wife and I explored buying a different house. This was around when Biden took office when interest rates were still near 3 percent, inflation hadn’t yet ravaged the family budget, and Americans were flush with fed/government cash infusions. The housing market was insane! Homes put up for sale often had 20-30 bids within a week. You had to offer much more than asking price with no contingencies to even have a chance. In economics terms, the demand curve had shifted dramatically while the supply was nowhere close to keeping up. Nowadays, the market isn’t quite so crazy due to much higher interest rates and lesser discretionary income. Still, the market for homes remains hot, especially for the more moderate “starter” homes that middle class Americans can hope to afford.

Here comes government with a new handout which, like the “stimulus” checks, sounds great to those who may receive it. But think about it a little. The government definition of “first-time homebuyer” is much broader than you think, so the vast majority of prospective buyers in the market for starter homes would receive an additional $10,000. So, if you have 10 buyers bidding on a house who all potentially have $10,000 more in their pockets, guess what? Yes, the final selling price of the house is just going to go up $10,000. Therefore, what are they actually gaining? You’re in effect giving a $10K bonus to the seller. Plus, if you also give a $10K tax credit to the seller, that seller is now getting, in effect, $20,000 of “free” money. But it doesn’t stop there–the seller needs to find a new home, but he/she now has $20,000 more to spend on the next house.

End result: housing prices spiral to even more insane levels, and you create incentive for buy-and-sell churning without creating any real value, all while pumping more unearned cash into the economy that will be paid later in higher taxes, debt, and inflation. You would have thought the last few years of skyrocketing prices would have taught us some lessons, but obviously with government involved, results and accountability are never a concern. Only focus group-tested re-election effects matter, which is why Biden might get enough weak-kneed, DC swamp Republicans to go along with it.

joe biden build inflation back better gasoline fire

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08-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

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cat feline hall of fame squirts face counter mousers red dot chasers
middle age rick springfield jessies grill
go running meet new people paramedics
dogs daughter love more dont drive me crazy
libertarian want to be left alone looks like another extremist
joe biden forgiving student loans house car
disney cw hollywood netflix out of touch ratings viewers wrong
hillary sign what difference does it make attorney general merrick garland
babylon bee san francisco changes term convicted felons elected officials
view new lineup fauci liz cheney brian stelter adam kinzinger
trump bad mar a lago redacted affadavit fbi

Tough to Find a Dumber Government Handout

magic classes before deadline student loans
paid off student loan tshirt matching jewelry others student debt biden
inflation gas prices crushing pay off gender studies degree
question endowment funds colleges billions student loan
tweent student loan relief po paid no loans college inflation
Some additional points:

  • Among the professions not likely to receive a penny: soldiers, farm workers, police officers, restaurant workers, truckers, construction workers, plumbers [Note: these are all professions where we have major shortages]
  • College majors likely to receive payouts: art, gender/culture studies, philosophy, theater, communication, journalism, marketing, history, literature, political science [Note: these are all areas where we have a flood of grads but few jobs.
  • Over 56 percent of outstanding student loans are for people with masters degrees or higher. Do people with post-grad degrees strike you as ones who will be on the lower future income spectrum?
  • New doctors and lawyers will likely be eligible for the handout. Even experienced ones making $250,000 will be eligible if they have a non-working spouse.
  • Speaking of non-working spouses, the income limits give an additional incentive to stay in school, stay home with kids, or work only part-time. This will only exasperate the country-wide labor shortage.
  • Prior to the Biden presidency, inflation was relatively tame in the U.S. for a couple decades with the exception of two major areas: health care and education. Here’s your Jeopardy question in the category of Inflation Explosion, “What are the two areas of the economy the government has dominated over any others?” Double Jeopardy question in the category of Energy Price Explosion, “Can you name the 3rd area of the economy the Biden admin has recently taken over?”

college degree worthless complain inflation begging student loan forgiveness

‘Big Tech’s at It Again’: House GOP’s Post About Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Plan Gets Censored

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tweet bassler current outrage name bill after it unrelated legislation works every time
tweet fauci desantis grab elf chuck him cross potomac

Quote of the Day

quote karl popper those promise paradise earth produced hell

Message of the Day

tweet maybe not depressed outside sun not phone toxic junk clickbait

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